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It’s late in the evening Glass on the side now I’ve been sat with you For most of the night Ignoring everybody here We wish they would disappear So maybe we could get down now And I don’t wanna know If you’re getting... Sing Lyrics by Ed Sheeran

Im walking fast through the traffic lights Busy streets and busy lives And all we know, is touch and go We are alone with our changing minds We fall in love til it hurts or bleeds or fades in time And I never... State Of Grace Lyrics by Taylor Swift

Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me But bear this mind it was meant to be And Im joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks And it all makes sense to me I know youve never loved the... Little Things Lyrics by One Direction

Everytime you walk out on me I regress back to the one that I cant see Hes someone I have never talked about Cause I know that wed bothe be dead if you found out Everytime you tell me that Im wrong I just cant... Bollywood Hawaii Lyrics by Lana Del Rey

Its the strangest thing To have you back in my face With all those years passed I guess I just got used to my space I dont know how to feel This whole thing seems so surreal So you keep one foot out the door I... Rumble Lyrics by Kelis

Liam Payne: Hey girl, Im waitin on ya, Im waitin on ya Come on and let me sneak you out And have a celebration, a celebration The music up, the windows down Zayn Malik: Yeah, well be doing what we do Just pretending... Live While We're Young Lyrics by One Direction

Sometimes I slide away Silently I slowly lose myself Over and over Take comfort in my skin Endlessly Surrender to my will Forever and ever I dissolve in trust I will sing with joy I will end up dust Im in heaven I... Heaven Lyrics by Depeche Mode

I love this song so much that when its time to sing it on the movie I actually sing along with the song sometimes.Other times I just dance with it when i know the dance moves (I know some of the dance moves.)... music lover reviewed Surf Crazy Lyrics, the song performed by Teen Beach Movie

I sheded tears for my fiance who chooses 2 leave me 2 another man for sex. Wen remembering d way i gave my hands 2 u wit all my heart, tears never ceased dripping down my chicks. Even at dis saddest point... Emmanuel Ita Ukwa reviewed From This Moment On Lyrics, the song performed by Shania Twain

I love this song but in these lyrics some words are missing. Like when it says make make make make money money take take take take money money, the song really says make make make make make make make make... Baby Boo reviewed I Love Money Lyrics, the song performed by Chanel West Coast

This song had such a powerful influence on me as a teenager.... It validated the idea that we Hippies were on a journey to find ourselves and also the higher spiritual truth... a truth much higher than... Mike reviewed Sitting Lyrics, the song performed by Cat Stevens

You'll want to play this one "another" time. Fantastic interplay between the guitar and organ, with a driving rhythm section to punch the whole thing home. Haunting vocals match the dark yet driving tone... T-Bone reviewed Another Night Lyrics, the song performed by Camel

Thanks for sharing your writing, musical, and vocal talent with the world. I look forward to buying the new album. God blessed you both with a passion that touches my heart and brings me pleasure. I a not... LU reviewed the artist(band) The Proclaimers

Miss the 60's very much.We did not need cell phones,video games,the internet etc.(I know they did not exist) you get what I mean.I drove around all weekend in my 66 VW on $3 worth of gas.Thankful that I... JOHN COLEMAN reviewed Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five Lyrics, the song performed by Paul McCartney

I believe the word is supposed to be "kine" not "kind." Kine is an old word for cattle, especially female - for breeding or dairy purposes. It's a way to telling her lover, "my father will not begrudge... Trevor reviewed She Moved Through The Fair Lyrics, the song performed by Loreena McKennitt

Invisible is my favourite song of yours. You have incredible voice. I also like you and Joseph Vincent in I want it that way cover song. I mostly listen your English songs than Chinese songs. Your voice and... Mandy reviewed the artist(band) Jason Chen

you have an amazing voice and i'm happy that you use your voice to bring glory to GOD!!! I'm going to be singing beautiful day in the talent show next week and i'll be praying for you and that you stay... Chloe, 10 years old, NM reviewed Beautiful Day Lyrics, the song performed by Jamie Grace

Of course, this song clearly demonstrates just how amazing Dream Theater is (especially the final chorus "Religious beliefs/Frantic obsession/Does following faith/Lead us to violence?")! BEAUTIFUL!!! My... Anonymous reviewed In The Name Of God Lyrics, the song performed by Dream Theater

What can I say about this song...? There are no words tp describe this atmosphere... Thank you DM, for this perfect gift. Martyn is ahead of this time an David as a holy and unique voice... You make me believe... Liliana Braga reviewed The Love Thieves Lyrics, the song performed by Depeche Mode

We sang this song in music class when I was in elementary school. Beats the heck out of "Sing, Sing a Song (Na Na Na-Na)" (BLEEECCCHHH!) by the Carpenters. Stomps the snot out of the corporate pop posers... JOOD reviewed Yellow Submarine Lyrics, the song performed by The Beatles

★★★★★★★★★★ 10 STARS Unfortunatly I have had sooooo long to put the discs on my PC before any broke / stopped working etc and the day i go to put them on Windows Media Player guess what happens... yeah u... Anonymous reviewed the album Jumping All Over The World performed by Scooter

You guys should totaly check out Making of Keine Lust. To save you some time I got the most relevant quotes from the video: "Actualy we just thought: all your senses get saturated after all the years. You've... lolerman reviewed Keine Lust Lyrics, the song performed by Rammstein

The history isn't quite accurate. He was born and lived 4 years in the Redding, CA area. Then family moved to Sacramento area where they lived for quite a few years before moving to Weiser Id for a few... Anonymous reviewed the artist(band) Kevin Sharp

My fav song by Kamelot. Pretty emotional, motivational and refreshing. The song is basically demanding the meaning of life to be understood. Catchy and melodious, this song is definitely the best slow song... Roman Nepal reviewed Anthem Lyrics, the song performed by Kamelot

I must praise Simon Cowell for bringin' together these great n wonderful guys ''IL DIVO''...they're amazin'...n for my female idol ''Celine Dion'', she's always at her best anytime anyday...when i first... Adeboye Bennard reviewed I Believe In You (Duet with Celine Dion) Lyrics, the song performed by Il Divo

Brilliant albulmn. Bought it on vinyl 1972. Still think its fantastic but much easier to listen to as a CD or MP3. Way ahead of its time. Came wrapped in paper panties. Caused a bit of a stir at the time as... Geoff reviewed the album School's Out performed by Alice Cooper

I love nirvana and I love Kurt Cobain, many girls these days wear nirvana shirts or claim to like it and only know one sing or discribe Kurt as the 'drugaddict who shot himself' so I understand why a lot... roos reviewed Lithium Lyrics, the song performed by Nirvana

My mentor, my role mordel! Your Song has really beless me. When ever if feel like given up I play this wonderful, spirit Fill song: THE PRECIOUS LAMb Of God. And I will remember the cross were you exchange... Godknows Ettah reviewed Now Behold The Lamb Lyrics, the song performed by Kirk Franklin

The chorus is wrong the lyrocs should be 'look at you in that dress girl you dangerous like a gun. give them you nothing less girl you muder everyone. Your love is a killerrr, your love is a killerrrr.'... vicky reviewed Dangerous Love Lyrics, the song performed by Fuse ODG

never fail to touch my heart, this song most esp. relaxes me and can even heal a heartache and caress one's soul to dream.. all these years this song is one of my favourites, 7 years to be exact, it brings... aynn snow reviewed Time To Say Goodbye Lyrics, the song performed by Andrea Bocelli

This song is not about psychedelic drugs. It's an interpretation of a school drawing presented to John by one of his sons. That John could glean all that magical imagery from a kid's artwork only serves... Lola Woodman reviewed Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Lyrics, the song performed by The Beatles

yeah am deeply passionate about this song and how violetta doesnt care abt wat people think about her love 4 leon though she knows that deep down thomas takes her breath away.i think thomas deserves a chance... jane wambui reviewed I Love You Lyrics, the song performed by Violetta