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Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond Find light in the beautiful sea I choose to be happy You and I, you and I We’re like diamonds in the sky You’re a shooting star I see A vision of ecstasy When... Diamonds Lyrics by Rihanna

If you leave this time I feel that youll be gone for good So I hold on like leaves and fall to what is left Said her father left her young and He said hell be back with that same Song that you just said youll... Autumn Leaves Lyrics by Chris Brown

Rocket no.9, take off to the planet To the planet Venus Aphrodite lady, seashell bikini Garden panty, Venus Lets blast off to a new dimension In your bedroom, blameless Aphrodite lady, seashell bikini Get with... Venus Lyrics by Lady Gaga

Mike: (yeah) (yo) You were that foundation Never gonna be another one, no. I followed, so taken so conditioned I could never let go Then sorrow, then sickness then the shock when you flip it on me So hollow, so... Lost In The Echo Lyrics by Linkin Park

I killed my former and Left her in the trunk on Highway 10 Put the knife under the hood If you find it Send it straight to Hollywood Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha... Aura Lyrics by Lady Gaga

Throw it up….Woo hoo You’re pretty baby, but you know that Wish I could bring ya, across the map I can feel it in the air that it’s on tonight I don’t really care if it’s wrong or right Petal to the metal baby... Windows Down Lyrics by Big Time Rush

Liam: Youre insecure Dont know what for Youre turning heads when you walk through the door Dont need make up To cover up Being the way that you are is enough Harry: Everyone else in the room can see it Everyone... What Makes You Beautiful Lyrics by One Direction

Really, this is just the worst piece of garbage song I've ever had the misfortune of listening to. The rhymes sound like someone beat Dr. Seuss with the stupid stick until he suffered permanent brain damage... Mr Spooks reviewed Hulkster In Heaven Lyrics, the song performed by Wrestling Lyrics, Read.

This śng ís one of my fav song ́since i was started to sing way back 25 years ago and it gave me full of emotions and smootheness of voice when i sang it i love this song forever... ninya cristy rosales reviewed Saving All My Love For You Lyrics, the song performed by Whitney Houston, Read.

Relate much to this song. This clearly says everything that i cant say since the day my partner left me for no reasons at all.. Now its been two years since then, i heard of this song in kris tv officia,l... Rose Agustin reviewed All At Once Lyrics, the song performed by Whitney Houston, Read.

these musicians, as great as they all are, where far more than parts of the whole as they became vanitized by the man himself. I recall wasting $ on Peruvian flake for several edgy weeks when my only... dave schmidt reviewed the album Live at the Grand Opera House Belfast performed by Van Morrison, Read.

u give the boy a gun and that makes him feel mighty and strong! Now there ain't place to run to! Indeed: there is no paradise, because the evil will take the control. One day he may come back Repay us for... Med Ali reviewed Bang Bang Bang Lyrics, the song performed by Tracy Chapman, Read.

about interpretation: you can`t come with an idea for a meaning of somethig that does not appear in the lyrics "benebolent sun - benebolent son - Jesus!!" (i read this in another review by the way), the... Zheydhan reviewed Jambi Lyrics, the song performed by Tool, Read.

this song is clearly about a prostitute, and some sort of altercation where the speaker is identifying with the prostitute as he uses her services. It's not so philosophically deep as it is emotionally... Anonymous reviewed Cold and Ugly Lyrics, the song performed by Tool, Read.

This song says "why did father give these humans free will?" It talks about angels on the sidline watching us "Monkeys" fight and kill each other watching it all go downhill. Gotta divide it all right in... Gage Wells reviewed Right in Two Lyrics, the song performed by Tool, Read.

Saturn is the goddess of love. He is talking about his first wifes affair and how he cant let go of it. He holds the grudge and wears it like a crown, making him feel like he can be in control of who he... Anonymous reviewed The Grudge Lyrics, the song performed by Tool, Read.

This song is awesome and funny. My teacher said that if I memorize the song, I get a king size candy bar and a 2L pop. If 2 people in my class memorize it, we get a donut party. I am trying to memorize... kenny reviewed The Elements Lyrics, the song performed by Tom Lehrer, Read.

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! My science teacher said we could exempt any test we wanted if we could sing/speak it to him. My only problem is I don't know how to memorize it. Please help!!!!!!! Thanks :)... Ritz reviewed The Elements Lyrics, the song performed by Tom Lehrer, Read.

Has anyone ever thought that maybe the song doesn't mean anything. It could just be a combination of words and phrases that just so happen to follow a rhyme and rhythm and everyone here is just looking... Anonymous reviewed Justify Lyrics, the song performed by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Read.

I bought this album when it was first released and listened to it hundreds of times (often in an "expanded" state of mind). It's still the best acoustical folk album of the late 60's.) I had the privilege... Anonymous reviewed October Song Lyrics, the song performed by The Incredible String Band, Read.

When this album was released, here in America we had to wait to get it as it was only available by import. Anyone that ever thought this song was about America should go back to listening to Reo Speedwagon... Bobocap reviewed Safe European Home Lyrics, the song performed by The Clash, Read.

I'll be turning 64 on the 9th November. 'When I'm 64' came into my head a few weeks ago and have sung it every day since. I'm proud to be turning 64 and still feel young at heart. Thanks to Paul for a wonderful... Marcy reviewed When I'm Sixty-Four Lyrics, the song performed by The Beatles, Read.

Were they really 8 days a week in the 60's ? I dont understand the meaning of the song. I told my girl I love her 8 days a week and she said i'm a idiot ! What I do ?... Emmet Brown reviewed Eight Days a Week Lyrics, the song performed by The Beatles, Read.

I just heard this song on the radio a few minues ago. I was surprised to hear the DJ mention that the song notes specified that George Harrison hated this McCartney composition so much that he took a shot... Brad reviewed Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Lyrics, the song performed by The Beatles, Read.

This is what real love is about: the joy of giving everything to the loved one, ultimately giving everything, all one has and is, to Real God, Who Is Love Itself. I am a devotee of Adi Da Samraj, and... Terry reviewed Anything Lyrics, the song performed by The Animals, Read.


There are different moment in everybody's life.I'v got these moments as well.but there is only ONE song for each one of my seconds and that's SYMPHONY X'S CANDLELIGHT FANTASIA.With it's lyrics it echos... Amid reviewed Candlelight Fantasia Lyrics, the song performed by Symphony X, Read.

My son likes this song he feel it comes from the heart.I sat and lisend tonight .and it comes from the heart for me also.strange how everthing seems to rocket ahead so fast and still we seem to suffer the... J. D . reviewed Fade Lyrics, the song performed by Staind, Read.

Wow.... I'm dumbfounded by these corny lyrics. Oh... the fans... "i'm fat and next time one of those stupid bodybuildernoobs laughs at me i'll give him that line and a punch in his face ... ". Comic GOLD!... HAHA reviewed I Am Hated Lyrics, the song performed by Slipknot, Read.

Although my family is Scotch-Irish and Irish Protestant-Orange that is, we have always been staunch Republicans-Ireland for the Irish and the Brits should stay out of Irish affairs and let the people of... Lars Van Ness reviewed The Foggy Dew Lyrics, the song performed by Sinead O'Connor, Read.

I love Selena and her songs.She always gives me a diffierent feeling.I know she sang by her heart,and I listen by my heart.Selena forever, be happy in heaven.... Lucy reviewed Yo Fui Aquella (English Translation) Lyrics, the song performed by Selena, Read.

Great song....If you love Sam, get Omnipop which got some bad reviews because it doesn't have a 'Baby I can't please you' hit on it...Omnipop cuts deeper & T Bone Burnett's guitar work is as magical as... Omnipop reviewed Go Down Lyrics, the song performed by Sam Phillips, Read.