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Latest Albums

Coasts Album 'A Rush Of Blood'

Release Date 11/28/2014 TrackList: A Rush Of Blood; Let Go; Wash Away; Lions;

Coasts Album 'Paradise'

Release Date 4/29/2013 TrackList: Wallow; Your Soul; Oceans; Stone;

Blackberry Smoke Album 'Holding All The Roses'

Release Date 2/10/2015 TrackList: Let Me Help You (Find the Door); Holding All the Roses; Living in the Song; Rock and Roll Again; Woman in the Moon; Too High; Wish in One Hand; Randolph County Farewell; Payback's a Bitch; Lay It All on Me; No Way Back to Eden; Fire in the Hole;

James Bay Album 'Chaos And The Calm'

Release Date 3/24/2015 TrackList: Craving; Hold Back The River; Let It Go; If You Ever Want To Be In Love; Best Fake Smile; When We Were On Fire; Move Together; Scars; Collide; Get Out While You Can; Need The Sun To Break; Incomplete;

James Bay Album 'Hold Back The River'

Release Date 7/1/2014 TrackList: Hold Back The River; Sparks; Wait In Line;

James Bay Album 'Let It Go'

Release Date 1/1/2014 TrackList: Let It Go; If You Ever Want To Be In Love; Heavy Handed; Hear Your Heart; Running;

Ray Parker Jr. Album 'I Love You Like You Are'

Release Date 1/1/1991 TrackList: She Needs to Get Some; Ain't Gone Go for That; I Love You Like You Are; No Matter What Happens; Love Is So Strange; Girl I Saw You; Til I Met You; Yesterday; Angel; Let's Go Back to Bed; Love, Sex and Money; Square One;

Ray Parker Jr. Album 'After Dark'

Release Date 1/1/1987 TrackList: I Don't Think That Man Should Sleep Alone; Over You (Duet with Natalie Cole); Lovin' You; You Shoulda Kept a Spare; The Past (Duet with Natalie Cole); You Make My Nature Dance; Perfect Lovers; After Midnite; I Love Your Daughter; After Dark;

Ray Parker Jr. Album 'Sex And The Single Man'

Release Date 1/1/1985 TrackList: Girls Are More Fun; Good Time Baby; Everybody Wants Someone; I'm a Dog; One-Sided Love Affair; Sex and the Single Man; I'm in Love; Men Have Feelings Too;

Ray Parker Jr. Album 'Woman Out Of Control'

Release Date 1/1/1983 TrackList: Woman Out of Control; I Still Can't Get Over Loving You; Electronic Lover; In the Heat of the Night; I Don't Want to Know; She Still Feels the Need ; Invasion; N2U2; Jack and Jill (Back Up the Hill);

Ray Parker Jr. Album 'Greatest Hits'

Release Date 1/1/1982 TrackList: The Other Woman; You Can't Change That; Let Me Go; A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do); Jack And Jill; Bad Boy; Two Places At The Same Time; That Old Song; The People Next Door;

Ray Parker Jr. Album 'The Other Woman'

Release Date 1/1/1982 TrackList: The Other Woman; Streetlove; Stay the Night; It's Our Own Affair; Let Me Go; Let's Get Off; Stop, Look Before You Love; Just Havin' Fun; The Other Woman; Bad Boy; The Other Woman;

Chief Keef Album 'Nobody'

Release Date 12/16/2014 TrackList: Ain't Just Me; Oh Lawd; Already; Fast N Furious; Fishin; Funny; Gooey; Hard; Nobody; Pit Stop; Twelve Bars; Yeah Now;

Chief Keef Album 'Back From The Dead 2'

Release Date 10/31/2014 TrackList: Feds Intro; Paper; Whole Crowd; Faneto; Blurry; Cops; Where Is Waldo; Farm; Homie; Sets; Dear; Stupid; Cuz; Who Is That; Smack DVD; Cashin; Moral; Swag; Wayne; B's;

Aaron Watson Album 'The Underdog'

Release Date 2/17/2015 TrackList: The Prayer; Wildfire; Freight Train; That Look; Aaron Watson; Getaway Truck; Bluebonnets; That's Why God Loves Cowboys; That's Gonna Leave a Mark; The Underdog; Blame It on Those Baby Blues; One of Your Nights; Family Tree; Rodeo Queen; Fence Post;

Aaron Watson Album 'Real Good Time'

Release Date 10/9/2012 TrackList: Real Good Time; Summertime Girl; Lips; Turn Around; July In Cheyenne (Song For Lane's Momma); Cadillac Cowboy; Fish; Leather And Lace; Raise Your Bottle; Texas Boys; Deer Blind; Hey Y'all - My Contribution To Ruining Country Music Country Song! Ha!; Barbed Wire Halo; Reckless; Off The Record; I Don't Want You To Go; Honky Tonk Kid;

Aaron Watson Album 'The Road & The Rodeo'

Release Date 10/12/2010 TrackList: The Road & The Rodeo; The Road; Walls; Best For Last; Fast Cars Slow Kisses; Bless Her Crazy Heart; Zero To Sixty; Sweetheart Of The Rodeo; Conflict; Houston; Hollywood; Drivin' All Night Long; After The Rodeo;

Aaron Watson Album 'Angels & Outlaws'

Release Date 4/1/2008 TrackList: Tulsa; Whiskey On The Fire; Wake Up And Smell The Coffee; The Heart Of Life; Love Makin' Song; Breaker Breaker One Nine; Can't Be A Cowboy Forever; Rollercoaster Ride; Hearts Are Breaking Across Texas; Angels & Outlaws; Sweet Contradiction; Dancin' Shoes; Barbed Wire Halo; That's What I Like About A Country Song;

Aaron Watson Album 'Barbed Wire Halo'

Release Date 3/20/2007 TrackList: I've Always Loved You; Barbed Wire Halo; Where The River Flows; I Met Jesus In A Bar; Long Vacation; Sonshine;

Aaron Watson Album 'San Angelo'

Release Date 4/4/2006 TrackList: Heyday Tonight; Good Thing Going; In Harm's Way; 3rd Gear & 17; Unbelievably Beautiful; Haunted House; I'm A Memory; San Angelo; Except For Jessie; Blame It On Me; All American Country Girl; True Love Ways; Nobody's Crying But The Baby;