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Latest Albums

Maddie & Tae Album 'Maddie & Tae'

Release Date 11/14/2014 TrackList: Girl In A Country Song; Sierra; Fly; Your Side Of Town;

Canaan Smith Album 'Canaan Smith'

Release Date 3/23/2015 TrackList: Love You Like That; Two Lane Road; Mad Love; Stuck;

Flo Rida Album 'The Perfect 10'

Release Date 4/15/2015 TrackList: Can't Believe It; G.D.F.R.; How I Feel; Tell Me When You Ready;

Flo Rida Album 'My House'

Release Date 4/7/2015 TrackList: Once in a Lifetime; My House; I Don't Like It, I Love It; Wobble; Here It Is; G.D.F.R.; That's What I Like;

Alien Ant Farm Album 'Always And Forever'

Release Date 2/24/2015 TrackList: Yellow Pages; Simpatico; Burning; Let Em Know; Our Time; Homage; Sidelines; Little Things (Physical); Crazy Love; American Pie; Godlike; Better Weather; Dirty Bomb;

Bette Midler Album 'It's the Girls!'

Release Date 11/4/2014 TrackList: Be My Baby; One Fine Day; Bei Mir Bist du Schön; Baby It's You; Tell Him; He's Sure the Boy I Love; Mr. Sandman; Come and Get These Memories; Too Many Fish in the Sea; Teach Me Tonight; Waterfalls; You Can't Hurry Love; Give Him a Great Big Kiss; Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow; It's the Girl;

The Dubliners Album 'Further Along'

Release Date 11/9/1996 TrackList: Step It Out Mary; Back In Durham Gaol; Coming Of The Road; If Ever You Go To Dublin Town; Dirty Old Town; Tá An Coileach Ag Fógairt An Lae; The Crack Was Ninety In The Isle Of Man; Song For Ireland; Cavan Girl; Further Along; Working Man;

The Dubliners Album 'Dublin'

Release Date 3/1/1988 TrackList: Finnegan's Wake; Raglan Road; The Zoological Gardens; Sez She; Three Lovely Lassies From Kimmage; Johnny Doyle; Bombo Lane; The Monto; The Auld Triangle; The Dublin Jack Of All Trades; Dicey Reilly; The Ragman's Ball; Seven Drunken Nights; The Spanish Lady;

The Dubliners Album 'Prodigal Sons'

Release Date 3/1/1983 TrackList: Building Up And Tearing England Down; The Newry Highwayman; When Margaret Was Eleven; The Waterford Boys; Now I'm Easy; Song For Ireland;

The Dubliners Album 'Together Again'

Release Date 3/1/1979 TrackList: The Mero; The Rare Ould Times; Danny Farrell; The Old Man; Johnny McGory; The Lag Song; And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda; The Parting Glass;

The Dubliners Album 'A Parcel Of Rogues'

Release Date 3/1/1976 TrackList: Spanish Lady; The Foggy Dew; Avondale; False Hearted Lover; Thirty Foot Trailer; Boulavogue; Parcel Of Rogues; Killieburn Brae;

The Dubliners Album 'Now'

Release Date 3/1/1975 TrackList: Farewell To Carlingford; The Old Triangle; The Beggarman; Matt Hyland; Carrickfergus; Lord Of The Dance; The Lifeboat Mona; The Unquiet Grave; The Lark In The Morning;

The Dubliners Album 'Plain And Simple'

Release Date 3/1/1973 TrackList: Donegal Danny; Fiddler's Green; Johnson's Motorcar; The Jail Of Cluian Meala; The Town I Loved So Well; The Ballad Of Ronnie's Mare; Skibbereen;

The Dubliners Album 'Double Dubliners'

Release Date 3/1/1972 TrackList: Free The People; The Louse House Of Kilkenny; Champion At Keeping Them Rolling; The Sun Is Burning; Gentleman Soldier; The Gartan Mother's Lullaby; Smith Of Bristol; The Night Visiting Song;

The Dubliners Album 'Revolution'

Release Date 3/1/1970 TrackList: Alabama '58; The Captains And The Kings; School Days Over; Scorn Not His Simplicity; For What Died The Sons Of Róisín?; Joe Hill; Ojos Negros; The Button Pusher; The Bonny Boy; Biddy Mulligan; The Peat Bog Soldiers;

The Dubliners Album 'At Home With The Dubliners'

Release Date 3/1/1969 TrackList: God Save Ireland; Sam Hall; Dainty Davy; High Germany; Humpty Dumpty; Molly Maguires; Lowlands Of Holland; Ragtime Annie; Greenland Whale Fishery; Saxon Shilling;

The Dubliners Album 'At It Again'

Release Date 3/1/1968 TrackList: Seven Deadly Sins; Net Hauling Song; Nancy Whiskey; Many Young Men Of Twenty; Molly Bawn; The Dundee Weaver; The Irish Navy; Tibby Dunbar; The Inniskillen Dragoons; I Wish I Were Back In Liverpool; 'Darby O'Leary; Go To Sea No More;

The Dubliners Album 'Drinkin' And Courtin''

Release Date 3/1/1968 TrackList: Dirty Old Town; Quare Bungle Rye; Peggy Gordon; Rattling Roaring Willie; The Parting Glass; Maids When You're Young Never Wed An Old Man; Gentleman Soldier; Hand Me Down Me Petticoat; I Know My Love; Mrs. McGrath; Maid Of The Sweet Brown Knowe; My Little Son;

The Dubliners Album 'More Of The Hard Stuff'

Release Date 3/1/1967 TrackList: Muirsheen Durkin; Poor Old Dicey Reilly; A Nation Once Again; Whiskey In The Jar; The Old Triangle; A Pub With No Beer; Kelly The Boy From Killane; The Croppy Boy; Sullivan's John; Come And Join The British Army; (The Bonny) Shoals Of Herring; Mormon Braes; Drink It Up Men; Maloney Wants A Drink;

The Dubliners Album 'A Drop Of The Hard Stuff'

Release Date 3/1/1967 TrackList: Seven Drunken Nights; The Galway Races; The Old Alarm Clock; The Rising Of The Moon; McCafferty; I'm A Rover; The Travelling People; Limerick Rake; Zoological Gardens; The Black Velvet Band; Poor Paddy On The Railway;