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Unknown Mortal Orchestra Album 'Multi-Love'

Release Date 5/26/2015 TrackList: Multi-Love; Like Acid Rain; Ur Life One Night; Can't Keep Checking My Phone; Extreme Wealth And Casual Cruelty; The World Is Crowded; Stage Or Screen; Necessary Evil; Puzzles;

Unknown Mortal Orchestra Album 'II'

Release Date 2/5/2013 TrackList: From The Sun; Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark); So Good At Being In Trouble; One At A Time; The Opposite Of Afternoon; No Need For A Leader; Monki; Faded In The Morning; Secret Xtians;

Unknown Mortal Orchestra Album 'Unknown Mortal Orchestra'

Release Date 6/21/2011 TrackList: Ffunny Ffrends; Bicycle; Thought Ballune; Jello And Juggernauts; How Can You Luv Me; Nerve Damage!; Little Blu House; Strangers Are Strange; Boy Witch;

Melody Gardot Album 'Currency Of Man'

Release Date 6/2/2015 TrackList: Don't Misunderstand; Don't Talk; It Gonna Come; Bad News; She Don't Know; Palmas Da Rua; Same To You; No Man's Prize; March For Mingus; Preacherman; Morning Sun; If I Ever Recall Your Face; Once I Was Loved; After The Rain; Burying My Troubles;

Pat Green Album 'Songs We Wish We'd Written II'

Release Date 5/8/2012 TrackList: All Just To Get To You; Streets Of Galilee; Jesus On A Greyhound; Even The Losers; Austin; If It Weren't For You; Soulshine; The World I Know; If I Had A Boat; I Am Too;

Pat Green Album 'What I'm For'

Release Date 1/27/2009 TrackList: Footsteps Of Our Fathers; What I'm For; Feeling Pretty Good Tonight; Lucky; In This World; Country Star; Let Me; In It For The Money; Carry On; In The Middle Of The Night;

Pat Green Album 'Cannonball'

Release Date 8/22/2006 TrackList: Cannonball; Way Back Texas; Love Like That; Dixie Lullaby; Feels Just Like It Should; Missing Me; Virginia Belle; Finder's Keepers; Won't Let Love; Lost Without You; I'm Trying To Find It; Love Had Something To Say; Learn How To Live; Sleeping With The Lights On;

Adam Lambert Album 'The Original High'

Release Date 6/16/2015 TrackList: Ghost Town; The Original High; Another Lonely Night; Underground; There I Said It; Rumors; Evil In The Night; Lucy; Things I Didn't Say; The Light; Heavy Fire;

Walk Off The Earth Album 'Vol. 2'

Release Date 11/20/2012 TrackList: Payphone; Lay Low; Man Down; Some Nights; Love The Way You Lie; A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall; Sunny D And Rum; Magic; Roll Up; Yesterday; I Gave You All; Home; Conversation; Love Sponge; Joan And Bobby;

Walk Off The Earth Album 'Vol. 1'

Release Date 11/20/2012 TrackList: Someone Like You; Cheers (Drink To That); Corner Of Queen; Party Rock Anthem; Grenade; Backin Up Song; Ice Cream; The Edge Of Glory; Call It Off; Dirty Picture; Highway Man; Eleanor Rigby; Red; Champs-Élysées;

Walk Off The Earth Album 'Smooth Like Stone On A Beach'

Release Date 4/11/2008 TrackList: Little Sin; 100 Proof Life; Rock Me Away; Broke; People Of The Sun;

Walk Off The Earth Album 'Sing It All Away'

Release Date 6/16/2015 TrackList: Rule The World; Home We'll Go; Boomerang; Sing It All Away;

Walk Off The Earth Album 'A Walk Off The Earth Christmas'

Release Date 12/2/2014 TrackList: A Marshmallow World; Sleigh Ride; A Holly Jolly Christmas; Silent Night; I Saw Three Ships; Feliz Navidad;

Lenka Album 'The Bright Side'

Release Date 6/16/2015 TrackList: Blue Skies; Free; Unique; The Bright Side;

Aer Album 'The Reach'

Release Date 1/4/2012 TrackList: Room To Breathe (Intro); Somewhere I Been; Ride Up; Feel I Bring; Never Know; Another Face (Midtro); The Reach; Comin' From A Basement; Run Again; School; Come & Go; Lights (Can You Keep It); Every Day;

YONAS Album 'The Transition'

Release Date 11/19/2013 TrackList: The Transition; Don't Give A Damn; Lost Me; Drive It Like It's Stolen; Midnight City; Feels Right; Chasing Summer; Looking For You; A Reason To Breathe; Not What You Think; Can't Knock Me Down; Wanna Be Loved; Paradise (Freestyle); One More Time;

YONAS Album 'The Proven Theory'

Release Date 7/20/2011 TrackList: I Could; Shy Kidz; Mindless; Nobody Else; Fall Back; Stupid Brilliance; Life Ain't Easy; Radio Flow; Y'all Know; Stand Out; One Message; We Fly;

YONAS Album 'Going Places'

Release Date 5/26/2015 TrackList: Live It Up; Photo; Night Is Young; Tell Me; This Goes Out To You;

YONAS Album 'The Transition Deluxe'

Release Date 11/19/2013 TrackList: Set It Off; Leaving You; What More Can I Say; Roller Coaster; Don't Give A Damn; The Transition; Lost Me; Thought I Told Y'all; Never Let You Down; Looking For You; Girls Of Summer; My City; Pocket Full Of Dreams; A Reason To Breathe; I've Been Here;

Sebastian Mikael Album 'Speechless'

Release Date 6/24/2014 TrackList: Last Night; 4 U; Forever; Made For Me; Speechless; Lose It; Crash; Beautiful Life;