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Latest Albums

This Century Album 'Soul Sucker'

Release Date 4/14/2015 TrackList: Soul Sucker; Night Owl; Heaven; Seven;

Chinx Drugz Album 'Welcome To JFK'

Release Date 8/14/2015 TrackList: Yay; How To Get Rich; On Your Body;

The Score Album 'The Score EP 2'

Release Date 10/1/2014 TrackList: Better Than One; Lost You; Fall For Me; In The Dark; Real Life;

The Score Album 'The Score'

Release Date 7/1/2014 TrackList: Dancing Shoes; Til The Stars Burn Blue; Haunted; Don't Wanna Wake Up; This Beating Heart;

Eric Bellinger Album 'Cuffing Season'

Release Date 7/17/2015 TrackList: Cuffing Season; You Can Have The Hoes; Ipod On Shuffle; Overrated; Turn Down For You; Love Made Me Do It; Make Up For It; Share; Maybe Never; Creep; Gina; Text Threads; Focused On You; Viral; Last One Standing; The Summery;

Emily King Album 'The Switch'

Release Date 6/26/2015 TrackList: Good Friend; The Animals; Sleepwalker; Already There; The Switch; Aya; Distance; Out of the Clouds; Off Center; Believer; For Them;

Emily King Album 'Seven'

Release Date 7/12/2011 TrackList: Down; No More Room; Ever After; Radio; Georgia; Sides; Every Part;

Emily King Album 'East Side Story'

Release Date 2/11/2011 TrackList: Walk In My Shoes; Colorblind; Alright; U & I; Hold Me; Ain't No Sunshine; You Can Get By; E Melody; It Was You; Moon; Never Be Lonely; Ride With Me; Bonus Track; Walk In My Shoes;

Joell Ortiz Album 'Human'

Release Date 7/17/2015 TrackList: Human (Intro); New Era; I Just Might; My Niggas; Six Fo'; Light A L; Lil' Piggies; Latino, Pt. 2; Who Woulda' Knew; Bad Santa; Human (Outro);

Indila Album 'Mini World'

Release Date 5/20/2014 TrackList: Dernière Danse; Tourner Dans Le Vide; Love Story; S.O.S; Comme Un Bateau; Run Run; Ego; Boite En Argent; Tu Ne M'entends Pas; Mini World;

Ninja Sex Party Album 'Attitude City'

Release Date 7/17/2015 TrackList: Road Trip; Attitude City; Why I Cry; Dubstep; Dragon Slayer; Party Of Three; Buttsex Goldilocks; Samurai Abstinence Patrol; Peppermint Creams; Cookies!; 6969;

Ninja Sex Party Album 'Strawberries And Cream'

Release Date 7/17/2015 TrackList: Intro (Strawberries); Best Friends Forever!; Unicorn Wizard; Let's Get This Terrible Party Started; Next To You; Symphony In P Minor; The Sacred Chalice, Pt. 1; Everybody Shut Up (I Have An Erection); FYI I Wanna F Your A; Shredded Metal; Rhinoceratops Vs. Superpuma; The Ultimate Sandwich; Outro (Cream);

Ninja Sex Party Album 'NSFW'

Release Date 7/17/2015 TrackList: Introduction; NSP Theme Song; The Decision; Dinosaur Laser Fight; Objects Of Desire; If We Were Gay; No Reason Boner; Puppies In Space; Sex Training; Manticore; You Can Do Us!; I Just Want To (Dance); Three Minutes Of Ecstasy; Accept My Shaft; Outroduction;

Ms Mr Album 'How Does It Feel'

Release Date 7/17/2015 TrackList: Painted; Criminals; No Guilt In Pleasure; Wrong Victory; Tripolar; How Does It Feel; Tunnels; Leave Me Alone; Reckless; Cruel; Pieces; All The Things Lost;

Jah Cure Album 'The Cure'

Release Date 7/10/2015 TrackList: No Friend of Mine; Corruption; Life We Live; I Surrender; Set Me Free; Made in California; Show Love; All of Me; Still Remains; Other Half of Me; That Girl; Rasta; Stay With Me;

Typhoon Album 'White Lighter'

Release Date 8/20/2013 TrackList: Artificial Light; Young Fathers; Morton's Fork; Possible Deaths; The Lake; Dreams Of Cannibalism; 100 Years; Prosthetic Love; Hunger And Thirst; Caesar; Common Sentiments; Post Script;

Typhoon Album 'A New Kind Of House'

Release Date 3/8/2011 TrackList: The Honest Truth; Summer Home; Claws, Part 1; Kitchen Tile; Firewood;

Typhoon Album 'Hunger And Thirst'

Release Date 5/18/2010 TrackList: Starting Over (Bad Habits); White Liars; Cpr / Claws, Pt. 2; Ghost Train; Body Of Love; Happy People; Old Haunts (New Cities); Mouth Of The Cave; Belly Of The Cavern; The Sickness Unto Death;

Typhoon Album 'Dearborn Sessions'

Release Date 7/1/2007 TrackList: Sea Shanty II; Gypsy Song; Mill City Take Out; Memory;

Typhoon Album 'Typhoon'

Release Date 7/1/2005 TrackList: So Passes Away The Glory Of The World; The Still Life Of Job; Halfway Home; Cigarettes / Orchids For A Wake; Death Was The Driver; Bryce's Song; Only You Can Save Me; Lullaby; The Wendigo; The Lights Go Out;