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Review for Young Moe song 'A Letter 2 Amarie'

i really like this song cause it seems alot nd its talking about the little boy and dady cause he dont wanna live the life hes daddy is in nd in jail to i like this song alot its means alot to me seriously... by jamayra melendez

Review for X-Japan song 'Unfinished'

most wonderful, I have become very attached to X-Japan they have captured my life into their music wish I could have seen them @ madisom this year couldn't make it. Their music is highly taken by me even... by steve allen dillon

Review for Wheatus song 'Teenage Dirtbag'

This whole song sounds like a true story. She prefers geeks to dimwitted blockheaded bullies. I love the guitars on this song,they rock. Party on dudes!!!... by Nick Grinshaw

Review for UB40 song 'Sparkle Of My Eyes'

This is a very good song indeed, I played it on repeat for 100km without changing it on the 19th December 2014, I am still puzzled at the creativity and the talent UB40 commands in the reggae industry.... by Seduma Matee (Phalaborwa, Republic of South Africa)

Review for The Smiths song 'THE BOY WITH THE THORN IN HIS SIDE'

This song is obviously about love. Love between two people from the same gender, still wondering why the rest will not get it. Why do they think this is not love as well? Freaking homophobics...... by ro82

Review for The Cars song 'Bye Bye Love'

This one of my favorite songs from The Cars! I have all their albums and solo albums!! Love the way Ben sings, and this is one of my many favorite lead guitar solos Elliot plays! Will akways be my favorite... by Charlene

Review for Sam Cooke song 'Sugar Dumpling'

One my top 3 Sam Cooke songs, just to submit a lyrics correction, I believe it is instead of "she hides two mercys" , it is "she house two nurses". And I don't believe it is "she hires two nurses" which... by Petar Drianov

Review for Randy Newman song 'Naked Man'

1) Lyrics ... well done. 2) Content ... humorous, thanks to the clever misdirection of our sympathies. Although the song tells a somewhat tragic story as far as the lost old lady is concerned, the absurdity... by Parris

Review for Rage Against The Machine song 'Sleep Now in the Fire'

I love how everyone here is correct in some way! This song clearly doesnt deal with just one subject, but all of the ones mentioned here and more. Overall it is critical of America, in a lot of ways, recalling... by David2

Review for Point Of Grace song 'You Are My All In All'

The first time i listen 2 d song i was touched by God and real loved d song dat even everyday i wakeup i alway play song and confessed he take my sin,my cross,shame and his is my all in all and forever... by Anonymous

Review for Pogues song 'Fairytale Of New York'

I've heard this song a thousand times but if I lived to be 100, I would never have figured out the words to this classic. Thank you Robert Davies for providing them so accurately! Made a great Christmas... by (mta) Tony

Review for Michael W. Smith song 'Ancient Words'

I feel so guilty n at d end relief n I even cry every time I listen to this song. Thank you is never enough to say to you Michael. I always feel that am hugging Jesus when I listen. The holy spirit sang... by precious L Johnson

Review for Left Banke song 'Walk Away Renee'

trying to recall how I and a friend used to get to and from high school! cannot recall. the tune, "walk away renee" was popular at the time and has a compelling haunting-ness to it. the melody and the... by robin

Review for Led Zeppelin song 'Ten Years Gone'

This sing's riff is so beautiful. The lyrics are lovely. Whenever I listen to this song, I get this strange feeling deep inside me. I feel happy and sad at the same time. It's a bittersweet feeling that... by Garthree

Review for Artist Kolohe Kai

When i first heard a song from u guys. U actually inspire me. I am a vocalist and a guitarist just like Roman. At that time i feel that i have no chance of getting better as a musician. But u inspired me... by Jhay;')

Review for Artist Kelly Clarkson

I love Kelly Clarkson's songs. so many times her songs have inspired me to keep going, that life isn't all bad. Like Kelly Clarkson I love to write songs. when I'm older I won't to be like Kelly Clarkson.... by samantha f

Review for Artist Judas Priest

If you have never been to a priest concert you are missing one of the wonders of the world . There is no other metal band that can compare to Judas Priest. KK DOWNING & GLENN TIPTON are amazing together... by TIMMY2GUNS

Review for Artist Jackyl

Bad Bad is such a good way. We love Jackyl their music rocks our world. We have been frot row with Jackyl for the last 14 years at the FTS Stirgis SD. See you there 2015 PUH POW ... by The Best ever...............Jackyl Rocks

Review for Hollerado song 'So It Goes'

This song is about the musician's grandfather who joined the dutch resistance during WWI. He was captured by the Nazis and was facing execution. His jail or sat down to talk to him and he said to him, if... by Devon Beard

Review for Harold Arlen song 'Over The Rainbow'

I could not believe no one reviewed this wonderful song. Loved the movie Wizard of Oz and first heard song by the late Judy Garland. Brings back awesome memories of my childhood days.... by Gary C

Review for Groove Coverage song 'God Is A Girl'

In civil discourse it is necessary to refrain from projecting your religious beliefs either onto others or as fact. Plenty of us are neither muslim or christian and NO `we were given god OUR FATHER' is... by Reyna Crow

Review for Goo Goo Dolls song 'Who I Am'

I love this song! Whenever I hear it I think of my ex boyfriends and my crushes. I know it an old song, and I don't usually like old songs, but this one touches my heart. I always feel like crying when... by Sassafrass

Review for Falling Up song 'Falling In Love'

I wasn't in space when I was little girl but I was in the hospital and my grandpa said that he was in space.and he was about keenan,s age and my grandpa said that he was just like a little boy.... by Kayaah Cordova

Review for Diamond D song 'Rap Life'

Man, this song is hot on all levels. Diamond's production is seamless, and PM's lyrics are slick, witty and just downright dope. Honestly, I don't think he tried all that hard in this song, because PM gets... by bloodyarts

Review for Artist Celtic Woman

I have listened to Celtic Woman for years and finally had the opportunity to see them live. They are really talented and beautiful women who are just plain fun to watch. ... by susan