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Latest Albums

Andrew Garcia Album 'Hell & Back'

Release Date 1/1/2015 TrackList: Intro; Ghost; Bad Dude; Undone; Kids of the Night; Hell & Back;

David Choi Album 'Stories Of You's And Me'

Release Date 2/17/2015 TrackList: You And Me; Bad Girl; All I Need; You Found Me; Together; Orion; Dempsey Hill; Glacier; God; Don't Forget; Where Did It Go Wrong; This One's for Me;

Steven Wilson Album 'Hand. Cannot. Erase.'

Release Date 3/3/2015 TrackList: First Regret; 3 Years Older; Hand Cannot Erase; Perfect Life; Routine; Home Invasion; Regret #9; Transience; Ancestral; Happy Returns; Ascendant Here On;

All That Remains Album 'The Order Of Things'

Release Date 2/24/2015 TrackList: This Probably Won't End Well; No Knock; Divide; The Greatest Generation; For You; A Reason For Me To Fight; Victory Lap; Pernicious; Bite My Tongue; Fiat Empire; Tru-Kvlt-Metal; Criticism And Self Realization;

Walk The Moon Album 'Talking Is Hard'

Release Date 12/2/2014 TrackList: Different Colors; Sidekick; Shut Up And Dance; Up 2 U; Avalanche; Portugal; Down In The Dumps; Work This Body; Spend Your $$$; We Are The Kids; Come Under The Covers; Aquaman;

Death Cab For Cutie Album 'Kintsugi'

Release Date 3/31/2015 TrackList: No Room In Frame; Black Sun;

Goapele Album 'Strong As Glass'

Release Date 10/21/2014 TrackList: Strong As Glass; Hey Boy; My Love; Some Call It Love;

Ghostface Killah Album 'Sour Soul'

Release Date 3/17/2015 TrackList: Mono; Sour Soul; Six Degrees; Gunshowers; Tone's Rap; Mind Playing Tricks On Me; Street Knowledge; Ray Gun; Nuggets Of Wisdom; Food;

Ghostface Killah Album '36 Seasons'

TrackList: The Battlefield; Love Don't Live Here No More; Here I Go Again; Loyalty; It's a Thin Line Between Love and Hate; The Dog's Of War; Emergency Procedure; Double Cross; Bamboo's Lament; Pieces Of The Puzzle; Homicide; Blood In The Streets; Call My Name;

Rapture Ruckus Album 'Invader Volume 1'

Release Date 2/1/2014 TrackList: In Crowd; Everybody Get Up; Head Held High; Invader (Part I); Carry Me; In This Together;

Rapture Ruckus Album 'Open Your Eyes'

Release Date 9/27/2011 TrackList: This Little Light; Going Home; Air That I Breathe; Tonight; Open Your Eyes; All Things New; Break The Line; Back To Earth;

36 Crazyfists Album 'Time And Trauma'

Release Date 2/17/2015 TrackList: Vanish; 11.24.11; Sorrow Sings; Lightless; Also Am I; Translator; Silencer; Slivers; Swing The Noose; Gathering Bones; Marrow;

36 Crazyfists Album 'Collisions And Castaways'

Release Date 7/27/2010 TrackList: In The Midnights; Whitewater; Mercy And Grace; Death Renames The Light; Anchors; Trenches; Reviver; Caving In Spirals; The Deserter; Waterhaul II;

Jose Gonzalez Album 'Vestiges & Claws'

Release Date 2/17/2015 TrackList: With The Ink Of A Ghost; Let It Carry You; Stories We Build, Stories We Tell; The Forest; Leaf Off / The Cave; Every Age; What Will; Vissel; Afterglow; Open Book;

Halestorm Album 'Into The Wild Life'

Release Date 4/7/2015 TrackList: Scream; I Am The Fire; Sick Individual; Amen; Dear Daughter; New Modern Love; Mayhem; Bad Girl's World; Gonna Get Mine; The Reckoning; Apocalyptic; What Sober Couldn't Say; I Like It Heavy; Bonus Tracks; Jump The Gun; Unapologetic;

Flyleaf Album 'Between The Stars'

Release Date 9/16/2014 TrackList: Set Me On Fire; Magnetic; Traitor; Platonic; Head Underwater; Sober Serenade; Thread; Marionette; Well Of Lies; City Kids; Blue Roses; Home; Bonus Tracks; Avalanche; Ship Of Fools; Tied To The Broken; The Wedding;

Within Temptation Album 'Hydra'

Release Date 2/4/2014 TrackList: Let Us Burn; Dangerous; And We Run; Paradise (What About Us?); Edge Of The World; Silver Moonlight; Covered By Roses; Dog Days; Tell Me Why; Whole World Is Watching;

Sufjan Stevens Album 'Carrie & Lowell'

Release Date 3/31/2015 TrackList: Death With Dignity; Should Have Known Better; All Of Me Wants All Of You; Drawn to the Blood; Eugene; Fourth of July; The Only Thing; Carrie & Lowell; John My Beloved; No Shade in the Shadow of The Cross; Blue Bucket of Gold;

Sufjan Stevens Album 'Sisyphus'

Release Date 2/1/2014 TrackList: Calm It Down; Take Me; Booty Call; Rhythm Of Devotion; Flying Ace; My Oh My; I Won't Be Afraid; Lion's Share; Dishes In The Sink; Hardly Hanging On; Alcohol;

Joell Ortiz Album 'House Slippers'

Release Date 9/16/2014 TrackList: House Slippers; Cold World; Dream On; Music Saved My Life; Brothers Keeper; Q & A; Get Down; Say Yes; Better Than; Phone; Candy; Crack Spot;