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If you leave this time I feel that youll be gone for good So I hold on like leaves and fall to what is left Said her father left her young and He said hell be back with that same Song that you just said youll... Autumn Leaves Lyrics by Chris Brown

Rocket no.9, take off to the planet To the planet Venus Aphrodite lady, seashell bikini Garden panty, Venus Lets blast off to a new dimension In your bedroom, blameless Aphrodite lady, seashell bikini Get with... Venus Lyrics by Lady Gaga

Mike: (yeah) (yo) You were that foundation Never gonna be another one, no. I followed, so taken so conditioned I could never let go Then sorrow, then sickness then the shock when you flip it on me So hollow, so... Lost In The Echo Lyrics by Linkin Park

I killed my former and Left her in the trunk on Highway 10 Put the knife under the hood If you find it Send it straight to Hollywood Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha... Aura Lyrics by Lady Gaga

Throw it up….Woo hoo You’re pretty baby, but you know that Wish I could bring ya, across the map I can feel it in the air that it’s on tonight I don’t really care if it’s wrong or right Petal to the metal baby... Windows Down Lyrics by Big Time Rush

Liam: Youre insecure Dont know what for Youre turning heads when you walk through the door Dont need make up To cover up Being the way that you are is enough Harry: Everyone else in the room can see it Everyone... What Makes You Beautiful Lyrics by One Direction

Rage Born to rage Born to rage What if your heart says you ain’t got nothing to lose What if your heart says What if your heart says never play by the rules Yeahhhhhh What if your heart says don’t have a... Born To Rage Lyrics by Dada Life

I love all Westlife's track and this particular track makes me thuink of someone so much and i wonder if i'm ever gon find true love again.The truth is that when ever i listen to this track,tears fill my... Dk reviewed Love Can Build A Bridge Lyrics, the song performed by Westlife, Read.

The time I heard this song I was well surprised I was in a bad mood I was really stressed I was just so confused. I heard this song on tv the moment I heard this song I thought about my past how it built... John Paul reviewed I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before Lyrics, the song performed by Wanda Jackson, Read.

governments should control prices so everyone gets a good deal. And stop evil with fair punishment. And tax religion, so it loses popularity. I mean, no one wonders why God is invisible and undetectable.... Anonymous reviewed Won't Get Fooled Again Lyrics, the song performed by The Who, Read.

I interpret it as being about a stranger. That moment when you pass by someone you've never met and won't see again, but catch a spark, and they stick in your mind and you hope you're stuck in their's,... Anonymous reviewed WELL I WONDER Lyrics, the song performed by The Smiths, Read.

I was in a licorice pizza store in 1973 with my dad when over the store inter. com they where playing piledriver . my dad bought it ,I was about 14 and loved it and shared this record with all my friends.... d.m.l. reviewed the artist(band) Status Quo, Read.

The song just has the right word to lift ones soul,each time I listen to it,I feel its the first time I am hearing it and the moltivation keeps coming and I feel I want to do more.... kayode reviewed Stand Up (For The Champions) Lyrics, the song performed by Right Said Fred, Read.

Phil Ochs definitely had talent for expression of professionalism in writing songs and music. I would love to hear "Bound for Glory" being sung after Bob Dylan's "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie" poetry recital... Glory Cloud Revelation reviewed Bound For Glory Lyrics, the song performed by Phil Ochs, Read.

Last evening I discovered the voice of Melonie Cannon! Shame on me but despite I am fond of Country Music and Bluegrass since I was a teen, France is very far from Nashville and it 's difficult to know... Jean Pierre Machot reviewed the artist(band) Melonie Cannon, Read.

It was sad news hearing your dealth my hero,your music is so educative and inspiring to all the world in general.I have lent a lot through your music,may the good lord protect your in peace in... Anonymous reviewed Respect Lyrics, the song performed by Lucky Dube, Read.

when i hear the song "Ehu Girl" and "Cool Down", im so amazed to that band....and i searched KOLOHE KAI.And that's it, i enjoyed listening to their music until i download their songs and everytime i hear... Marvin of the Philippines!! reviewed the artist(band) Kolohe Kai, Read.

So, I love their music. Let's face it they are fucking gorgeous! I'm sitting here with my bestie, and she says I want all the hot ones. WTF! LOL, but I will be getting their albums from here on out! ... Kyra&Hannah reviewed the artist(band) King The Kid, Read.

I think they deserve to be nominated in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. Long time ago. I'm 56 yrs old and always been a fan since I was in grade school. I've seen them twice and I will always go back.... Steven J Nelis reviewed the artist(band) Justin Hayward, Read.

The power of these lyrics are the way they caress the soul, edging on a deep and confrontational truth...that contemplation of human frailty reveals a subjective dialogue that scares the shit out of me....since... bill kafataris reviewed Leap Your Bar Lyrics, the song performed by John Frusciante, Read.

Jennifer u inspire me with all the things that u have done in ur life as I read in ur biography u are an amazing person and I will love to meet u please make my dream come true.... Anonymous reviewed the artist(band) Jennifer Lopez, Read.

I love the lyrics of this song! It's my favorite song of all time! It's a true classic song. The woman can't change him and make him style down for her. He's a 'Rollin' stone' a rover in other words. I... Daisy Mae Young reviewed Baker Street Lyrics, the song performed by Gerry Rafferty, Read.

Just logged in to hear "What a Swell Party This Is," my all-time favorite musical comedy number. I know every word, every double-take (Sinatra's so good at that), and bubble of the domestic champagne... Walt Stepp reviewed Well, Did You Evah Lyrics, the song performed by Frank Sinatra, Read.

I started to cry but my past make it scary a heavy weight is all I feel scared of how real this is. We've been here before I know u and u know me tried to block it out or u out but guess our souls cant... Jessica Wright reviewed Autumn Leaves Lyrics, the song performed by Chris Brown, Read.

If you want to hear the genius of BD's keen imagination, and creative gift of poetic rhyme schemes moving to the max listen to this master piece he wrote in a tribute to his beloved friend, Woody Guthrie!... Glory Cloud Revelation reviewed the artist(band) Bob Dylan, Read.

Ok, first of all this lyrics was simple. It about an effect of World War 2 where a lot of Japanese army died during the detonation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Majority of them attempting suicide and some... Wilson95 reviewed The Rising Tide Lyrics, the song performed by Job For A Cowboy, Read.

Just heard the song, can't wait to share with my grandchildren, the words are so in the present. Even I in my 70's can appreciate the truth of the words that God is there to guide. Always has been, is... Joan reviewed You'll Never Be Alone Lyrics, the song performed by Capital Kings, Read.

I once saw a movie (doco?) about Bob and a chick he was dating. She ended up hanging out more with Andy Warhol's 'gang'. She turned on Bob and trashed him. I thought it applied to her and the Warhols of... Peter reviewed Positively 4th Street Lyrics, the song performed by Bob Dylan, Read.

It’s long past time that a real singer sang a song of what and how love feels! Alice Smith you are absolutely amazing! Your voice, stage presence, facial and body expressions not only captivated the BET... Mardy W. Dixon reviewed Fool For You Lyrics, the song performed by Alice Smith, Read.

Wow you guys were amazing. Sonny, you should really get back to your roots. ;) I forgot how much talent existed a few years ago, seems like most of it got muddled up in-between all the garbage that was... Lex reviewed Note To Self Lyrics, the song performed by From First To Last, Read.

I'm under 25, honestly, i've grown 2 lyk dis song. I mean since when my brother introduced me 2 it. Bryan is a wonderful singer. I see every bit of fun of the 80's from dis music. I must confess, the music... Generalsammy reviewed Summer Of '69 Lyrics, the song performed by Bryan Adams, Read.

Ever since I first heard this as a teen, it pops into my head whenever I am feeling down and blue. Eventually I come out of the funk, and realize the world has always been one big SNAFU, and to simply 'tend... hootmon reviewed Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Lyrics, the song performed by Bob Dylan, Read.