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It’s late in the evening Glass on the side now I’ve been sat with you For most of the night Ignoring everybody here We wish they would disappear So maybe we could get down now And I don’t wanna know If you’re getting... Sing Lyrics by Ed Sheeran

Im walking fast through the traffic lights Busy streets and busy lives And all we know, is touch and go We are alone with our changing minds We fall in love til it hurts or bleeds or fades in time And I never... State Of Grace Lyrics by Taylor Swift

Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me But bear this mind it was meant to be And Im joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks And it all makes sense to me I know youve never loved the... Little Things Lyrics by One Direction

Everytime you walk out on me I regress back to the one that I cant see Hes someone I have never talked about Cause I know that wed bothe be dead if you found out Everytime you tell me that Im wrong I just cant... Bollywood Hawaii Lyrics by Lana Del Rey

Its the strangest thing To have you back in my face With all those years passed I guess I just got used to my space I dont know how to feel This whole thing seems so surreal So you keep one foot out the door I... Rumble Lyrics by Kelis

Liam Payne: Hey girl, Im waitin on ya, Im waitin on ya Come on and let me sneak you out And have a celebration, a celebration The music up, the windows down Zayn Malik: Yeah, well be doing what we do Just pretending... Live While We're Young Lyrics by One Direction

Sometimes I slide away Silently I slowly lose myself Over and over Take comfort in my skin Endlessly Surrender to my will Forever and ever I dissolve in trust I will sing with joy I will end up dust Im in heaven I... Heaven Lyrics by Depeche Mode

I always in love with this song when i remember the work of the cross. And I thank God 4 Jesus Christ, who was crucified on the cross and was buried on the ground and on the third day He arose to redeem... Miss Lilian Eyo reviewed Above All Lyrics, the song performed by Michael W. Smith

It is my opinion that for more understanding of the music of this brilliant people the principles of Chaos Magick, Hermetic principles and some of the high levels of other magic systems should be considered.... just a man reviewed the artist(band) Tool

Love these guys creativity, it amaze me with every song, so relaxing and subtlety powerfull, you can taste the cultural influences of all around the world in every track, definitely a must have in your... Omar reviewed Amerimacka Lyrics, the song performed by Thievery Corporation

I am really starting to adapt to Silverline. I saw their band name on this person's shirt at school, and I started taking an interest to them. I researched all their songs, and was like whoa. Why would... Amanda reviewed the artist(band) Silverline

"An empire built on civilized guilt Yet the homeland still is the stranger," that line, in and of itself, is a college course (If not a degree program) a the finest institution not to ass-kicker... Tor Hershman reviewed Feel No Shame Lyrics, the song performed by Neil Innes

This is definitely my favorite song. It is a part of me every time its on the radio i turn it up. And my mom knows how much i love it so she never cares if I listen to it. It will probably be my favorite... Anonymous reviewed Hello, My Name Is Lyrics, the song performed by Matthew West

This Music Carries a warning to our young Brothers and Sisters who are in School even after school. Parents Invest alot in us for the future expectations. let's not waste time in drugs and other Bad Habits... John Banyenzaki reviewed Johnny Lyrics, the song performed by Lucky Dube

Why is a song about cars (and sex) have a title of "Trampled Under Foot?" In the tradition of "Terraplane Blues", cars are the metaphor for sex. Indisputable. However.... ...In no known universe can a... viggers reviewed Trampled Underfoot Lyrics, the song performed by Led Zeppelin

Incredible. John is a legend and his songs have this deep, well thought meaning that you really have to get in to the song to find out. Its like you need to understand and totally focus and get in the feel... monique reviewed the album Room For Squares performed by John Mayer

This song is one of the most sexist and offensive things I have ever heard, and I do mean that literally. Please tell me this is sarcastic, because I don't understand how you can have such ideas of stereotyping... Arden Hegberg reviewed The Mouth Don't Stop (The Trouble Today With Women Is) Lyrics, the song performed by Fear

The breath of life, the timing of strife, Ella reminded us all of the timelessness between each of our breaths! As we make it through each day, sadness and happiness are here to stay; with each breath from... Dr Dr Francis Bruce Marion reviewed Round Midnight Lyrics, the song performed by Ella Fitzgerald

this album is great , this is the first album of e40s that i actuall sat down and listened to n be4 i never really cared for e40 but now hes my fav rapper because of this album and now i download all his... christopher beneto reviewed the album History: Function Music performed by E-40

I remember the first time I watched this video. I was 11 or 12 (I believe), it was on MTV. I thought it was so corny. Now today, over 20 years later, it takes me back to that time when the world was still... Anonymous reviewed No Rain Lyrics, the song performed by Blind Melon

So, the narrator has this to say: I drink and take drugs. I Get into fights, am obnoxious, crude, rude, don't care how anyone else feels, and I'm horny. Oh, yes, I'm as ugly physically as I am emotionally,... Rick reviewed Only The Good Die Young Lyrics, the song performed by Billy Joel

The album that includes this song is called Judgement and before that album The Cavanagh brothers lost their mother. So the entire album is a tribute to her, full of grief and loss. The song "One Last Goodbye"... Mahmut reviewed Parisienne Moonlight Lyrics, the song performed by Anathema

Who cares if these are the original lyrics. No one remembers the song referenced anyway. This song (as performed by Commander Cody et al) stands on it's own. This version by "all" (who?) sucks big-time.... MP reviewed Hot Rod Lincoln Lyrics, the song performed by All

ah such a beautiful song...... half of it maybe in Japanese and I can barely understand Japanese but love hath no bounds nor boundaries. One just have to close ones eyes and listened with ones heart and... Dyan reviewed Tears Lyrics, the song performed by X-Japan

I LOVE THIS SONG TOO!I GET LYRICS OF THIS SONG because THIS SONG HAS THE REAL ROMANCE AND IT IS VERY INTERESTING SONG. I think its for tommy there so perfect together but Lyudmila spoils the love and so... sansa reviewed I Love You Lyrics, the song performed by Violetta

I've always felt so alone, ever since my mom died when I was really young. I always felt that there was no hope to be found, and I always thought that I was always going to be lost. My friends were all... Anonymous reviewed Stand In The Rain Lyrics, the song performed by Superchick

I am Canadian. Canadian parents, born in Canada, and I still live in Canada today. And South Park is my all time favourite show!! In fact I love this song. I find it hilarious and I sing it aroun the house... Victoria reviewed Blame Canada Lyrics, the song performed by South Park

I`ve seen a list of artist recently and I found out. Many up and coming performance artist in today's world of music and entertainment never reach the top because company promoter relations grow cold during... M.C. Ronn reviewed the album iSouljaBoyTellem performed by Soulja Boy

Fifty Nifty United States is the song we are learning at school. I liked how it go but I didn't know how to sing it and I didn't know the words so I practiced and practiced and this was a miracle that I... Ingrid Vicente reviewed Fifty Nifty United States Lyrics, the song performed by Ray Charles

this song is very remarkable for me because God use this song for me to see how great He is. He said to me that i should not be ashamed of showing to the people that i am Christian. He said to me through... Zara reviewed I Am Free Lyrics, the song performed by Newsboys

it is really all about u Jesus. this song is a life changing song, since I heard this song I increased more in the things of God. All thanks to God who has inspired U Michael Smith,. God is with u.... Zoeboy I wisdom reviewed The Heart Of Worship Lyrics, the song performed by Michael W. Smith

The first time i heard the song i was overwhelming and amazed. The lyrics are so powerful that they transform the lives of anyone that is willing to listen. I know this because i have been blessed by... peter akpos from nigeria reviewed Ancient Words Lyrics, the song performed by Michael W. Smith