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Rickie Jacobs Atlantic City Freestyle Lyrics

Last updated: 07/11/2013 08:15:15 PM

Turn me up, one two
Are we ready, we ready
Baby you got the fire, I do anything you desire
I know you heard me on the radio
But you never see me on the '
Ha, you saw the nigga getting pissed off
Because I never turn my slick off
And I've been thinking by your sweet kisses
I think its cover by the mid gloss

My city it's fill with gorillas
We can get away but cut me filler
One thousand ways I feel you
Baby you got so much charisma
So where we going to Atlanta or Canada
Baby I wanna ' promise I'll be your manager
Love, paparazzo's with cameras
Simply 'cause they are fans of you
Feeling like I'm the man of the town

It's funny they can handle you now
I progress, I use to have an amateur style
And I stay getting in posse wile I'm back in the town
Nigga, fuck 'em, I'm taking up on the summer
I'm taking up at the phone and I take you like a sucker

Back to you baby, this rappers driving me crazy
It's funny they so focus on me in stand of the ladies
Niggas producing me man, I'm having it
On a beach with my bitch
She's from Greece and she's a freak
She got some chips I'm 'bout'
I swear to God we have a baby every week

And my ex girl it's speed up
Man I really hope that she find another nigga
Come a long way from a bumpy knows nigga
Now it's for play and I'm bumping on nigga

What up my nigga let me; I need a linker like really quick
Yeah, we're back in it the hood
It's wept in the same life still living down in the hook
And soon as I put this out I'mma keep put
When I find 'I get your mama in the hook
I was born with an unusual '
I took the girl out she won a beautiful dress
Fuck her so hard turn the ' to an omelet
And my videos nigga shot when there all set

I heard bitches look '
But I gave her the other '
When I am done that bitch fell in love with me
Zipping, pummeling that shit was so lovely
We won the alcohol, shit, she got me hitting like don't forget the 'bitch
Her parents home so I fucked her in the closet
She and her needs '
You just forget the fact my duck calls '
Yeah I know I'm rap but I come from a '
And you 'aint got to act when you' behind the pillow

Sweet dreams and bad wretch
You wake up, you're bad at it
When we fuck my '
You want cheese got that habit
I gave to '.
A lot of niggas want me to lose my burse
But all this motherfuckers do to me '

You and me
Me and you, it's no telling what we can do
It's no yelling let's keep it cool
Let's go to Heaven let's make a move
We attending baby we never lose
I know its random baby you got to chose
I'm like a fathom the way I move
I know I'm ramble baby on a goosed
I'm on a goosed, I raise the bar
When I'm on 'I break the low
'.and may play guitars like

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