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Stori Bloodclot Lyrics

Last updated: 12/30/2013 05:05:14 PM

I’m all about the cash pot, can I stash something
What the bloodclot
Looking for your girl to make it happen
They say fuck the singing, do the rappin
We can take it back to 05 if you wanna start acting like you live
Cause back then, I would eat a halfpin, I would drink a fifth then I would smoke a spliff
Then we could start the party,
Cause we ain’t even hardly, feel it kick in yet
You know we on some shit
Now I’m on the books, I’m legit
Sign a check, make it quick
You save it, I flip
Turn into a grip, your investment made you sick
While I’m living on a trip
Exotic, narcotics and the hooka
And they say the root of all evil is money
I only hear that from broke people, funny
You couldn’t rob me, if your name was bobby
I’m making money and I’m talking shit like it’s a hobby
What the bloodclot, bitch claim you bad but you not
Truth is you really wish you have what I got
And what I got go off in your chest like a shot
That’s my fault, every time you hear my name it’s rock salt
I’m rocking with my cock out, I never win by default
Dermins verbal assault, killing shit, spit that common metal shit
No beef I just settled it, finish her, listen up
I’m a loud bitch, you can hear when I’m thinking
My sound got a strong aroma, you can hear when it’s stinking
The whole fucking place need to fix your fucking face
Since they let me out that cage, I just lock down and shake
On my life like a story, ain’t no one in my lane,
Let the whole world know my fucking name
What the bloodclot.

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