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Thurz Gotdamn Gotdamn Lyrics

Last updated: 07/11/2013 04:23:54 AM

Goddamn Goddamn
Goddamn Goddamn
Goddamn Goddamn

Got good health girl
You can pay me later Goddamn
Hey know that the first girl, no ham
Damn, Asian girl say she love me
Took me to the back for a little sucky-sucky
She's following my kids, I'm like wow
Stuck a team with too many fouls
Wow, wolfing at the kitties
Sleep up
Mama go kill me if the police
Don't come out the ...
I call the Oklahoma city
Get the gold first
Started with the head
Like she was giving birth
Told her it was good
Then a feedback piñata
She can bust it open for me
Like a piñata
Your casa, mi casa
Mexicana, Americana
Gimme shots pussy popper
Shots to the head
She back out

Gimme that, as a matter of fact
One time for the ammo
Shout to the girls saying
Yeas never end or call
An asshole, so I stuck in anal
If you ugly don't say shit
Like an instrumental
I came with mines
But might leave with yours
Got girl with me
Never seen storage floors
Goddamn Goddamn
Goddamn Goddamn

Put on me and she wanna log
Like she wanna ...
She don't cough
No gag reflex
They call to tell her niggers that in it 24
Her panties with two O to make
Got two holes to make
They play mates and sorry for what
Sorry for a humpty bag Lipper for my
Niggers in jail
What the hell?
Goddamn Goddamn
Goddamn Goddamn
Damn I got bitches
Goddamn Goddamn
How you fit that in the jeans?
Goddamn Goddamn
Every nigger inn this club going damn
Goddamn Goddamn
Goddamn Goddamn
They my bitches
Goddamn Goddamn
Got every nigger in the club going ham
Goddamn Goddamn

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