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Jez Dior Hide Lyrics

Last updated: 05/15/2013 08:37:34 PM

Take me back in Seattle in the '90
If I could back in time it's probably where you'll find me
Find a rapper ... eat my lunch like that
Yeeh you probably that
Listen it's that a way to fuck this back
A lot of this tiney bag
A lot of hair on that crazy head
A lot of blood yeeh
That's a crazy red
I'm sick hwo know me but fuck 'em
Cause everytime they see me I have to wissper
They see me and then they hungle, they leave and then they...
Cause I 'aint going nowhere bu I don't know how to hide
How know tha way that I hide
Cna't we be perfect and count ourselves ...
I'l take a shoot for the enemys
And I'm falowing ...
How thay gonna knock
A lot of people found this
I'm roabing banks but I can aford ..
I'm steel in '90 ...
How knows whwere that I hide
I said
How know tha way that I hide