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The Square with Marlene It's Magic Lyrics

Last updated: 11/01/2013 08:47:48 PM

What's this crazy feeling
That's come over me?
I keep falling deeper in his spell
What can it be?

Got my senses reeling spinning dizzily
In the magic that he weaves so well

And whenever he is near
It's magic
Feel the room start swaying
Gypsy violins are playing
Melodies haunting me
Endlessly taunting me

Fantasy in the air
(It's magic)
Sparks flying everywhere
(It's magic)
Suddenly he is there
(It's magic)
Calling me

Promises in his eyes
(It's magic)
Paradise in his smile
(It's magic)
Fire is in his kiss
(It's magic)

Thanks to Kimberly