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A2thak Kill Em Lyrics

Last updated: 08/19/2014 01:33:02 PM

What the fuck is wrong with you?
What the fuck you had to shoot her, man?
Why you had to shoot her, man?
She made a move!
She ain't made no fucking move
She there layin', man, lookin' right at you
Yo, man, he's dead, isn't he, man?
What we gonna do?

Puttin' in work, nun' be promised but I hears
I'mma hit em all where it hurts and this day go to church
Nigga, I done made it from the dirt
Ridin' with yo bitch, no shirt
Mama keep callin' me, tellin' me to go hard
Tellin' me to kill these niggas, I'm the best
Read about yo life and you lyrics
Like these muthafuckas here
I bet ya if you don't make a hit I'll be stressed
So I'mma just kill em, future gang all in the building
Stackin' my dough to the ceiling, fuck how ya feelin'
Gotta go hard, make a million
Gotta do it all for my children
Even tho I havn't got to it yet, I'mma still ride
Babe way home to the bass rides
Shit get real, keep 2 Glocks
Niggas don't wanna see my shit dropped
I'mma kill em

Kill em
(Kill em kill em kill em kill em kill em)
Kill em
(Kill em kill em kill em kill em kill em)
Kill em
(Kill em kill em kill em kill em kill em)

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