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Buddha Avenue Mic Check Lyrics

Last updated: 09/09/2013 05:58:18 AM

[Verse 1: Buddha Avenue]

My Mind Racing My First Dream I Finally Faced It
Apologized For Going Astray And Not Facing It
It Replied, "Your Desire For Me You Left It Vacant
You Went Astray Because Of The Hate Of The Miseducated
See you Should Have Stayed Focused And Dedicated
You Had Potential, You Could Have Made It To This Destination
When You Reached For Me You Created A Beautiful Art
Your Mother And Father Created A Beautiful Heart
So It Killed Me When You Forgot Me And Went and Got Lost
And You Deserve Me Cause You Been Through A Whole Lot
But You're Suppose To Make Due With The Objects You Got
So Its No Excuse For Reasons You Chose To Stop
We All We Got But Its Clear You Must Of Forgot
And Yeah Apart Of You Died When Phatal Got Shot
Your Other Half Got Left Hanging With Leeotis
Malik Got Murdered And Him Too Was One Of Your Closes
Your Pain Run So Deep, Trust Me I Noticed
But Embrace It And Use It To Be One Of The Dopest
You Ain't Chose To Be A King But You're Oakland Hero
You Got The Gift To Breath Lif Inside Of The Hopeless
So We Need You TO Wake Up And Get Back Focused"
Right Then I Awoke From Out A Deep Slumber
Seen A Few Missed Calls From Some Unknown Numbers
Wipe Then Sweat Of My Face Then I Start To Wonder


Mic Check One Two One Two
Mic Check One Two One Two (Hey)
Mic Check One Two One Two
Mic Check One Two One Two (Hey)

[Verse 2: Buddha Avenue]

Mother And Father Your Son Finally Beat The Odds
Im Down On My Knees Making Peace With My God
I Know I Ain't Grow To Be A Christian Like You Wanted
But They Used That Same Religion To Enslave Me, So Can You Blame Me
Im Breaking The Links Off What Chained Me To A Ni$$A
But Right Before I Do I Get Chained To A Ni$$A
He Said He Facing Life While Im Dealing With Misdemeanors
Co Defendant Telling On Him No Chance He Seeing His Freedom
Seemed Defeated So I Told Him Stay Strong My Ni$$A
He Said Its Easy For You To Say You Going Home My Ni$$A
Right Then I Stopped And Thought About Everything We Been Through
Whips On Our Backs When It Seemed We Were Against You
Its A Long List Of What Me And My Ni$$as Been Through
But Some How Through It All Big Momma Discovered Soul Food
And Angelo Explained How He Wanted To Pursuit Law School
But Learned First Hand Exactly How The Law Do
People With Darker Skin Color They Just Wrongfully Judge You
Stuck Inside a System Where None Of These Folks Love You
Momma Momma No Longer Shall I Be A Ni$$a
Father Father My Tittle Is A Black Man
Aw Shit One Of My Ni$$as Calling
Forward The Call Cause I Know He On Some Straight Bull Shit
But Now He Thinking My Change Is Acting Funny
But I Always Gave Him Some Change When He Needed Money
Trying To Explain That The Old Life Is No Longer For Me
He Just A Ni$$a So Its Hard For Him To Connect With Me
I Converted From Ni$$as

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