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Ccaro Paper Dragon Lyrics

Last updated: 07/10/2013 07:13:14 PM

So it is for told that the mark and the beast would seas till it sees control
This veil was lifted from my eyes, I see around me shadows of death
If you're fallin failing victim .. from the right to the left,
Till there's nothing left.

This veil was lifted from my eyes, I see around me shadows of death
.. in the valley of the curse ..
That why I can't think for .. you won't be dead
You on my head upon these .. of these things that I've said
The things that I'm about to say about precious society
I'd probably be the mess that pressure likes the title way
But stay .. like no one, that's why we're living the crew ..
Here the provoque thoughts and the only Christ to ..
.. to tolerate democracy, yeah I said it, think you're not a slave,
You just can't see the chains, but I can see how we behave
More primitive than medicates,
but that's fictional that can never take away from heads to..
they try to dictate your.. and now they lose your brain
and as hard you realize this world is gonna say,
simple and blame, people living in pain,
but we got power to change but tell me who are we to blame,

Know me hold, she know from here where do we go,
Who'll be safe from destruction that ..
'cause now I know in power .. hours late,
There's no more time to the .. I think I'm the.. straight
Got thinking to the .. my soul, y'all won't live forever
So where the hell we blow,
Uh because assurance hell they're staying here
It's nothing that will satisfy my soul than the stress here
But this .. gratify search for light years,
See this become quite here, now we don't belong here
They don't wanna know what's wrong,
but that's 'cause they don't wanna hear the truth
But I don't care .. change all the proof I need and got this with me and then .. I was succeed
I was .. and if I gotta bleed nothing will ever repeat
Not even a .. nothing to stop me I barely see,
There's nothing I can prepare but face it with bare
and said it's scary running in the name of Christ
.. there's nothing with the ..
With the highest of the, I don't care Christ is another
So if it's a crime to bare the .. my wrist uncomfortable,
No matter what the cards 'cause I was always coming
You can even take my life, Lord knows I'm not bluffing.

So let's talk about what's really worth fighting for
And that's your God freedom, but it can see the word slaves,
And of course there's no need to be saved and so depraved
Prepare are the brave and let me in Babylon
And people just .. and carry on, what happens beyond the grave
Stand up to the evil way, we're living the last days.

2 x Hook:
.. told, no in a mark of .. see control
Don't be hold, but you know from here where do we go
Will be safe from destruction where the .. blow
.. in the fire no .. I don't know
Now I know the power low because the hours late
There's no more time to the .. God .. straight
God .. to feed my soul, y'all aint gonna live forever so where the hell do we go

Yeah, double O is flipped to get the mice,
Try to try new ways for your freedom to minimize
I see eye to deceive the one to deliver the .. time
Because I know it manual .. meet the hell
It's time 'cause .. open up the blind
If you would see the great snackle ..
These words I hope you ..
I only open up mine, is just work open mine
I was walk around dead like is where I step ..
Then we're taking time .. from my chest
Can you imagine, I can't even imagine where I'd be without the diva
Lord came to say mine, is like shine to .. mine,
My .. rehurse time, .. because of the pimp that I ride
And say .. I said I'll beat you at the finish line
Run 'cause there's no more time
The waste amazing grace, but I got faith it will send each straight
Got faith it will keep my soul,
We all gonna live forever so tell me where the hell we go
God faith it will keep my soul
We all gonna live forever so keep power low
Lord get your power low
Lord catch me ..low
We won't gonna live forever so .. low