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Calez Ready Or Not Lyrics

Last updated: 05/15/2013 07:36:59 PM

They yelling Christ coming back for the rise and the chaos
Is better than dying easy, or you're frying in hell
For three days I was hungry, about to die myself
Now I rather give a sermon into die in a well
No worries, I'mma plan it well
No need for funerals or die in the camp
The devil is alive and well, I spoke to him yesterday
And all a nigga do is lie when he tell
He told me I wasn't fit for Kobe
I'm more like Joe B, popping at O3
He OC, tryina make me think I OD
Looked him in his eyes and I told him, 'oh, please'
Looked in my Bible, then turned a chapter
Took a couple notes as I heard his evil laughter
Every other sneak and deer remind me of the ratchet
Had my rain on everything, will come faster
You got it girls, give them praise to the pastor
Claim they saved'the morning after
G's in my shot, compliment me on my stature
They tell me to take over, a nigga might have to
Right after these few messages
I spew from the pew plus my crew wrecking shit
I will number two but I do excellent
And every view that I get is like a new Exodus
And these fans should be crazy they loving the new
Or let me make it to the stage without robbing a nigga
And every shorty I bring in my crib got class
And I don't wanna press a call while she sucking a nigga
Notice my paint as an artist
Had an artist tech when you started
Could take you further, you put your heart in it
Art in it, took all of it back
Don't make mistakes, life is way harder than rap

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