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Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin Reverse Shark Attack Lyrics

Last updated: 08/19/2014 02:34:21 PM

I met her on the shore
She said her name was lovely
She made my heart her home
She was my one and only

She said she's mine for life
Now we're old and merry
I need her here tonight
I need her here forever

Hey my pretty little thing
I never wanna see you work a day again
And hey my precious little bird
I'm never gonna make you spread your wings again
'Cause life is a minefield
And mine in the worst kind of way
I'm never gonna let you,
I'm never gonna push you away

You're just a little girl
You're never gonna make it, make it on your own
I swear you'll never have to leave
'Cause I locked you in my heart
And it's safe inside my home
'Cause life is a shotgun
It's just gonna blow you away
I'm never gonna let you,
I'm not gonna push you away

"I just gotta clear my head,
I'll be outside, I'll walk alone"
She said she's gonna be right back
Just to the shore, then coming home
She never came, no she never came back, oh
I blame it all on the goddamn sharks, oh
And now I sit and I plot my revenge
I need to travel to where they came
And find the beast that is to blame
And kill him, kill him,
Kill him, kill him, kill him
Kill him.