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Step Brothers Ron Carter Lyrics

Last updated: 11/01/2013 08:47:38 PM

i drop a penny out of problem
I threw a rock at the glass, a little famous when I '
A little crazy when they get the pain
A little hazy when the haze it's heavy
City was'and the world'
The city it's ours the world it's yours
...the world'
And that is more bullshit
'I'm like the pure '
...lock this bitch '
Being lock to this '. lock like nobody in this '.
Birds fly I got '...
'.glasses ,.. the moment it's gone
I'm on the the '
I'm stepping out tonight never coming home
'on the pillow 'rap killer like a '
Show you how to make a 'triple
..from out of death '
Never fell trouble'on the way like the '
While I'm putting work'
'feed it like the ' words it's like cocaine '
'on the dollar bill'
'hands shaking'
'like epilepsy get away like'
''till hey arrest me '
Respect say my name correctly'
Take a sit you gonna press me
I;m thinking like power hook
Hey, I'mma 'you sticky '
When I'm all sick '
'because of you drug '
Your uncle and your homie fan
Hold me down the street'
Don't separate the '
'spinning the class'
'he's on the pace '
Ron Cater