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Dusty McFly ShoBoat Lyrics

Last updated: 07/11/2013 09:13:21 PM

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Shoboat born bitch, shoboat born bitch
Shoboat more whips, goes up, no tick,
Or white bust till I bricks, grip on fat ass low dicks
Get cashed low, nigga grip, f*ck the G but I still chuck this
Nigga watch me showboat born bitch, showboat born bitch
Shoboat more whip, goes up froze up no tip
Or white bust till light bricks, grab on fat ass low this,
Get cash smoke up niggas rip, full of G but I still chuck this,
The way nigga ain't this rich, but place on OG trips
Locate right birthday's bitch, and her maid I'ma worse their bitch
Hit the sip low on the fit, the .. my schweps,
Don't change their I'm a wrist, make a bad bitch dance I'm a dick
Got my own hoes looking so sick, and these bro being so pissed
That's what made me showin' that tip like RJ giving one wish
Treat it like AK letter, blow up on the flick,
You can't tell me that it's good, I know that other shit.

2 x Hook:
Watch me shoboat my wrist, shoboat my bitch
Shoboat my whips, that your man can't stunt like this
Catch me ride through the hood with the close up
Ride ride through the hood with the close up
Ride through the hood with the close up
Ride through the hood with the close up
Look fully blown cardiac watch look like I ain't got no wish
High on, niggas get money, and you ain't y'all lane took no trips
Come get off of that broke ship, all I hate man that whole shit
I mean the all whip, but your own bitch I'm chocking on kush, chocking on dick,
Got a yellow bone from the zone, the dog with the in on I ain't got no kids,
Graduated in O6, so I asked her she no Chris,
So she ain't really no Chris, but she know this, she on tip,
Take one thing that p**sy right, she got hurt I said the cold lips,
So I blow chips on foe, limons f*ck all these pros
I walk straight in your.. watch me take all your hoe,
Watch me buy all the bottles, watch me throw all of these cheaters,
Real stacks that you're flexin, feel that shit on my trees,
Get my bitch there for her .., blow right do the whole dash
A pocket full of bags 'cause I got that bag
Broke niggas mad can't help you ..
Guess how I be, when you really getting money
Same niggas you come owe and be the same, what's acting funny

[2 x Hook:]

Hey bad bitches ain't love me, weak niggas they hate me
That glinzy glock that's on me, that bitch you got no safety
Heard them bricks they made it okay,
That's what I call safety, shout out to them Oz's
My bank account just OB
don't ride around with my OG, cuz these young niggas ain't grab tight

Craft flight full of no life, make sure you rap the both glocks,
Shout out to my nigga B, been hustling since O3,
Moe always told me, don't trust this soul of this cold streets
Don't ball my phone if you're thinking bout paper,
Don't call my phone if is about these ..
Don't call my phone if is bout your bitch,
Nigga nigga she don't text you later,
These ain't .. bitch these gater,
You f*ck around with her real trade player,
You're the gang to click, got your main on my dick.

[2 x Hook:]