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Compton Menace So Real Lyrics

Last updated: 08/18/2014 05:30:53 AM

Don't ask me how the shit is still so thrill
And that's for real, I dig it so well
I'm a AEOA nigga the shit speeder
Bill skipper, uncut dope they sell wiper
Ain't low him, hustle with my hemoglobin
'when the kilos rolling
Quit it's kept with this '
Skinnies on the wip the pieces full of the gangsters
Niggas all up in my business, shit the real is so '
Pull all with my niggas venice
Chain bringing and 'been watching
Hundred few dope, need the acides
Check a million with his dope and get it '
Flow on their own but violence '
But it's cool my niggas just gonna watch me
You niggas don't belong on the throne like go chop
Brothers got sit on the copes just gonna watch
My flow got under two, you niggas thrashes aah
Beat this amazing, inside this '
They my get her fair enough
Don't last and be harrold so thrill
That nigga's so real,
Yeah, know that my forty four with no back
Gonna hit, gonna hit, don't beat all that
Saw y' all the killers but none of you are like my gorillas
Yeah it's play time nigga, and I won't shut cuz I split y'all nigga
Sicker than swine flu
Flippin' the switch, your mind blew
I make shit for d boys to grind to
Down South will make to it, South victor and the man got all to it
From the streets got a man with a man to it
You know that we can do it
Sit here with a nigga and get to try again
No talking let the lime doing, get fish and all '
Watch the parade how's making
Don't ask me how that shit is stay so thrill
Yo baby city vibe with me, got fifty '.
Niggas wanna vibe with me, I hear it vance on here minute '
Listen, I really want to fuck your friend
But fuck around, fuck a clown
I get the money, you get the fucking crown
Speaking out with the rhythm well maybe I get that
Pinching about the trapping, niggas already get that
Got a sixty four and sixty five
And everybpdy here when I'm getting high
Here comes all'hustle hard and I get it all my shit
Nigga you can get it from the low
When you call me before I got it but you always got that stove '
And that's real shit, everybody get ..any competition
What up?
Don't ask me how the shit is thrill so good
I dig it so real, I dig it so real