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AOne True Mob Lyrics

Last updated: 08/18/2014 04:30:47 AM

Ft. The Jacka

(Hook sample)

Key Aye, ain't got around buff
Where my nigga A? Smokin' K lime thuff
Tryna nigga rhyme, gimme mine fo' yo time
50s on my line, I'm sippin' lime for tryin'
Fuck lil niggas tryna fuck the world, time comer
Cold lick, neva got it till my balls fire
Niggas got it comin' tho like sum' die sum'
Mind on the mill, they know I kill
Ain't gotta hire gunmen
Killas is around, still I go out loud for my luv
Send you to hell, niggas rat stick to sub sum
I hit a nigga pad, double bet, like I left sum
Sippin' that, but this is fo eva lost sum

(Hook sample)

(Verse 2)
It's that mob shit ya nerd niggas heard about
I'm pickin' 4 whips, pullin' up to momma's house
I had ya somewhere under water, in for runner's mouth
I fly it out, get it in when I'm in the stout
They say I'm fuckin' the game, the way I'm in and out
I keep cocaine everytime I see a throut
Muthafuckas hated, I made it, it's all ?
Climbers can't see me, I'm outside
Sometimes I need the cake fixed, I call Pac
Eight bricks, nigga that's all fly
Throw it in the water, ye, it all ?
When think I don't, I'm comin' with all shine

(Hook sample)

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