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Curren$y & Young Roddy Walkie Talkies Lyrics

Last updated: 09/08/2013 07:12:12 AM

So much of this shit
Colder than an airport, music hustling ', the
Man I'm just try to cut my man '
Right in this hands to get my support
But over rain ' going to dinner
Smelling like a ..they killer her
Open the window, the suckers 'it's too'
'for mores in one minute '
'I'mma stop'.
'open that it's something rare '
The niggas got blood'on a dollar bill'
But they don't care 'late in night'but now'
'I'm coming from a '
My God I'm tired I'll be going from my '
'they want me '.behind walls
Mama got another '.
'tell nobody'
Nobody got''til they start '.
I stay for 'with some battle shit
I never tell '
I'm more sosa'this life '
'you can
' a new city nigga'