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Curren$y & Young Roddy Weather Channel Lyrics

Last updated: 09/08/2013 07:12:12 AM

Fish baling, cool if bitches notice '
Those are my poetry, this is a soujla story
Smoking what my uncle'
Every detail is growing 'to the glory
But if my life my '
But if I got two'money, had to '.money
Had to made this founder
'but always remember a'
'keep your feet far from windows
Straight the '.
Flowing in my 'come living in the house bro
'emotions, shit
When I ask for a help a hand tell me hell no
Spreading from the soul'
Stressed upon the hell'
I thank God for my shows '
'I got to hit the road
Money, hoers ad clothes '
And a life style 'nigga fallow your heart
And ain't no love for no hoer
'just shut you motherfucker '
Got the smell I like and '
I stay high and '
This poetry emotions 'real nigga both this '
Still I take no shit '
'my ignorance'