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We are the lucky ones
We shine like a thousand suns
When all of the colour runs together

I'll keep you company
In one glorious harmony
Waltzing with destiny forever

Dance me into the night
Underneath the moon shining so bright
Turning me into the light

Time dances whirling past
I gaze through the looking glass
And feel just beyond my grasp is heaven

Sacred geometry
Where movement is poetry
Visions of you and me forever

Dance me into the night
Underneath the moon shining so bright
Turning me into the light

Dance me into the night
Underneath the moon shining so bright
Let the dark waltz begin
Oh let me wheel - let me spin
Let it take me again
Turning me into the light

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Elvish Dreams | Reviewer: Telestai | 1/15/12

In addition to its already-noted relevance to the "Twilight" series, "Dark Waltz" encapsulates the elvish concepts of love and deity which permeate "Lord of the Rings." Elvish mythology scintillates with references to light: Galadriel is "The Lady of Light"; the Uttermost West [haven of departed souls] appears as a "swift sunrise" unfolding when "the grey rain curtain" turns to "silver glass"; the light of Earendil, "our most beloved star," is Galadriel's gift to Frodo. The Two Trees of Valinor provided a miraculous light until poisoned by the original Enemy, of whom Sauron is only an echo; that light survives in Earendil, the star named for the eternal sailor who carries forever "the Flamifer of Westerness." The entire Silmarillion is devoted to the story of the enchanted jewels in which the Elvish genius Feanor had captured a portion of those lights, and of the tragedies which resulted from that capture.... Sauron is the "DARK Lord," and light must oppose him, with the aid of the light of the three Elvish rings, untainted by Sauron's evil Master Ring. Although Sauron veils Mordor in clouds and darkness, Sam is one of many who observe that the Sun DOES still shine and WILL eventually "shine out the clearer" after winning yet another battle against darkness.

The ancient love of Luthien, an Elf, and Beren, a mortal, foreshadows the love of Arwen [Luthien's grand-daughter, immortal] and Aragorn, also a descendant of Luthien, although mortal. Like Luthien, Arwen must become mortal to wed a mortal; this fate, she freely chooses. Arwen is called the "Evenstar" of her people, as Aragorn is "Elfstone," a glowing jewel of hope for Middle Earth. Speaking of her unchanging love for him, Arwen promises Aragorn that "the light of the Evenstar does not wax and wane." [And despite her father Elrond's gloomy warnings in both film and book, the book hints strongly that Aragorn and Arwen DO achieve immortality together.]

"Dark Waltz" repeats its theme of love as light, even in darkness, and proclaims an illuminating faith that love DOES, always, lead "the lucky ones" who love into light.

Haunting and Enchanting | Reviewer: Rachel | 7/8/09

This song makes me want to waltz in a dark and isolated park beneath the moonlight in Italy... It's haunting and incredibly enchanting. As if you're surrounded by ghosts of the past, but you're a ghost too. It's frightening and beautiful, but it doesn't make you feel depressed... just... close to heaven yet you can't reach it. Dark waltz... wow.

Arizona Faye | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/08

Beautiful beautiful song. I played it for my dying pet all the way to the emergency clinic last night. She was euthanized when we got there. I have peace, and tears, knowing her last moments were listening to this beautiful music with lyrics about heaven, and an entrance into light. Oh sweet sorrow. :(

Stunning | Reviewer: Leekaara | 10/31/07

If you have ever read Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer you will know that this song is a perfect match with Bella and Edward. Perfect.

dark waltz | Reviewer: shana pryor | 8/15/07

its such an amazingly beautiful song,it tells such a romantic story and her voice is perfect,it all blends well together.love this song.

Dark waltz | Reviewer: Eric Garcia | 8/14/07

Wow. I love this song. I think its very beautiful. This kind of beautiful music can put me to sleep!

A beautiful song for waltzing | Reviewer: Sanjaya Hettihewa | 7/26/07

What an incredibly beautiful song. It's even more incredible when you listen to this song while waltzing.

Dark Waltz | Reviewer: Lindsay Coldwell | 6/28/07

This a very beautiful song, and Hayley Westenra's voice is spectacular. The violin and orchestra adds to the ambiance, it is a spectacular song.

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