The awesome | Reviewer: Lover of one direction | 1/29/13

Omg i love this song i love zayns voice i love zayn no matter what happens or what his choices are i just will never ever stop loving him or thinking of him so there i have said what i have always felt about zayn and even when the judges said no when he was on his one i cried when the judges said no i love his voice and zayn


You guys are the best keep working | Reviewer: Grace | 1/20/13

Harry y9ou voice is so deep.
Niall you are so cute and adorable.
Harry why did you and harry styles break up.
Liam you are so amazing
Louis you rock.
Zany you rock the mic keep it going
Niall you voice is getting really deep to.
I love you guys. Without your music in the morning I can't wake up.

superb ! fantastic | Reviewer: alayna | 1/7/13

the song is great ! i just love every songs of one direction. not only songs but ONE DIRECTION too ! they are just awesome :) i keep listening to their songs all day and night. it just became my favorite hobby. aahh...can't express my feelings over here.

Awsome | Reviewer: Mariah | 12/22/12

Live while were young is a great song me and my friends are gonna make a music video and post it on YouTube we all have a part because there's 5 if us and if we get a big hit I hope we meet one direction

just a simple fan | Reviewer: zara | 11/18/12

wow, live while your young. not that manny songs can really get you up and jump around, but here it is, the one song you cant listen to staying still. its an amazing song, just listening to the words gives meaning to get out and have fun while wer young. some people dont like zayns second solo part but in reality, this sort of stuf happens just get over it. i just love the song and even on a day when im sinck i clim out of bed and jump around to it. the result of jumping around to the song may lead to me being dizzy and out of breath, but to lets say dance and sing to it is worth dizzyness and more any day.