Mohammad Zein | Reviewer: Mohammad Zein | 3/21/14

those who says this generation music sucks are dumb ass,music will stay music,the sound only matters,and the feeling,this is a great music,so are the oldies(eminem ,micheal jackson ,tupack,and the beattless),and for those saying will i am voice aint good,well will i am has the most unique style ever ,no one couldnt agree with that,and this song is a video tape that focus on style,not meaning,read books if you want meaningful words

This song is terrible | Reviewer: captainunderwear | 8/21/13

I hate this song it has no meaning. The youth of this generation has ought to be more attentive to the meaningful songs of the past. This, this is just garbage. I bet I could write a better song than this. Honestly, this Will.I.Am. likes to exploit people with his meaningless songs. I won't criticize Britney Spears, because she has had some good songs(In the past, however this is what it's come to).

I liked it. | Reviewer: Noddy | 8/9/13

I'm not a really big fan of either artists but, I do listen to their music, this song is really catchy. Let people say what they want to say whether it be a good opinion or not 'cause by the end of the day nothing matters we'll be dead. (PS sorry for the long ass comment and the boring speech, peace out and tunechi!)

stop h8in and get off the website | Reviewer: Dani | 6/25/13

This is an amazing song ment to be easy and catchy so what if it repetitive so are commercial jingles and I don't see you bashing those so just just shut up and get off this website gosh do you idiots ever learn that unless you got something nice to say don't say anything at all!

Oh dear | Reviewer: Adam | 6/25/13

"The youth these days don't appreciate the greats anymore"

Do you fully understand what great means, I think you meant to say shite.
The Beatles were great, queen were great, Will I am and Britney Spears are what is wrong with music today. Just because it is "made" for a club doesn't justify how absolutely awful this song is.

lyrics | Reviewer: pokerface | 5/20/13

i know its a club music... but so much repeat! i mean ok mute the music... read the lyrics, dont say it doesnt matter if it didnt make sense, there is no attempt on making a song!
"Bring the action...
When you hear this in the club
You gotta turn turn it up
You gotta turn turn it up
You gotta turn turn it up
When we up in the club
All eyes on us
All eyes on us
All eyes on us
See the boys in the club
They watching us
They watching us
They watching us
Everybody in the club
All eyes on us
All eyes on us
All eyes on us"
nice verse right here...
and what the f*** do u say "good old classics"? do you even listen to music?

love this song and stop hating | Reviewer: rachel morgan | 5/13/13

first of all britney bitch is not a 90's thing,its from 2007 whn brit said it and secondly this is an amazing song,if u dnt like this song thn dnt even come on this page to read the lyrics,shall i write it in capitals for u dumb idiots to understand

Super Song | Reviewer: Oguzhan | 4/25/13

You guys shut up and stop hating sth. This song is made for dance at the club, and its dont need a meaning. Britney and just wanted to let your damn asses up. Enjoy it!

Not a good song | Reviewer: Colum | 4/18/13

Honestly, there is no imagination in this song at all. Its just the same lines repeated over and over, has been done way too many times before. Britney looks like a fucking bloke in this as well. Yet another generic song full of auto tune and monotone melodies. A 10 year old could make a better song with better lyrics on a keyboard they got for Christmas. Will.I.Am is not musically talented at all. He can't sing live and his songs are repetitive to say the least. Guarenteed his next 10 songs will have the lines "put your hands up", "get on the floor" and "turn it up some more".

BRILLIANT!! | Reviewer: Kaylara555 | 4/17/13

I first heard this on the radio in my sis's car-and have loved it since! The youth these days don't appreciate the greats anymore. They'd rather hear the garbage of this decade than good old classics like this.

I love this song | Reviewer: MUSIC VIDEO+LOVE THIS SONG! ^_^ | 4/3/13

omg i love this song so much, that i made a music video on a game on it ^_^, and to all you idiots who say it doesnt make sense, it doesnt have to. its supposed to be a fun club song, not forit to make sense, and if it made sense then all the lyrics would be fucked up. and to me it makes sense enough.

cooler than any other | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/13

i dont get why so many songs are hated by people when there as awsome as this song anyone who hates ths song i hate them more why
if you hate this song your as pointless as a cow in a veggie bar

Shut up!! | Reviewer: y do u care | 4/2/13

This song is an amazing creation. And I think the fact that britney spears brought back her thing from like the 90s is cool. Also if u try to put a freakin meanin to the the song then obviosly u haters don't like it cuz Its supose to NOT have a mening. It is a fun get-up-and-dance kind of song. If u peeps don't like this song so much then why the h*ll wood u b on the lyrics for this song. Ur all STUPID like you think the song iz!!! LMHO

I hope this sn't

stop hatin | Reviewer: kitty katt | 3/23/13

stop freaki hatin if u dnt freakn like this song then dnt freakin comment and y u haters are in this website anyways you people are such dumasses this song is the best xoxo <3 scream and shout

not that bad | Reviewer: faruk | 3/10/13

i just dont get why people try to find someother meaning in a song which is obviously made for fun and commercial expectations.just leg it go ...its a club song and even better than most of the previous craps.