Help me to understand | Reviewer: Angela | 2/6/13

Help me to understand the people that like this moronic shit? This one of the most retarded things I have ever heard. I am unfortunately forced to listen to it at the gym when I forget my ipod. I am not a fan of pop in general, but this is just beyond ridiculous. It could serious drive someone insane. Shame on you people that keep promoting this crap.

Awsome | Reviewer: Sammy | 2/6/13

I so am in love with this song for all of you that dont like then i have to just say that you dont know what you are missing.The first sec. I heard this song i was singing it all ready!!!

BRITNEY ROCKS | Reviewer: GORKEM | 2/3/13

The song is amazing.. It's on the summit of United World Chart and getting played in the clubs all around the world. When it's played everyone gets crazy and dance.. Britney is the queen the song is so fun !!

wow lots of uptight people here... | Reviewer: Gen Xer | 1/26/13

to all the grammarians... i am 45, went to an ivy league school, professional, blah blah blah. yeah, we know the song isnt gramatically perfect... who cares? it's a fun song an i love it.. get a life and leave the rest of us alone...

its something to dance to | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/13

Honestly, stop trying to make it seem like every song needs meaning. There is music out there that have meaning there are some out there you just need to dance to. As much as I like my hipstery music that means something, i also like repetitive beats and lyrics i can just not give a crap about people around me and just jam. If you're one of those people that get upset because someone has money to make music well woopty-freaken-do, you obviously are so important in life. if your opinion mattered to the artist you wouldn't be writing about it on a comment section of lyrics. guess what no one cares if you're upset about this not being "real music" because guess what after a while real music is f*cking annoying.

Brittney Spears | Reviewer: Danielle | 1/23/13

so i am looking to see all the songs that Brittney Spears sang even though my sister is the best of knowing who Brittney Spears is knowing that she has all of the Brittney Spears movies and Songs.

love this song !!!!!!!!???????? | Reviewer: miss popularity | 1/21/13

I love your song guys like the part when you guys say bring the action its really awsome i love you britney and guys when i heard your song on the radio im all like turn it up come on i like the song very much and as i said i love your song britney dancing till the world ends and i like your songs to their awsome good job guys i love you guys !

haters gonna hate lol | Reviewer: *** | 1/22/13

If you don't like the song... DONT LISTEN TO IT or waste your time commenting on it. no one cares. you don't know the process of writing a song and the licenses you need to have it produced. there are words you can use and can't use. don't hate on britney. anything she touches is gold.

Wow. | Reviewer: Kenzie | 1/10/13

For all of you who are trying to defend this song, just stop. Every person on this first page (which is the only one I cared to read) who is attempting to "back them up" is ignorant to music, and as from what I can see, ignorant to grammar. It is very hard for anyone to take you seriously when you don't even make sense in your speaking. Real music has real lyrics, and this song is, as they call themselves, "shit". I will admit, this song had potential, it really did. I love the electronic/instrumental aspect of it, as well as the "oh we oh" part and harmony. But, I might also add, it is completely ruined by noise so sloppily thrown it along with it. To even consider this as "music", let alone a good song, so utterly disappoints me. Nice try to all of you, but maybe you should spend more time educating yourselves instead of filling your empty minds with poorly written, poorly produced vomit.

Who cares?! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/13

Its a party song its gonna have bad words, deal with it, listen to the clean version, or don't listen at all!!!! But not be like omg so many bad words!!!!! But the best thing to do with this song is dance!!!(: I love it!

love it | Reviewer: jazzmin | 1/7/13

I love this song so much. Peopul stop hating becaus you are not like them.Peopul how like this song thank you pes peopul!!!

Good song. Good beat. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/13

Whether Im in the car or at a party I can't help tapping along to this beat. The lyrics are cool- just a laff reallly. To be honest I don't tale the lyrics to seriously. Just a bit of fun witha great beat. Sooo... just scream and shout and let it all out. Haha ;) and Britney Bitch | Reviewer: Charlene Janssens | 12/31/12

I like it absolute Loving it..beste song ever me and my sister always sing along to the song..most people likes this song..everyone is driving me nuts sending the song to them..keep doing the great work..its awesome.. big big #1 Fan!!!*<3

The only thing that might be good about this song is the beat | Reviewer: Someone | 12/31/12

The lyrics are just a piece of shit(no offense)! I mean seriously "You gotta turn the shit up"?!? If whoever published that song or accepted to record this song or even write it with Britney and and the other bitch is mentally ill or retarded.This might explain the stupidity of those lyrics. Sorry if others disagree.

screem and shout | Reviewer: callum whiteside | 12/28/12

I dont have the rights to say this but why does this song have so many bad words. I heard this song on the radio and i thought it was epic v keep it up.:-)