SORRY | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/13

I like the music and the lyrics of this song just because I like Carrie Underwood and her songs. However, I am sorry that some of you have actually lived what the lyrics say. What a sad childhood that must have been. Take care

amazing song | Reviewer: sierra | 1/25/13

omg carrie is my fav singer for the country music she is one of the best i luv her music i have ever since iv heard befor he cheats good song and cow boy casinova never had i heard music as good as hers her song writers are very good im probs her BIGGEST fan i know all of the songs and albums there the BEST!!!! <3 SIERRA

Blown away | Reviewer: Bruce | 1/14/13

Hit home as its lyrics of "blown away" while representing a fictional situation in Oklahoma, resonated in my mind while conduction hurricane relief in New York City. I saw so much dammage courtosy of the Storm Surge of SANDY. Blown/Washed away was all gone in many cases.........Snug Harbor,Midland Beach,cedar Point, the Rockaway beaches,
Breezy Point.......I would listen to this song and since many a structure was just plain Gone, it was the right song for the area, Joplin Mo too in 2012.

I Love This Song...<3 | Reviewer: Rose | 12/10/12

I really love this song"Blown Away", because theres so much emotions in the song that brings back memories as a child. My best country singer is Carrie underwood that presented Blown Away record...<3

Real Life | Reviewer: Jean Faulkner | 9/20/12

This song brings back a lot of memories of my child hood and at that time I wished there was a tornado to blow it away. This song really tells the story. Carrie has it down just wonder if she was ever in that type of situation.
Love the Song.

Blown Away | Reviewer: Sarah | 5/23/12

Carrie Underwood creates a story in her lyrics every time she sings a song. Blown Away is about creating a deadly tornado. It is a great song and Carrie Underwood is my favorite singer. She really creates a tornado with the descriptive lyrics in detail. She is the best American Idol Winner! Today is the Idol Finale! Go Jessica Sanchez! Bye Carrie lovers!

AMAZING!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Joy | 5/19/12

i love this song, it is something i would give my first born for! OMGosh, yeah, carrie underwood is my fav. i'm totally singing this for vocal summit at berklee in a few years :'D it made me cry, the story is sad though, but the presentation makes it sound revengeful