Please. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/09

Really, this song does not glorify Satan. I am religious, but I tend to use my brain, so I can see that it in no way praises him. Anyone who still thinks it does AFTER reading the lyrics must be illiterate.

Number of the Beast | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/09

Ok seriously people, you are stupid as fuck. If you think this is satanic then you most think the theme to "My Little Pony," is Hard Rock. Honestly this song has nothing to do with Satan, it's about one of the guitarist's dreams he had, and he thought it would make a good song for the "Number of the Beast" album. So it really had nothing to do with Satan when it was written. So all you people can go put a gun to your head 'cause of how stupid you really are.

Does not praise Satan | Reviewer: Jesus Freak | 3/24/09

This does not praise Satan it describes what happens in revelations and shows human nature at first he thinks he is dreaming then he says this must stop he must inform the lord but everyone is tested and many will falter in their faith this man in the song was influenced by Satan and will not enter the kingdom of heaven
Everyone will be tested but only the strong in faith will enter the kingdom of heaven.

this song's amazing!!! | Reviewer: ann | 3/19/09

Well the most rock n' metal songs talk about devil, hell etc. So what? I don't think Iron Maiden glorify Satan, it's just a song! Say it with me... a song! And if they were? Whatever they do, they'll always be the most amazing british heavy metal band! Respect!

C'mon people, is just a song! | Reviewer: Aasdasd | 2/28/09

There is no Satan. Just thinkigs of people.C'mon, if it did really existed, he would already killed us. Nor god exists, if he loves us, why he lets us destroy the planet?
Ok, I WONT Discuss religions. I will just enjoy the song.

satan, god, heaven, hell.... | Reviewer: DylanDog | 2/21/09

it doesn't matter. Because none of above is out of existance. Fortunely. So stop discussing things that are beyond our minds and lets go living our mortal lives in the way it should be. As John Lennon said: "Imagine there's no haven"... means - live NOW! Don't mind for gods,heavens and hells, mind those around you.
And listen to the music, if I can say... And Iron Maiden is certanly a plenty of good music. I've listened them over 20 years and still they are my favorite.

i cant stand all these people! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/09

everyone going on about it being fucking satanic and all that shit need to get something else to do! if you find it offensive then dont listen to it you stupid religious bastards! Iron Maiden are the greatest british metal band and no band will ever be as amazing and sucessful as them!

Iron Maiden are christians! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/09

lol this doesn't glorify satan, in fact its against him. all the words in this song are tooken out of the book revelations (the bible) and if u here the new album a matter of life or death their are God inspired songs (for the greater good of God)

This rocks | Reviewer: cherry | 1/15/09

If anybody belives in hell and all thats related to it come on, to be honest i don't belive in either that or heaven all that is only a way to describe life, what ever happens after that is non of owr concerns i mean really if anyone claims to idolate the devil i'm on it is not the devil itself is more a living, the feeling of freedom and to do wathever it takes to get your goals done, so iron maiden totally rocks, nirvana, guns n' roses, aerosmith, and all that is metal, hard rock. i'm in love with thanks for the song i love it. BYE

dumbass people. (who occasionally have valid opinions.) | Reviewer: angelo | 1/5/09

i know that this has nothing to do with this song, but a while a go, some dumbshit said that black sabbath had some songs that openly glorified satan.......what fucking planet is he living on? sabbath had one song about satan (N.I.B) which in no way glorified him. it basically just stated the things that satan said he could give and in no way said "we love satan". i guess this kinda does have to do with this in the sense that people confuse song lyrics with satan praise. although this person was dumb, they did have a valid point which was that people (like Iron Maiden and Sabbath) had symbols that looked kinda satanic. maiden had the freaky monster thing and an album cover with satan on it and sabbath's symbol was a flying demon. just food for thought.

Concept | Reviewer: dave | 12/29/08

It amazes me when people take songs seriously. Especially Maiden songs since they are all concept (or story) songs. This is simply a section of the story; no cross reference, double entendre, inuendo, read-between-the-lines bull shit here. Fuck.

This song kicks ass! | Reviewer: Kyle | 12/25/08

I dont see why people find it satanic..
Most rock music does talk about satan, yeah...
Unless they say "I love Satan,I kill people in worship to him" i dont see why you would think they are! Iron Maiden is an AMAZING band, if not one of the best iv ever listened to! I am a christian as well.. or raised that way anyway..
And i have no problems with this.. Most christians live everything by the book, i choose to make my own decissions.. because i know whats best for me. Its only offensive if you take it in an offensive way, remember that... its what YOU make of it.

MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!! | Reviewer: ratchet | 12/23/08

These comments are FUNNY as HECK/HELL!
As to whether this song is satanic?
It contains references to satan and his evil allure, however, it also tells it from the same viewpoint that a reformed drug addict might talk about drugs. "Evil things, yet, it wouldn't hurt to try... Oh, now I am hooked." From that perspective it is anti-satan. But then, by naming a song Number of the Beast, Iron Maiden effectively doubled their sales of their songs. Kids like to rebel, then justify their rebellion. This song allows for both. "Oh it's satanic, mom and dad don't like that, must buy, their angry, but OH it isn't actually satanic! It is okay! My soul is safe!" Catch my drift?

Awesome song...

Correction | Reviewer: Federico | 11/24/08

Who was the animal that written the lyric? first, it is: "I left alone", instead I lived alone... I mean, all my life since I was eight (now almost 20) sang this song. And finding this kinda crap of amateurs just freaks me out. You should put some more attention to your internet uploads. Today it's decadence is sicking. At least you should check with official references... fucker! This comment, move it to the top so naives can read it. Besides... some hearing...

Similarity to Hawthorne | Reviewer: Up The Irons | 9/26/08

This song is very similar to the short story "Young Goodman Brown" by Nathaniel Hawthorne (about a meeting of witches) and parallels the ideas of dreams and forces of evil. I thought this was an interesting similarity.