Enjoy the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/10

You can safely listen to this song lol... You will not burn in hell ... mainly because there is no hell. But like you live in a country where you can have a computer you must be educated enough to understand that religion is the biggest group of lies glued together that ever existed...

Anyway if you're smart enough to not believe in gods or devils or fairys or teletubies or talking fried eggs, you can listen to it.

If you're christian, you can listen it too .. cuz you're "god" forgives all right? ;P

Should i sing it? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/10

Funny you guys are having this conversation. I have been asked to sing this song as a in a group performance at school, i'm a devout Christian. i was just looking it up to figure out what its about. Can someone that knows the band a little better than i do give me some insight?

6-6-6 the one for you and me??

The song does not praise the Devil | Reviewer: Ricky L.Colney | 5/22/10

Being a christian does not necessarily means one should stay away from metal music..I too am a christian and love every single bit.Moreover i couldn't find anywords in the song that praise the Devil here..

the number of the beast ! | Reviewer: RF.Otto | 4/29/10

Guys ..i have listen to this song over and over again ...hey common read your bible man ..And you'll find that there's nothing wrong with this song ...it is based on a dream ..a revelation i guess that Steve had about what is / was going on "out there " ...If you can't bear listening to this one song ..then please don't read the book of revelation in bible !!!!..you won't bear that one too.
You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free !!! ...seek and you'll find !

a question | Reviewer: mah | 4/13/10

I don't know enough about the band and also satanists and stuff but can this be about the evil within?everyone has one evil inside and should fight with it and become complete at the end.by listening to the song and reading the lyrics this came to my mind that it's about evil inside.it can't be about worshiping satan in my mind.but it's just an opinion and also to know if anyone is agree with me?!

The only comment worth reading: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/10

iiisss the most recent one before mine. That really sums up this song in two cents. Me being ignorant, I had never looked at this song that way until now. Yay for looking up lyrics.

I still love singing the shiz out of it though... maybe that tells me something about myself...

I kid, I kid.

Just wanna place my input | Reviewer: BobSssaget | 3/31/10

I just wanna give my 2 cents because I can't stand seeing people whine about people whine about people whine on the internet, and so forth. I'm not whining, just informing. My interpretation of this song as a form of poetry and story-telling, not just a song, is not his fantasies in a dream, his preaching of the bible, or maybe not even his influence as a satanist. I believe this is simple his declaration, as many in the music/entertainment industry have, as a devil worshiper -- simply put. If you don't know, or don't believe it, don't take my word for it, but it's almost a requirement to worship satan in order to have a record deal.

I think he's simply telling of his experience in one of their secret meetings, probably sacrificing someone or some animal (most likely a little blond virgin girl), and as a skeptical member, he wonders or even wishes that all he's witnessing is just a dream. But alas, the devil was incept in his brain as he's sold his soul, and the draw to power and riches came over him. There is no way, you ignorant, blind, dimwitted people can believe by that last stanza alone that this is some ploy to recite the bible and convert people to christianity...Get real. Scuse my French, no disrespect. Lol!


great song, not satantic | Reviewer: jrj9002 | 3/28/10

This is a great song. I am a proud CHRISTIAN and I love heavy metal music. I don't think this song is satanic or evil at all. To me it's basically telling and informing us of what's out there. And, it does take a lot of lines and themes from the book of revelations. There's nothing wrong with a great metal band telling us similar things that the bible already tells us. We can read it from the bible or see it in a movie, or hear it from Iron Maiden.

Failure to listen and read. | Reviewer: Aleks | 3/20/10

1: All of you people are trying to preach religion on a song lyrics webpage. Thats just SAD. 2: Why are the christians LOOKING UP THIS STUFF ANYWAY. 3: The fricking song isn't about loving satan you idiots it's about a dream that the writer had. 4: At least the christians don't have to use caps locks for EVERY FUCKING WORD to get attention. 5: all of you christians are saying these people are damned for listening to good music, and all of you satanists are trying to SELL your religion to depressed teenagers. Fail.

Repent. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/10

Jesus loves you. No matter what you've done, you can be forgiven. The most powerful force in the universe is the love of God. You have access to that power by confessing your sins, repenting, and accepting Jesus as your savior. The guy who wrote Revelation was called "John." He wrote another book in the Bible called "John." It's the fourth book in the New Testament. Read it to understand.

Crowley | Reviewer: Bill | 3/11/10

It's not about Crowley. Steve Harris wrote this song, not Dickinson. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin is another person who has had an interest in Crowley. I believe Revelations (Piece of Mind), Moonchild (Seventh Son), and Man of Sorrows (Dickinson solo, I believe on Accident of Birth album) are about Crowley. Revelations and Moonchild might not be about him, though, I'm not sure. I'm not sure whether or not Crowley was a satanist though.

For Aleister Crowley | Reviewer: Daemoth | 3/8/10

This song was clearly written to Aleister Crowley, the beast 666, creator of Thelema faith. Dickinson has always be interested by this man, he even made a film about him.
So this is not about satanism at all...

There is no difference between reading from the bible and singing from the bible with a metal guitar | Reviewer: Scruffziller | 3/2/10

Those of you who know the book of Revelation like I do, know that the lyrics of this song are very similar to passages in that book. Strangely enough, the book of Revelation was written because of what was seen in a dream by John the Apostle(not sure if that's the right John); just like Steve Harris.

Religions must see pop culture as competition when it displays biblical literature outside of religion's system. Reading about demons in the Bible, Oh that's ok...reading about Demons in a comic book...OH THROW THAT AWAY!!! YOUR GOING TO HELL!!!!! It's all such a crock of shit.

up the irons! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/10

omg you all are so funny...if you are a christian why did you even open this web site? this song isn't satanic, it's about steve harris' dream ...but i am so surprised of the number of the people who believe in satan and all that stuff and they are afraid of him...what do they think, if they listen to maiden's songs they are going to end up i hell? i am an agnostic an to me all that fuss about "good" religions and "bad" religions is hilarious...up the irons \m/

To all you haters | Reviewer: TheV | 1/24/10

Wow... The lengths some of you take this. I am a devout Christian, but guess what? I'm a hardcore metalhead. Ooohhh, scary! As I recall, the bible says nothing about me going to hell just because of the music I like. I won't be mean, and bash other reviewers, but still, I'm prepaired to pay money if you find a verse that says good Christians can't listen to Iron Maiden. Oh, and excellent song. Up the Irons! \m/ (>.<)\m/