my review | Reviewer: Derek | 8/18/14

the number of the beast is an awesome song by iron maiden and these lyrics are well written and almost perfect but it's lord not law apart from that perfect

There's no Maiden without sense of humour | Reviewer: Kliop | 3/23/14


This song is about a NIGHTMARE Steve Harris had after watching horror movies.

Then he wakes up and he can't understand if what he saw was real or fantasy. That is what happens to us all after nightmares. Read the lyrics please.

"What did I see?
Can I believe?
That what I saw that night was real and not just fantasy"

Have you ever see the videoclip? Even the guys couldn't help but having a LAUGH with all of this. You don't have sense of humour.

Up the Irons. And Iron Maiden is gonna get you no matter how far.


You seriously don't understand the meaning of the lyrics!!!! | Reviewer: I_am_you | 1/25/14

This is NOT a satanic song nor a anti-government nor a sex song! This is, just like many Iron Maiden songs, a song based in a story which, in this case, happens to be mythological...
It's not meant to offend any type of religion nor belief...
And most important thing is that this song contains very well written lyrics which just because some people misinterpret it (the lyrics, not the song), becomes (kind of) underrated...
By the way, the music is very good and so are the lyrics and this is, indeed, a MASTERPIECE.

The real lirycs sense | Reviewer: Juan F. Lucke | 5/23/13


First at all, take in mind that often the lyrics are tales, stories, legends, fantasy, etc. It is art, poetry and etertainment.

In this case the protagonits is not sure if he is living a nightmare, he seems to be worried about he is experiencig due the way he is telling the story.

But there is a phrase in the lyrcis that tell us what is the protagonist real intention:

This can't go on
I must inform the law

I think this is clear enough to know what the protagonist is worried about and which are his intentions.

abusive | Reviewer: squaretastic | 4/1/13

ABUSIVE RITUAL...yes you...masses don't know what you're listening !! you had power over me...but it says I will have the power (hope)...wait for satan to realese his beautyfull power and you'll remember thisss for ever...poor of me but you're the best nothing will bring you down !!! FIGHT !! EVIL FORCE EXISTz..!!

A Request | Reviewer: Tariq Al Muzahid | 3/18/13

i love metal songs.i love the maidens.despite whatever they have sung in the song above, i love the maidens.i'll keep loving them.but, dear maiden brothers, try to sing such songs that i don't have to regret every time i listen to it.

religion | Reviewer: yigman | 3/15/13

Religion is a farce put in place to control humans. God is created to control you and separate you from you money. It used your fear of death to control you and create an industry and business. Think of the Pope as a CEO managing a business and nothing else. That is what it is. The devil does not exist either. Props to Iron Maiden to make their buck on this myth as well.


This song is pro-Illuminati, Masonic and Satanic. Look at "666"! It's the number of Mason. But the worst, "And I'll possess your body
and I'll make you burn
I'll have the fire
I'll have the force
I'll have the power
to make my evil take its course"
Isn't that the New World Order plan?

Iron Maiden - "The Number of the Beast". | Reviewer: BlackSabbathgirl13 | 2/17/13

This song is about a dream one of the band members ((I think?)) had. It is about witnessing a satanic ritual and going into complete and total paranoia afterwords. I'm a Christian, but I don't exactly agree with most things in the bible, but I do listen to heavy metal bands ((as you can see in my username lol)) , but that does not make me a Satan worshiper.

To jazp | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/12

Snce you know that tis song is written by Steve Harris,AND that his second option for a job was to be a football (soccer for Americans) player,I say you are a fan that likes to troll

Just beware | Reviewer: Kevin | 11/13/12

I am a devote christian. Been a metal head most of my life and I love the lord. So there are obvious bands I wont listen too such as slayer.they modt important thing to remember is, Do not take the mark on your right hand or forehead. Im not worried about songs. Im only concerned about my cherished music lovers. Just keep that in the back of your mind. No need to freak out until it happens.

a vision of the beast,the war maker,the evil spirit, the deceiver. making war,killing for sacrifice to the devil | Reviewer: woe | 11/14/12

evil troops moving at nigth, closer;crawling quietly;ready to atack,kill and relese hell and fire as a sacrifice for satan. shock by the vision of war,boms,people and blood all over the place, some crying hands held to the sky,but its to late,the ritual has begun, sacrifice is going on and satans work is done. feeling drawn towards chanting troops that call any body to join.they are fool by false promise of glory and a false. many fall for it. dont know they figth against the lord,the king of kings, the truth . the beast fool them. posses their body and will make them burn.he got the arms, they give him the power,they give him the force. he will make evil take its curse.

Just a little extra clarity | Reviewer: Shahir | 3/25/12

"Woe to you, O Earth and sea, for the *devil sends the beast with wrath*
Let him who have understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a *human number*.
Its number is 666"

666 is not the number of the devil, it is the number of the Antichrist. Time and time again, we have been told that we will soon be controlled by the devil's agent, the Antichrist (chips in foreheads and hands). 666 is symbolic in that sense, it comes up as a main reference to everything involving the Antichrist in this world.

This song does not worship or glorify satan. It does the opposite. It's simply a story of someone witnessing an occult ritual and the feelings he experienced.
In fact, I see this song as a warning. At one part, Steve says 'satan's work is done'. The part that says '666, the one for you and me' refers to his ability to control people, you and me This could mean that his evil has spread among us already.
The last verse is the final warning, saying he will return. Pretty damn simple, you can see it yourself.

This song is purely awesome, and I wish people didn't get the wrong impression from the lyrics. Just because it says '666 the number of the beast' doesn't make it worship the devil.

Just remember whenever you have doubts about something like this, turn to God. He will help you. I doubted this song and then I saw the true meaning.

Up the Irons!

All this from a God-loving, peace-loving Muslim :)

Maiden rocks forever | Reviewer: Bheja | 3/23/12

I simply love this song, and so do millions of others. This song is one of the best masterpieces of heavy metal. Its actually a correct representation of the "real" heavy metal that existed in the 70s and 80s. And you better shut your ass, jazp or whatever you're called. You say this aint creativity, huh? I seriously agree with whoever said you should go and probably listen to beiber or britney. Go fuck yourself, Maiden forever!!

Masterpiece | Reviewer: runlevel0 | 12/11/11

I have no idea why people waste so much time talking bout the lyrics. It's just some plain easy silly-ish stuff more in the line of the Creepy comics series stuff. We metalhead wheren't too much into angsty stuff and 'figthing against our inner demons". That's emo crap. We are long-haired worshippers of Conan the Barbarian not wining idiots reading "The catcher in the rice". The lyrics are waht they are, tahke them at face value. There was still a lot of way to go until Metal began taking things "more seriously". This said: This song is a fucking masterpiece one of the pinnacles of metal vocals that stands out even today. Bruce Dickinson is one of the most impressive singers in any style that you may name and yes, this guy was educated as an opera singer.