The best way to piss off stupid religious people! | Reviewer: Sebastian Gomez | 11/23/09

Off course, I'm an Atheist (Like any person with an IQ above room temperature), and I don't believe in neither God nor Satan. but the best way to piss off stupid catholics is to troll them with satanic chants. So, here goes my congratulations for one of the better classics of metal of all times.

I agree, you guys are over reacting. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/09

Why argue? Both atheists and religious people need to shut up, and enjoy the songs. I am catholic, but why are you guys putting religious debates on every song that has the word "God" or "satan" in it. Everyone can keep that stuff to themselves and not shove their ideas down eachothers throats.

?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/09

Hey I'm a Christian I don't think this song is satanic and to timjim and anyone else who does Nicko Mcbrain is a born again Christian and he still plays this song in concert and to that guy a couple of pages ago Bruce is a Catholic? I thought the only religious one was Nicko. He said that yes it is about a dream that Steve had and he also said that the greatest trick the devil ever played on him was making him think he didn't exist and check out Maiden's new album songs like For the Greater Good of God, The Pilgrim, and an earlier song Name Of The Rose.
Here's 10 reasons why:
1. Nicko Mcbrain is a born again Christian.
2. There is another song on the album called Hallowed Be Thy Name which is a quote from the Lord's Prayer.
3. The cover for the has Eddie holding the Devils head, which means that Eddie, a fictional character, can defeat the Devil.
4. On their next album, Piece of Mind, they again quote Revelations, vs 21:4.7 or something like that I believe on the song Revelations or Still Life.
5. Any lyrics that they talk about religion are about people construing it or abusing it for their own gain or about using God as an excuse for their deeds.
6. The beginning starts with a quote from Revelations vs 13:18.
7. Last page of the inside booklet it says: "This album is dedicated to Headbangers, Earthdogs, Rivet Heads, Hell Rats, and Metal Maniacs everywhere." It doesn't say "This album is dedicated to Satanists and Hell Lovers and Jesus Haters everywhere."
8. In the Song The Rime of the Ancient Mariner it says, "To teach God's word by his own example, that we must love all things that God has made."
9. There is a Thanks and Special Thanks section where are no satanic figures are made. Look at the lyrics to Hallowed Be Thy Name, quite spiritual.
I'm tired of all the Fundamentalist Christians who are all "Iron Maiden are the Devil's Favorite Band!" "Led Zeppelin: Straight From Hell" anyways I don't know if LZ are satanic but that's not my job, it's God's job. "Rock Music is the Devils Advocate!" "Rock music is destroying the world!" "Any Christian who likes rock music should be ashamed of themselves!"
I'm tired of the Atheists who are all "How can you believe in that bullshit!" "The Bible is the biggest myth!" "Religion has destroyed the earth!" "Christians are retarded!" "Jesus is the real satan!"
my gosh

Please | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/09

I thought that Nicko Mcbrain's conversion to Christianity would shut up the people who thought Maiden were satanists. I was wrong. Let me make it clear that I am a Christian, I believe in Jesus, he is my savior, if Iron Maiden was satanic why would Nicko still be in the band?" He considers thsi song a warning against satanism. Check out A Matter of Life And Death, or the song Hallowed Be Thy Name, it's about Faith.
Atheists and Christians just shut up, please.

Messages Equal Behaviours | Reviewer: pimper | 10/19/09

We should all agree that music can contain subliminal messages and can also affect behaviour. Any music can, but thats a moot point. I really dig the Maids, but as a matter of personal choice i reject this song as well as Total Eclipse (ie i dont play them)... I cant chant '666 the one for you and me' and feel positive about it. Im not here to tell you that youre going to hell if u do, thats up to each of individual to figure. All i can say is that songs like these, with such clearly negative invocations make me want to brake things. I could play dumb and say that i wonder why that is, but deep down i know why it is. So i simply use the skip button. I really dig Maiden, but thatll never get in the way of me and my God.

Biblical incite | Reviewer: timjim | 10/19/09

And don't marvel for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness....2 Corinthians 11:14-15

Reply to timjim's reply | Reviewer: Devon | 10/11/09

Metal isn't my "God" <_<. Metal is my lifestyle. I do believe in God, I go to Church. Mind you I do have my own beliefs in things, but as should everyone. I'm not angry all the time. Yeah, I get annoyed when people find the oddest, out-there reasons to condemn a genre of music. I have a wide taste in music, not just rock and metal. But I'm listening to Jack Johnson now. And I like Fort Minor and Linkin Park and Rage Against The Machine. If Rock instills fear in you, so be it dude. But Rock is not the "devil's work". I've never made any decisions based on what music I listen to. I'm my own man. I'm a history buff.. Not because some band makes me that way, but because I like History. I'm a straight-edge guy, I don't do drugs, drink or smoke. Again, not because some band tells me to or not, but because I make my own decisions.

OMG. | Reviewer: Eduardo Kapp | 10/11/09

GUYS! It's just music. I don't even mind if it's talking about satan, or inviting,cause it's not. Stop saying shit, just listen to the song. I listen to rock'n roll of all genres since 8 years old, and i know , they don't even think in the musics. If i want to i would make a 'satanic' music now, but i don't even believe in god,or him. In resume, don't get music with religious things. haha

to devon | Reviewer: timjim | 10/6/09

First of all I wasn't trying to anger anyone I to would get angry at people when they told me that my god (rock and roll) was evil.
I also looked up in the online encyclopedia and its says what you say it says about the song being just a dream. KISS claims they got there name from just driving down the road and one of the band members says what about the name KISS and the band members agreed and that is how they supposibly got the name. How do you know these people are telling the truth.
Last Christmas I had one of my little anger spells got mad at some of my reletives for some supid little thing and walked out in the middle of dinner. I couldn't figger out what was wrong with me and for some reason I got on my computor and started doing research on rock music. what caused me to research this nothing short of a miracle.I was convicted that very night but I decided that until I was ready to completely change there was no use giving it up it wasn't till around two months ago I was jogging down on my tred mill getting pumped up with queensryche and I felt a burst of fear and shortly after that the lights misteriously snaped off and it was completely dark. I was dumb enough to go up and turn it back on. Shortly after that I decided to give up this music not because I had to but because I was to afraid to listen to it. As soon as I did I started imediatly looking at life different and a few days after that I became saved. I also gave up 8 years of playing rock guitar and started playing acoustic,So i'm not just some ignorant person in fact i'm very open minded I'm just aware that life is full of deception and I care about people who are being decieved. So you say I don't want God If I have to give up rock and roll but guess what rock and metal don't send you to hell Its the decisions that it causes you to make. why don't you get mad at the government because they tell you that if you commit a crime you will go to prison. If that is the way the government is then should we just rebell and go to prison. they give you rules to protect you and other people just like God does.
Why doesn't the devil get any blame in this he's the cause of this all. He dosen't even want you he just wants to destroy you. Why would a loving God allow the devil to destroy you, you ask, He just simply gives you a choice sink or swim.
The human nature is designed for worship if you don't serve the Lord you will serve something else like music. If you look at a lot of these replies you will see most of the people defending this song cursing those who oppose because iron maiden is a god to them.
I'm not trying to shoove anything down your throats I just see you falling off a cliff and I'm throwing you a rope.

Come on... you are over reacting | Reviewer: Victor | 10/7/09

come on, this is no satanic at all, in the part that says "666 the one for you and me" it's not inviting you to join satan or anything like that, in the bible says "... it is a human number, this number is 666..." he refers that the way you nd me can understand it it's through this number just that.

if you ask me i don't think all these hard rock bands are satanic, maybe some were excentric but we all have our madness quote =), and i'm a believer you know, i like to talk to Jesus personally and think about things i mean. in these song there's no offense against God or Jesus, it's just a folk with a little drinks over i guess dreaming about satan. i mean we all have nightmares every once in a time. i think that metal says things like that just to irritate older people or scare grandmas jajaj. for example: Dave Mustaine, singer of Megadeth is christian and Tom Araya from Slayer is Catholic and when he was aked about theyre song "God Hate Us" he said: God doesn't hate, but it's a great title. i think that if u believe in something you are not gonna change that just for a song or you are not gonna stop listen to your favourite music 'cause some paranoids think it will make you burn in hell, just think that Jesus paid all our sins and we only had to believe in him to be forgotten and enter to paradise. jaja who knows maybe when i reach there i would meet Iron Maiden or even jam with them jaj =D

greetings from Chile

To timjim... hope he reads it. | Reviewer: Devon | 10/4/09

You're a dumbass... it's just that simple. You're like most people, you find the vaguest ways to associate what you're looking for in what you're looking at. As the guy before me states, this song is about a dream Steve Harris had, and vaguely a short story. Witches language? What the fuck are you talking about dude? 70's and 80's music was about love, sex, drugs, and good ol' Rock 'n Roll. Nothing Satanic.. You want to find Satanic music? Listen to Burzum, or Dying Fetus. Not Iron Maiden. Bruce Dickinson is an open Catholic, which he obviously states in his music on "A Matter Of Life and Death". Iron Maiden's music is history, literature and religion driven. Not Satan. Don't force your Jesus Christ down our throats if you don't have substantial evidence to prove Iron Maiden is "Straight From Hell"

Also to Timjim... again :) | Reviewer: Devon | 10/4/09

If I have to give up everything I love, and change myself (Which as I"m told, God loves me just how I am, right?) to get into Heaven. Then I'd rather burn in hell. If God doesn't like me the way he made me, then that proves that even God can make mistakes.

Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/09

According to most reliable sources "The Number of The Beast" was basically inspired by a dream that Steve Harris had after watching the movie "Damien: Omen II". At the same time the song is so reminiscent of Hawthorne's short story "Young Goodman Brown" that I can't help but think it was inspired by that also. After searching the web I found other's who also mentioned "Young Goodman Brown", so I guess I'm not alone.

Actually, for years after I first heard the song I honestly thought it was simply a heavy metal interpretation of "Young Goodman Brown". I really thought they were just putting the story into musical form.

Maybe Steve Harris, either knowingly or unknowingly, had "Young Goodman Brown" in the back of his mind while writting the song. However, most sources indicate that at least the initial inspiration for the song was a nightmare Steve Harris had after watching "Damien: Omen II".

Even wikipedia has this entry for the meaning of the song:
"the song was inspired by a nightmare bassist Steve Harris had, triggered by watching the film Damien: Omen II late at night. While he was quite scared of the Satanic images he saw in his nightmare, he also felt them amusing, and after that, he obtained the idea for the song, and also for the title of the album."

In any case, the song kicks ass and was written and performed by one of the best musical acts of all time.

Shared Space | Reviewer: nutty noah | 9/25/09 says 666 in the song, it mentions the beast, big deal. This song played in werk today, from my iPod on random, and a guy over reacted, he turned on a radio loudly to drown it out, he mumbled something about The Shadows and said this is meant to be a shared space. I asked did he ever listen to te lyrics...and guess got he hadn't. My point is, the whole universe is a shared space, and I'll not have anyone censor it. This song is clearly about a dream and even if you disagree about that, Armageddon supposed to be is pre-destined so therefore singing or hearng about it will not hasten or delay the end of ends.

iron maiden staight out of hell | Reviewer: timjim | 9/25/09

Notice in the second to last pharagraph it says "666 the number of the beast. 666 the one for you and me. It's inviting you to take the mark of the beast which I believe is just around the corner. I spent 13 years listening to rock music and a couple of the last listening to that dark medel/hard rock and it almost destroyed my life. If you read the lyrics of those metal artists from the 70s and 80s the don't make sense that is because they are written in what is called witches language. Hotel california was a hotel on california street that was converted into the church of satan and the eagles were basicaly given an invitation to join.

Stair way to heaven dosent make a bit of sence to most people. people try to guess. but in the song it says that the piper is calling you to join him. If you look in Ezekiel 28:13 it says that pipes were built in lusifer(satan)so its pretty clear who they were talking about. Most people will just laugh at what I am saying just like I used too and the reason why is because it is so addicting.
I heard a peorson talk who used to be in whichcraft before he became a christian and he said that you used to be able to tell a which by the look in her eye. but now he said you cant because of all the people that listen to rock music.If you look at all the rockers they have a look of anger and rebelion in there eyes. Today they no longer need to use whiches language they openly blaspheme Christ. People are blinded and think that you can do almost anything and still make it to heaven. the bible says that narrow is the way that leads to eternal life and few be that enter. I belive it is because they are not willing to give up the ways of the flesh.
I know when I listend to rock music I had thoughts of anger, murder, rebelion,lust and more. thankfuly I came to Jesus Christ before it was to late. I have a challenge for you instead of thinking im nut's do some research for yourself you will find the awful truth.