Sex, sex, sex the one for you and me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/11

Think of sex, lust and desire.
First thought of it when I heard that he sings SEX SEX SEX the one for you and me instead of six six six the one for you and me.

He's living alone and he's lonely, so he dreams about sex in a pretty beastly way. I have the fire, ill make you burn. night was black, dark figures move and twist
sacrifice is going on tonight
it is a human number... etc.

I'm coming back, I will return
And I'll possess your body, and I'll make you burn
I'll have the fire, force power, make my evil take it's course...

It's not necessarily intended to be interpreted sexually, but I like to and sex sometimes makes you feel like an animal, admit it! :P

omg such a mess for only a song... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/11

but which song?
Here Maiden gave us his (quite traditionnal but metal as well) version of St John's doomsday. A dream, seeing darkness take over the world, and the dreamer suffers and can't believe what he saw?
Is it a dream? Is it a prophecy?
So real he asks himself if he should tell the autorithy something has to happend...

But anyway that stays a song, appreciate it for its musical quality, for the effort in the text (see the other songs too...)

Anyway Maiden shows with this song another proof of their heavy-but-still-musical rock capacity.

You Ass Holes Don't Get The Meaning Of The Song right | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/11

this song speaks of a dream. this song does not actually speak of evil as an entity. this song talks of our battle with the evil within us.

"reflections of my walk man staring back at me?"

we are good and we are evil. so stop putting the blame for every bad event on some imaginary entity called 'Satan'.

And jazp you are a big ass hole whose intellect is the size of a pea, we don't need people like you, go and listen to some crap like justin bieber.

the govt is the beast | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/11

the government brings nothing but sadness and quasi slavery to the people of the earth and it is ONE government currupted by satan. so basically biblical prophesy is coming true... eventually the government will try to kill all the people. but they've already killed many. monsanto, the UN, world bank. ignorant people will never understand but god will show himself to those who believe in him. hope he saves us in time because people will lay down and take it. all types of music bring us together so lets get together and change what's happening. maybe we stand a chance

satanic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/11

of'corpse it is! the bible is satanic and the fucking religion is major satanic. Also all of you stupid believers are satanic, specially you abrahamic chimps. You believe in the cool satanic book of the dead that the monkeys of the desert stole from the Egyptians and turned into christianity/muslimanity/judaismanity ;)

it is the faith of art | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/11

So many posts for something that it is art!
It is realy easy to critisize something that goes public. Especily if you can't create anything!!! Every artist, writer, perfomer, actor, painter and so on, exposes his soul to open view. Some like the prroduced art, some don't. Those who like, supports the artist and make him keep walking to his path of making history! The others, just throw shit at him. How can you critisize a pice of art? Are you the same dump who said that Guernica of Picasso is crap?! Oh! Yes, you are! Never mind. After all, opinion is like an ass hole! Everybody have one!
It's just the faith of art...

Iron maiden rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/11

Just listen to the song fags it doesn't matter if it's sitanic its music look at ozzy he's the prince of darkness but he's christian lol I'm christian but i don't give a fuck how sitanic something Is it's still badass and I'd sell my soul for rock n roll anyday if I had to it's all good you know its cool it's cool

How can it be satanic if it has parts of the bible | Reviewer: Bernardo | 3/22/11

I just have to remember every one that this song even has parts of the bible. Books of revelations Chapeter 12, versicle 12 and Chapter 13 Versicle 18. And this is how the song begins!!!. How can a part of the bible be satanic???

ok stop speak what u don't know | Reviewer: renato | 3/5/11

i'm gonna keep this short and sweet, this is NOT more than a music! damn, the best music of hearvy metal (in my opinion) and you guys just takl "its satanic"! if i write any word wrong sorry i'm brazilian

To the poster below: | Reviewer: Dan Parsons | 2/27/11

Go die in a hole. Iron Maiden is easily one of the greatest metal band of all time, and yoou are insulting the title song of one of the best albums of all time. This was controversial shit back in the day, have some respect.

There's nothing for you to fight against,
you're so unreal it's evident.
You'll never be one of our kind,
this ain't yours, fuck you don't try.

Go home son, hang your costume up,
a goddamn insult to the rest of us.
Another name crossed off the list,
the real thing would kill you quick.

Up the fucking irons!

what a ridiculous band!!! | Reviewer: jazp | 2/17/11

woah!! I'd hate to belong to band like iron maiden where I do what im told, n this songs sucks.. no creativity at all , 666 blah blah the number of the beast.. the beast can kiss my ass seriously.. this steve harris guy shud've played soccer instead. seriously!

Good song; shouldn't be controversial at all from what I've heard | Reviewer: Alpha | 1/21/11

Speaking as an unorganized Christian, this song is nothing more than a good horror story. Reminds me of Lovecraft's works, actually. The possession implied in the last lyric was a brilliant touch, I thought. I really don't get why there are so many arguments. There's nothing anti-Christian about any of this from the perspective of the singer, who seems pretty terrified of the events he sees. I could use the same logic as some to say that Schindler's List was pro Nazi because it was about the Holocaust.

Tails of Humanity | Reviewer: Gonzalo | 1/13/11

Satan, Heaven, Hell, God... same shit as Cinderella or Golden Locks. Just, that this one is for adult minds. I don't care about Satan, God, deamons or angels. They do make a graphical point of view.

Besides, it's always fun to upset the narrow-minded religious pricks.

I don't care about beliefs. It's the human institute of crap selling it that bothers me. Belief and faith does not need dogmas for they are merely beliefs and faith. Facts need reasons and evidence.

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" Carl Sagan.

don fuck with the metal :D | Reviewer: anonimus | 12/26/10

this isn a satanic song , and the stupid idiot that say"i agree that it is satanic, because Maiden is metal" so , the band that creates metal , but christian metal still been satanic? think a little before posting.

And dont bother people who like this music , im a big metal fan , and not for listen a song like this im going to "hell" or "heaven" if you belive in something,dont try to convince other people to like it

oh i'm a christian and i listen to iron maiden | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/10

the song is bout doomsday guys..
666 is one of the signs.. There's nothing pro-satanic in the lyrics of this song. Anyway the last verse.. According to some people the antichrist will be slain and the devil will possess his body. Damn it, you christians nowadays never look further into something.