... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/07

okay all i know is this song isn't satanic. if you say this song is satanic it's like saying mr. crowley by Ozzy and Mama by MCR is satanic. most songs that seem satanic at first that are by a well known band usually have a deeper meaning that "worship satan"

that's all

Not satanic | Reviewer: Maiden fan | 12/14/07

Iron maiden rules, and this song is nowhere near being satanic. If you think this song is satanic, just look at the freaking lyrics. The song is about someone seeing a satanic ritual and getting hypnotised by it. That's like saying that the book of revelations is satanic because it mentions satan. Some people are just so ignorant...

The devil | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/07

FOLLOW THE WAY OF THE BEAST ...for it is the true and only way to go..satan is not evil satan is not the one who does wrong ..it is your god who has wronged you!

Revelations chapter 13, line 18. | Reviewer: claire | 12/12/07

to those who say that this song is satanic.....YOU PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!!!!!! SOOOOOO CRAZY!!!! the song begins with chapter 13, line 18 of Revelations!!!! come on guys.get serious! anyway.it's just a song. NOT a hymn to satan!! (actually i could say that this song is against satan) next time you'll think it's satanic or something just remember it begins with a line taken from Revelations!!!!!

wake up | Reviewer: mullet boi | 12/11/07

if i were to write a song about unicorns, i dont think any1 would have a problem. so wats the harm in writing a song about something that doesnt exist. every gospel music performer oput there is wasting their time.

This is not pro-satanism | Reviewer: Alex | 12/7/07

"This can't go on I must inform the lord"

If anything this a warning about how Satan can capture you so eaily, its not pro satan. You are blatantly a fool if you choose to overanalyze bruce's songs. Listen Brucie is the best singer ever, but not the best songwriter, his meanings are transparent. Steve harris, Writes most of the songs anyway, which are also simple. And Steve Harris is a very strong christian, go look it up. Trust me. Maiden is not Satanist. I have their entire works they have several songs that go against such beliefs. Now if you want an anti religious song you can probably go hate on Holy smoke. That song, however is just adressing the faults of the modern christian church and the corruption in its buerocracy. Its true. Even if you choose to take it back a few centuries, like say to 15th and 16th centuries, the church was so corrupt then that it lost all power, which is party which started the rennaisance. trust me maiden knows what they're talking about and they are most certainly not Satanistic, they love METAL they love the THRILL of it. My God, get your facts stright.

TO Nathan: | Reviewer: Matt | 12/5/07

This song isn't satanic, it is in fact, against Satan. Iron Maiden would be considered Christian before Satanist.

To you ppl who act like you dont care | Reviewer: Nathan | 12/4/07

To all you who say satanic or not "The song still rocks and you dont care". You will care when you wind up in hell. You should actually try to figure out what your listening to. If your gonna listen to this satanic crap then you just as well should serve the Devil. ITs basically his song. Why listen to somthing thats worshiping satan. And while you act big and bad and laugh at christians. Satans Laughing cause he's got you in his claw.

religion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/07

OK, for starters, many of the members of this band are in fact devout christians, especially the drummer, anyone who says this song is satanic just assumes it from its name.

oh cmon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/07

haha its funny christ, get a life and you told christians to do that. hell im a christian and i love this song. i mean just because music is about hell themes doesnt mean its always gonna be evil. same with games...i love diablo2 and that doesnt make me evil. and yes their songs are about historical folklore and myths, so seriously its not that hard to realize that this song and many others arent evil...fuckin catholics......

FOR GODS SAKE!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/07

Ok, firstly....Iron Maiden are a moral band, and this song is NOT satanic. Iron Maiden use often write songs about historical folk lore and myth. If anything that simply shows that the band are intelligent and well read. The extract at the start i belief is taken from the book of revelations. And secondly, all you christians out there; GET OVER YOURSELVES. I mean honestly. There are more important issues out there than the content of rock songs. Christ, get a life.

God bless you | Reviewer: anonymous | 11/26/07

ok dudes,i am againts all satanic music and my friends bother me cause i simply went a little to far in hating this song, so everyone which is christian and totally HATES this song, just ignore it, it will make you better than to think about it,trust me ive gone past through this. if your beliefs are strong this music will not affect your beliefs at all. but again i am againts satanic songs. I will not comment wther or not this song is satanic it all depends on YOUR opinion. GOD BLESS YOU ALL, REMEMBER GOD LOVES ALL OF YOU.

fuck u, (people who think people who wear black are goth) | Reviewer: iron made 'em | 11/26/07

i dont wear a lot of black but im tired of hearing, ur emo, ur goth, espicially wen my little bro says it, but neway....i love classic rock, some alternative, some metal, some rap......no1 except my little bro says im goth and emo, but those words r over used so.... testicles...o yea the number of the beast is awsome...i love iron maiden.................

who cares | Reviewer: zazer | 11/18/07

satanic or not this song ROCKS! im catholic and just cause i heard this song a lot doesnt mean im going to start sacrificing goats... seriously people need to just stop BITCHING and start ROCKING OUT to the number of the beast

Get ready for the heat | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/07

First off this song is 100% not satanic, but even if it was and that meant listening to it would send people to hell, I would have to tell everyone I know to listen to this awesome fucking song. If listening to this sends me to hell, well I just need to find a flame retardant suitcase.