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The Reviews about The Number of the Beast (page 5/ 13)
------ performed by Iron Maiden

18-01-2010 | Reviewer: the voice of reason | 1/18/10

what the big deal its a song...its got a message be it for his beliefs or just to sound cool but it goes either way,it just says what is going to happen which doesnt make him christian or satanic just a narrator.Believe what you like and dont piss off other poeple by forcing your ideas down their throats. live life your way bescause the time is short and hell and fire was spawned to be released

SATAN IS BETTER THEN THE bible | Reviewer: SATAN | 1/13/10



PS jesus SUCKS gods NUTS

To Dierrk Siegel | Reviewer: Bill | 1/13/10

Hell is too hot for you to want to go there. Please repent and receive Jesus Christ as your personal savior.

P.S. Timjim isn't an asshole. As much as I don't like the fact that he is cruising sites, (I also read the review he wrote on Stairway to Heaven except he used the name timy, and I believe he bashed Highway To Hell by AC/DC using the name humble saint) calling him an asshole isn't something you should do.

SATAN IS BETTER THEN THE bible | Reviewer: SATAN | 1/13/10



PS jesus SUCKS gods NUTS

What's with all the Christians (especially Timjim) complaining?? | Reviewer: Dierkk Siegel | 1/7/10

What's with all the people who are saying "Oh I'm Christian, but I like this song!...Does God still love me?" or "Heavy Metal is the devils work!!!!"

It really pisses me off to look up lyrics and see some assholes (especially Timjim) throwing the bible at people.

I will admit it, I love the Devil! And I love this song! I'm an Agnostic and I'm a sinner. I don't give 2 flyin' fucks about if there's a God or not. I'm all about living fast and hard, and dieing young and strong. If that means "going to hell"......I say bring Hell, and your wrathful God on. Religion is just a way to make yourself feel good.

Not Satanism: Revealing Hypocrisy | Reviewer: Eric | 12/30/09

Bible Verse References:
"But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short." Revelations: 12 : 12 and "Here is wisdom . Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six." Revelations: 13: 18.

These verses set the back drop for the songs message. First, the devil has come to us and second that his that his number is our number. This is to say, in a more plainly spoken manner, that we are the evil of the Earth.

The next 8 or so lines represent a sin that the narrator has committed and now recollects in his dreams. The chorus and next few lines show a mass of people partaking in the sin. This makes the focus no longer on the narrator’s actions alone but humanity in general.

“This Can’t Go on I must inform the law…but I feel drawn toward the evil chanting hordes” now shows how this narrator understands what is right and wrong, and understands he should end the evil, yet still feels drawn toward the evil actions anyway. The message of the song is then to show the hypocrisy of man – to show that those righteous and wicked alike are both the source of evil in the world and tend to perpetuate this evil despite understanding that their duty should be to end it.

A little different analysis than most but the one I have found most sensible.

to timjim | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/09

timjim......i hate people like you. all you ever do is preach. you will never change anyones opinion. and no one cares anyway. so shutup and just listen and love the great masterpeice that is number of the beast. IRON MAIDEN RULES. timjim sucks donkeys in bethleham.

To Timjim | Reviewer: Bill | 12/10/09

You can never know what's in someone's heart. I am a Christian look, the way I look at it is, you can't prove someone is a satanist or anything and you can't prove that they're not that its whats in the heart not whats in the eyeball that counts. I agree with you, I think that the world is too intricate for evolution to happen. Check out these 2 websites timjim and you will find the awesome truth:
Here's the first one.
On your nexxt review you'll probably denounce Nicko Mcbrain for continuing to play this song:
Or just search up "is nicko mcbrain a christian" on google they're one of the first 2 pages you'll find. As Nicko Mcbrain says in the 2nd interview "To still be able to be in such a great band, where people think we're demonic or Satanic, most people that know and have a modicum of sense and intelligence knows that not to be true. It doesn't take an Einstein to listen to the records and listen to the lyrics of the songs to know what's going on." I'm also the reviewer who reviewed before on 10/23. Alice Cooper is a born again Christian and he said he's been talking to the rockers about Jesus "I've had a couple of people that were friends of mine that I've talked to that have vocally said they have [accepted Christ]. I have talked to some big stars about this, some really horrific characters, ... and you'd be surprised. The ones that you would think are the furthest gone are the ones that are apt to listen."

No title | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/09

Timjim Iron Maiden's drummer Nicko Mcbrain is a born again christian but he still plays this song in concert he says the biggest trick the devil ever played on him was to make him believe he didn't exist so its kind of a warning against satanism.

How about a nice cup of STFU. | Reviewer: anonymous | 11/30/09

I listen to classic rock. I listen to heavy metal. I listen to grindcore and black metal. I also listen to reggae, ska, and alt/punk. Who the fuck cares if the song is satanic, god-praising, or neutral in both categories? Why can't everyone see that NOONE CARES WHAT RELIGION YOU ARE, SO YOU SHOULDNT BITCH ABOUT IF IT OFFENDS YOU OR NOT. The people who complain about the lyrics of the song for being pointed at a certain group should either listen to the other components of the music like the composers intended, or stop fucking listening to it, so we dont have to hear you whine on the internet about it.

Um... | Reviewer: Oh hi | 11/29/09

If God loves me unconditionally (like he does) will He stop if I like this song and other "satanic" music? That just doesn't make sense. If you don't listen to this music because of how it sounds then that is fair. If you don't listen to it because you think you are going to go to hell then you need to rethink things.
About the song now. I couldn't care less about the lyrics but all of the musicians are extremely talented and absolutely love the guitar in this song.
So if I'm not going to heaven because I listen to this song then I'll go to hell. Oh and if whether you are Christian enough or not is based on what music you like then I'm going to convert.

Hail Maiden =) | Reviewer: Hansi | 11/30/09

i am an atheist...that means i denounce both god and satan...and i believe that god and satan are simply personifications of good and evil...maiden uses this to bring forth their one has the right to judge whether someone is a christian or not because spirituality is essentially a personal let's just enjoy the music and stop the stereotyping...
people please forgive me for writing on and on about religion but this point clearly deserves some clarification...
everyone has the right to speak his or her mind but think about it are filled with fury towards that not a sin?Jesus must have been a wonnderful person but the bible is was not written by god, not by jesus but by some of his much of the original writing is preserved remains say that Darwin's theory of Evolution is a fairy tale...then how can you conclude that the war and peril in the world today are signs of Judgment day the bible being the only evidence you have? i request you to take a better look at history and open minded...set aside your emotions and think rationally...i do not denounce good and bad...just look beyond the words 'god' and 'satan'...may you find enlightenment!!
ps-'enlightenment'=iluminati...another simple word that the church has cunningly seems to simply 'see' the truth...the word 'vision' and 'wisdom' stem from the Latin and Greek words 'video'(to see) and 'idea'...all from the Sanskrit word 'vidya', which means 'to see the truth...
so, may you see the truth!!!

Are you on the narrow road? | Reviewer: timjim | 11/29/09

I know this site is about rating this song. I havent checked back on this site for a while and was somewhat supprised to see people still pondering my incites. I will say to the atheists, it takes far more faith to believe the fairy tale that we came from monkey's then to think that there is not someone who placed us here. A lot of people say, "well if there is a God then way is there so much trouble in the world." Thats a good question that is because the prince of this world(the devil)has come and is about ready to rule as the antichrist in this new world government. But here is the thing people think that the antichrist is going to claim to be satan, No he's not, the Bible says that he is going to claim to be God and that he is going to be a man of lawlessness. The devil is very deceptive why would he claim to be Satan,if 75% of Americans claim to be Christians. So to all of you who claim to be Christians and have filthy language, and have very few morals, you are just preparing to worship the antichrist. And as far as catholics are concerned, they believe the heresey that you can pray to mary, and they still go to the priest to confess there sins, when Jesus gave his life so we could go directly to Him. It is no wonder some belive there is no God, Christianity has become so confusing because people have strayed from the Bible and followed there own lusts trying to bring Christ with it. But that will never happen because He is holy.

The original Greek word for witchcraft or sorcery is "pharmakeia," pharmakeia=pharmacy=drugs. Mind altering drugs is what these rockers use to alter their state of consciecness and be influenced by the demonic spirit world. A lot of these groups I believe are sponsored by the Illuminati a secret organization trying to bring this new world order. They have witches in these secret societies and they also use drugs to help give them spirit guides. Most of these people don't beleive in Satan either, some of them believe in Lucifer ( who is acctualy Satan) or some mother God of some sort. I believe that all these presidents are just puppets runned by the illuminati. So if you think George Bush is a Christian and that's why he messed this world up, think again, that's what they want you to believe. George Bush is a member of Skull and Bones, a branch of the Illuminati. I believe almost everything that has happend 9-ll,iraq,afganistan,etc was conspired to happen. Revelation 18:23...for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. Sound confusing, that is exactly what it is. There is only one way and that is through Jesus Christ and Satan will counterfeit himself to any other religion to keep you off that one way. Soon I belive the world will agree that they are all serving the same god and form a new world religion. Who will be the only ones standing in their way, that they will have to get rid of first, The fundamental(true) Christians. We are living in the very last days people, please turn to the true God before it's too late. Go to utube and watch the series, "They Sold Their Souls For Rock n Roll."

Christian here | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/09

I'm a Christian, and I don't believe God is making us follow strict laws/rules.

Also, this song makes a reference to the beast and everything, and that makes it evil? The Bible has references to demons and everything. That doesn't mean it's evil.

Now let's actually listen to the music...

No title | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/09

Timjim how does playing guitar make someone open minded? And the fact that you think that all rock music is satanic means that no, you aren't open minded. Condemning a genre of music doesn't make you a good Christian, it makes you close minded and judgmental. And it's not rock guitar it's electric guitar.

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