God Grace is powerful | Reviewer: felix | 9/2/13

i heard dis song in a conference meeting early dis year,and d song drove me into prayer wich i was crying bitterly,God's Grace is all i need nw,tank u Micheal w.smith...may God continue to bless u more wit His Grace..even as we wait for His cming...I am an example of God's Grace.

GOD is always GOD | Reviewer: Agada Tovia | 8/22/13

i actualy heard dis song 2ru my broda's phone at abt 10pm,i waz burdend over a particular issue bt at the sound of dis song,my spirit bcam suddenly xcited..Michael u are God sent..Let d Lord shines upon us

Just your Grace | Reviewer: Nkpara, Grace .H. | 7/30/13

My name is Grace bt u know wht? It's nt jst a name bt d power hehind dat name. Whn i came across dis song on monday 29th of July 2013 4rm a friend i collected it bt had a low battery so i couldnt listen 2 it nt until i woke up dis mornin wit gre8 burden bcos d grace of God has bin keeping. I hav d burden 4 evangelism bt lost it so whn i played dis song i couldnt help bt cry al2ru. Pls serve dis Almighty God as nevr b4 bcos He's nt like ur oda friends.

mecryblings | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/13

micheal w smith God bless u fr dis song dat always gives m dat same grace infact i always luv to hear ur songs nt jux grace bt all ur songs are life unto my soul i luv u micheal bt God luvs u more

God in the RACE. | Reviewer: Ogunniyi bayo | 6/28/13

In our pursuit to the kingdom of God,we on a motion/race and physics teach us dat motion exhibit friction.likewise its possible to encounter this in our christian journey but GRACE appears as a lubricating oil to end friction as we move on and become a victorious christian.

The Love of God | Reviewer: James Nathaniel | 6/14/13

There is no life elsewhere outside Jesus, there is no perfect love elsewhere if not in God, this song bring back and makes me remember God's love for me, Oh what an unfailing Love. I bless u Lord most High.

Unfathomable Grace | Reviewer: Opeoluwa | 6/8/13

The song is real awesome and beautiful. I can't really express myself with words....all i feel is goose pimples all over my body... Michael W. Smith....God bless You real good...May u sing this song for your Redeemer in Heaven!

A masterpiece | Reviewer: Ibe Ifeanyi | 6/9/13

I've heard this song many times but I never really listened to it, but as I listened to it (shortly before this post), I felt God's awesome touch, I felt His unfathomable love. 'Your Grace' is a masterpiece. God bless Michael W. Smith and may God's grace continue to abound toward us all. Amen.

grace | Reviewer: wale | 5/14/13

God bless you michael and inspire you to sing more of such songs.This song is undescribable. Only few songs touch my marrows, this touches my soul. I pray that everybody that has heard contact with this song would not fall out of that grace at the end. G- God's R- resources A- at C- Christ E- expense

I can hear your voice | Reviewer: Rabbi-Oscar Muzinga | 5/9/13

this song inspires me to always keep my relation good with GOD;also, this helps me understand that GOD is really water of life and without him, there is other source that can give breath to my soul. so, I should stay tighted and bounded to him in order to eternalize my soul.

Only your Grace - Thank God you for your Grace | Reviewer: Musavuli Mbutho Moussa | 5/4/13

The grace of God is everything to me. Everything begins and ends in his grace. Lord, I know you by your grace. You shaped me by your grace. You made me free by your grace, and your grace supports my imperfection. I know that you keeps me at your side and you ensure my property by pure grace. Since I listen to this song, I say every moment: thank you! Thank you for your grace!

ITS INSPIRED ME | Reviewer: Immanuel Isah Itopa | 4/30/13

I love playing this son when meditating upon the Word, when get to bed & when comforting myself & confronting issues.
It reminds me that:
* It's an unmerited favor, a gift for eternity & a spirit that lift me above natural laws.
* Grace is an uncomparable favor that reconciled me as a mortal man to God through Jesus to have a hope of Immortal Life with God.
It BLESSES my Spirit, Soul & Body i plays the tone & read the lyric.

God's Grace | Reviewer: Oni Samuel | 4/29/13

Grace,(an unmerited favor). Thank you Jesus for coming to die for our sins.if not for you,where would i be.Thank you so much Lord Jesus.Hmmmm...Traded heaven for a wounded cross.Thanks to Micheal W. Smith for this song.we will all get to see each other one day in Heaven.

Grace shines no me | Reviewer: kelechi | 4/18/13

is song Grace has done sometin in my life. I listed to dis song ture someone phone as her ringtone, since then i luv dis song when ever i hear dis song i feel sometin good in my LIFE.

Grace | Reviewer: brandon | 4/5/13

everytime I play this song its like a new song to me cause when I think of this grace I'm asking my self what kind of a grace is this that has taken me from the strugling word and put me where I'm today thi Grace is sufficent in my life