No use to gamble? | Reviewer: Taryn | 9/30/09

So who's gambling? The atheists? The Christians? The Muslims?

They ALL say that everyone else is completely wrong. They all think they're the only ones that win the afterlife lottery. (except for the atheists, they think there is no lottery, which in my mind kinda says everyone's a winner!)

Everyone's gambling. We're all just picking what seems to be correct, or most comfortable, etc.

And say you're right, and I decide I might as well be a Christian so that I'm not 'gambling' my soul, do you think God's gonna think "Well gee, I didn't believe in you, but I thought hey, better safe than sorry!" is true faith?

I don't have a problem with people having religion, but I do like them to present solid arguments (in terms of faith-based arguments).

In terms of the song, I love it for that feeling it makes you get. That little question we all have about death. Powerful, because we can each experience the song in our own way, with our own experiences and beliefs interacting with the words and the music. I take it as a person who, though maybe isn't dying, feels like he/she is dying. You know where you hit the point where you see your life and it just looks like a timeline? Like you've tripped and all you can see is that concrete rushing up to meet you? This is where this song puts me.

its imparative to believe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/09

actually, we can be 100% believers. It's called faith. on the other hand idk what you would call it if you think you are on the other end of the spectrum.

I heard someone say once, If you dont believe in God and he happens not to exist its ok. nothing will happen. But if you're wrong, its your eternity. theres just no use to gamble. Im a believer 100%

We're All Agnostic | Reviewer: Agnostic | 9/2/09

Guy i knew made a brilliant point :) we're all just agnostics :D. Say +100% is total beleif and -100% is total disbeleif. He said he can only be -99% because he cant prove that there ISNT a god. And on the other hand a beleiver can only truely be +99% cause that they cant prove there IS a god. Just in the same way that if i throw someone into a pool of molten lava i KNOW it will hurt, but ive got no way of proving it.So nobody can fully beleive or disbeleive, we're all agnostics :P :)

Debate | Reviewer: mrammaji | 8/29/09

To reviewer 12314
You say ''I think people should just keep their opinions to themselves and stop debating about religion or no religion because none of you have evidence for the existence in this world.''.

Well that means we now hve got your view about the religion debate and according to that same view we are not allowed to give ours. Does that sound right? Of course not

One has the right (and probably the duty to use the brain that was given by nature or God) to express their thoughts and debate any subjects, but what is required is to agree to disagree and to accept others are different in the way they think and feel.

12314 | Reviewer: 13436 | 8/20/09

Expressing your opinions is not wrong or anything but people believe what they want to believe. This song is just based on the reality of life and how shit happens you know. I think people should just keep their opinions to themselves and stop debating about religion or no religion because none of you have evidence for the existence in this world. Even though science says something, every scientist says something completely different so who do we believe people?!!
Nobody may know! I can invent that the world came froma dinosaurs' ass and people might believe it. Its the same for both religion and atheist.

So just enjoy the song and realize that this is life. It would of been the same muse would have written about a religion and a time of needing help like explained in the song [death].

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/09

It's seems pretty simple. The song is PROBABLY (and I say probably in an attempt to avoid debate on my opinion), about someone or something on the brink of death, or facing death.

They question their non-belief in the face of death.

Simple as that. Everyone has to look so deeply into everything when often the most simple answer is often the correct one. :P

FUCK religion,GO MUSE! | Reviewer: MUSE 4 LIFE | 8/12/09

omg this song is AMAZING!it explains a litle of wat i belive exept the part of "the end is all i can see" i dont believe in religion or heaven,i bleave in rencarnation and that the aliens are our masters and that we ALL r controlled by them....theyr just the invisivle gods of this already fucked up world and theyl show up soon nd i really cnt wait....PEACE AND KEEP TALKING SHIT BOUT RELIGION, it really makes me laugh....go atheists im with u guys!!!!!

everyone who commented on the song with a crazy response needs to stop and think. | Reviewer: grayest of blue skies | 8/17/09

im not going to add to the ridiculous comments below, im simply gonna chuckle at them. look, the bottom line is that this is a good song, and the message of the song does matter, but do we really need to have a freakin war in the review section?

all im sayin is: if you were a true atheist or christian, you would not have freaked out and put pointless comments about your beliefs of lack of in the review sections of a muse song.
-a note from a mature teenager to immature adults.

anyways, keep up the awesome work muse! you guys are quite good.

defending the atheist view | Reviewer: Austin | 7/27/09

There is absolutely nothing depressing or disheartening about atheism. Creation simply doesn't need a divine creator. Atheism is a realist look at life and creation. Remember when you were a child and your parents told you there was no Santa? Children are blown away by that fact. Mature adults are falling under the same childish thought process of believing of an "omniscient, omnipotent, and all powerful" deity.

Religions aside... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/21/09

... i think this is a truly awesome song. And for those debating over the existence of a God, the validity of religion, save it. If these people have enough faith on whatever they believe to comment on it, then flaming their beliefs will be useless because these people won't be moved by simple comments. Besides, to me it seems that this song is about the world's general uncertainty in what to believe in [proved by the sheer amount of religions that exist], especially in times of stress [like when dying].

Lol.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/09

I find it ironic that Master Noob is being logically fallacious to the extent that his argument actually applies to religion more than atheism. Believing in something with no possibility of true supposition, believing in religion (don't argue this point because all religion requires a leap of faith in the absence of proof - it's just how it works), in order to deal with individual lack of control and fear of the unknown that comes after death, is truly the epitomization of "ignorance of bliss."

I respect the decision of someone to follow a religion but I don't respect people who can't do the same for those who don't follow religion. Pce.

Faith | Reviewer: youdBsurprised | 7/13/09

I personally (christian) do not believe in religion, I have faith that there is a Being existing outside of time and space who created time and space and everything inside it. Atheists, too, have faith. Atheists belive that the chair they're sitting on is going to hold their weight and not break from under them. Atheists have faith that their bed is going to support their weight when they sleep. Atheists have faith that medicine is going to take care of their symptoms... but what or who takes care of the sickness?

Personally I like this song because it's not religious nor anti-religious. Great work on another great song, Muse!

lolling EVERYWHERE | Reviewer: Master Noob | 7/4/09

The irony in the chorus is just amazing! But ok everyone is entitled 2 their opinion but I love the way secular opinions have to viciously attack the vatican because they have all their wealth and then not helping kids in africa, lets just ignore all the missions they fund, and how many of tehse people reject doorknock appeals, collections etc? i can honestly say a vast majority. But hey, the world is going to hell THATS RIGHT hell it exists and were on our way 2 it. Repent repent repent :P :P but one thing that no one person can actaully tell anyone else off for is the fact that atheists are the physical form of "ignorance is bliss"! So i wish everyone good luck cors times might be hard but we are barely looking at the tip of the iceberg. And as for the good luck, ur gonna need it ;)

Absolutely no god. | Reviewer: Near | 7/5/09

There has never been any god, there is NO god, there will never be any god. Believers are only sheeps following the bastards that control them. religious people aren't free. They are completely decadent, useless, anti-freedom and retarded.


Remember John Lennon ? ...

the hell out of me lol irony the best | Reviewer: nikolete | 7/3/09

well...its funy to see you guys fight... for an incredible song.. i have no idea of what i am i do believe that theres something after death but it definetly(is that how u spell it?lol)is not heaven.ibelieve in recarnation and in aliens o,O and that theres someone that is watching us but im so CONFUCED!!!! ithink tha people invented religion so people would not go crazy and the 10 amendements and all that stuff "thu shall not kill" many people do not kill because a rule that mabe someone invented but who knows and i hate da vatican cause if they are so good why do they have their vatican full of gold diamonds and all that shit(sorry) instead of helping kids in africa that are starvin i hate the pope,people adore him stupid asshole.... mother theresa SHE was agreate woman that did something good for im getting tired of these.... please if someone has a clue of what i am please coment(sorry for my bad english im mexican)los kiero besos!!