Sweet peapers | Reviewer: Emma | 12/18/12

On the first day i heard this song i nearly cried. I love you liam and i really want to kiss you. I am going to your concert in 2013 and i cant wait to see you liam there. I love you Liam xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

its gorgeous | Reviewer: paradise | 12/17/12

This song gives me goosebumps the way they sing it so beautifully it gives
A chill at the back of my spine nd I agree it does make a girl feel mire beautiful nd
I just think haters should just walk on xx

it made me cry when i first heard it cuz i was gettin over a relationship! | Reviewer: i <3 Niall Horan | 12/18/12

i <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 it and i will always <3 <3 <3 it
when i first heard it i was crying because it was so beautiful and because i just got dumped but i always knew that someday Niall Horan will b mine! i <3 u Niall Horan! <3

I love Niall | Reviewer: Victoria Higginson | 12/18/12

I am 17 and not in a relation ship right now.I loooveyou!!! and you are sexy and I know it!

Car | Reviewer: Garjjj | 12/18/12

1D are the best you people who hate them well you got bad tast and im sorry that your not ass cool as me 1D fans you rule you al are my bestys i love,love,love,love,them so much and i know were they all were born. i love 1D so rock on one Direction.

Crzy inluv wth liam nd zayn... | Reviewer: Thato shirindayy | 12/16/12

At fist wen i heard ths song i thought wl change ma lyf even though i luv one direction i luv thm mre thn anythng nd is so amazng am there bigest fan luv u one direction u rock liam,zayn,harry,naill nd louis

Amazing | Reviewer: Fan | 12/16/12

All u haters out there are just jelous that 1D have more girls than u even though they didn't write they sang it beautifully and they are amazing I love u 1D and keep making girls feel beautiful!!! Peace out

Hello | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 12/15/12

Okay so I am in love with this song it's so cute and it builds a girls confidence. No one direction didn't write this one particular song but they write most of the songs on their album so don't give them hate for that. I think it's better for one direction to be singing this song bc they have a bigger fan base and they have a lot more girls that are going through bad times with insecuritys and stuff like that. It makes girls out there know they're are beautiful and I think that is a beautiful thing. So good job 1D I love you even more for this <3

Angal ka......? | Reviewer: Michael singian | 12/15/12

Ano naman kung hindi sila ung sumulat ng kanta nila, siguro inget ka,kc sila sikat ikaw hinde.

Amazing | Reviewer: Kat | 12/15/12

Well, I don't really give a fuck what the haters say. Yes. I do know that they didn't write this song, my ginger Jesus did, but they sang it really well, and they made every single girl feel beautiful while listening to it. I cannot tell you how many posts I've seen that said that the girls would stop eating disorders or stop cutting because this song made them feel beautiful, I want to thank One Direction and Ed Sheeran for making these girls feel worth it and beautiful and so much more. That's what I call real music, not about sex or drugs, or partying. This is music. Five stars out of five stars

Ugh... | Reviewer: Mollie | 12/12/12

All the people who are saying that One Direction did a "good job" and how THEY'RE making good music etc... I just want to say that "One D" didn't even write the song.. they don't write their own songs, they get people to write them for them... For example: Ed Sheeran wrote this song with a friend, it wasn't even for the band at first either they just heard Ed listening to it and decided they wanted it so he gave it to them... Oh, and for the record, Ed's version which he sung for the first time in paris, is way better than this :L.

It just makes me to love myself! | Reviewer: Ohini | 12/10/12

I first heard this song after waking up in the morning.. The lyric was pinching in my heart n i started feeling good,soothing.. The song makes me to feel that whatever i'm ..it's just me..myself! I'm in love with me. Hatz off to One Direction!

Being The Biggest Directioner xx | Reviewer: Chloe Loving Niall Horan xx | 12/10/12

I love this song because you see them and they so FIT and you just automatically think they'd never go out with me. They'd just go out with all the rich, skinny, pretty girls but in this song they show there true feelings and make everyone feel beautiful and they basically say everyones special and beautiful in there own way if it's in looks or personality they love that girl just the way she is xxxxxxxxxxxx Love you one direction especially Niall Horan xxx

u must always be yourself | Reviewer: ashfeeqa | 12/9/12

little things can make a guy realise why he totally love his gf...its a song that every gal wana hear he guy sings...i just totally love the song because it makes me feel loved,appreciated...

Most touching song ever. | Reviewer: NjIsTheName | 12/8/12

Best song ever!!! I love it! :) Everything in the song is perfect. I can't help but listen to Niall's part always. It makes me realize how beautiful every girl is. *blush* haha.. can't help it. >///<