Really? | Reviewer: Unbelievable | 3/16/13

You people really believe this is a good song? The message here is so twisted from what you people think it is. Sure, Ed Sheeran probably meant for it to be some form of "Even though you perceive all of these flaws in you, I think you're beautiful," but the execution of that went completely off course. Poor word choice and syntax has made this song out to mean something along the lines of a list of flaws. Honestly, if anybody else was singing this, you would all side with me on this.

Beautiful......... | Reviewer: Kaira | 3/16/13

No matter what others think I am a proud directioner who loves this song "endlessly".It means so much to a girl and I hope this song gathers more directioners all over the world........the melody, harmony,rhthym,lyrics,etc are makes every woman feel better about herself......1D makes songs that convince everyone that there is nothing called an ugly woman.

Lovesongs, not my thing | Reviewer: leilo | 3/5/13

I don't know much about One Direction. I do however, love this song and wanted to learn who sang what part so I found this website. To, Lovesongs, not my thing. I am a 44 year old woman and want you to know that love will come to you. Don't be in a rush! I know that is hard, but your worth does not come from a man. Your worth comes from you believing in yourself and knowing that one day that will come but in the meantime, you are strong awesome girl that is perfectly fine the way you are. One day, I am sure, you will have someone in your life who will bring you more happiness. But "men" or "boys" do not make us happy. We make ourselves happy and they bring additional joy to it. Please make sure that you find what you need from yourself first and not the other way around. I was married for 22 years with 5 kids, and one day out of the blue...My husband left me for a co-worker. Let's just say, I had to completely reinvent my life. Hardest thing I ever had to do, but I learned that I was in control of my own happiness. I will never let another person dictate if I am happy or not. You are going to be just fine. Love yourself and then someone will love you when the time is just right!!!

Aw I love you guys | Reviewer: Chloe | 2/26/13

Awww I love being a Directioner. The boys make us so proud don't they? And this song is amazing. BUT MOST OF ALL i LOVE HAVING OTHER DIRECTIONERS LIKE YOU ALL TO BE THERE FOR ME. i love you!!!

Lovesongs, not my thing!:( | Reviewer: Sannica | 2/25/13

I am not good in engils so please dont care about all the spelling mistakes that i do, i hope you understand what i am trying to say...
I am 15 years old and i havent been in a relationship, never! In my school is that one boy that i like very much and we have talked 1,5 hours once but i think that he doesnt like me... I am insecure because i havent been with anybody so i feel that any boy doesnt like me that way.
I like this song very much but it makes me think that what is wrong with me and why i am alone. If i would be in a relationship i would not think anything like oh im fat or something like that because i would know that somebody likes me.

So my question is that do you know any song that would make my feel better. I listen this song every day and hope that someday i will be with somebody that loves me no matter what but i am still in this point that i am alone so would be great if you could tell me some song that would encourage me to go talk and try to find somebody that likes me?
Sorry this is long text but would be so so great if you could red this and try to help me?:)

i love you zayn | Reviewer: erica | 2/24/13

when i heard little things i fell in love with it especially when it was Louis' and Niall's part i love their solos and all the lyrics make sense................I love you one direction and all you LITTLE THINGS!! <3

Heartwarming<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/13

I don't think they were saying that she is fat. Or that they see these flaws in her body. I think It is saying that SHE thinks that she is fatter or SHE sees all these flaws. It's about a girl of whom is self conscious about all these little things. She makes a big deal about them because she thinks they are big flaws in herself. The boys are saying that they love all those little things that SHE is calling flaws. And they are in love with her. It's actually quite beautiful and people need to stop getting upset over what they say. Gosh.

undying love? | Reviewer: annoyed | 2/21/13

This song sounded great at first, then I went to look at the lyrics and at the part harry sings it say "you still have to squeeze in your jeans." I was shocked that they would allow the boys to sing this song and Harry out of them really? He was the one that said he doesnt like it when girls call themselves fat but its ok if you say it? If any guy sang this to me I would flip out because really what girl likes knowing her weight. And funny how Niall is singing he best partt of the song saying I will be there for you and please treat yourself right. But really the song means "even though your fat and dont take care of your body, I love you." And you bring up anything about girl being fat it is rude, and the boys are making this song seem cute but really they should shut up!

Awesome | Reviewer: Elliana | 2/20/13

I love this song it is so touching and easy for, anyone I think to relate to because everyone has atheist one thing that they don't like about themselves. I think it's the best song I have ever heard and its my favorite song.

Makes me cry every time I listen to it | Reviewer: Proud Directioner | 2/19/13

Love this song. It makes me cry every time. I love it. I'm a proud DIRECTIONER and this is my absolute favorite song. Because sometimes I believe that stuff about myself, and my friend does too, but this song always lifts us back up. <3

I love this song... :) | Reviewer: Florina | 2/19/13

What Makes You Beautiful tells us that we're beautiful.
Little Things makes us believe it...
One Direction and Ed Sheeran are both obviously AWESOME, no doubt! :D
Aaah the feels... ;) ♥

i love one direction the best boy band that i really loved and one direction little things was on tape on my mums radio | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/13

i love one direction and ill never stop loving them i have a bedroom full of one direction posters and i have lots more one direction things in my bedroom i wanted to go and see them but my mum and dad hasnt got some tickets to go and see them live

IMHO | Reviewer: Cat | 2/17/13

This song is just pointing out what the boy sees as a flaw in his girlfriend's body. It's not cute and it doesn't come off as a romantic statement at all. Love is more than skin-deep; it's the point at which one starts to look more at the emotional bond they have with that person. Flaws become perfections in their eyes, and don't need to be brought up because that person's body is perfect at that point.

"You're kind of fat, but I love you anyway." is not a beautiful proclamation of undying love. If anything, it's lustful and manipulative. Girls, don't let anyone talk to you like this. It's an insult wrapped up in a shiny red bow.

"I wish you would love yourself because you're really beautiful." Is the general message of this song, and that's just great. But Ed Sheeron did a crap job of making it sound like a real, emotional love song.

No wonder he gave it to 1D. Seriously.

My ''LITTLE THINGS'' | Reviewer: M.S.Khawlhring | 2/11/13

I like this song because it points out who i gave me so much confidence and because of this song i love my boyfriend so much more 'coz he sings it for me everyday..which reminds me that all of my little things meant something to him...thank you ONE DIRECTION...wish you all the best....

I cant stand them... | Reviewer: Melissa | 2/6/13

I heard his on the radio and thought the lyrics were nice but singers were annoying then i realized it was one direction singing and I thought it was weird they have an actual decent song, then found out Ed Sheeran wrote this song then everything made sense...