REALLY! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/13

This song is apsalutly RUBBISH! Its not even a decently good song like one way or the other!:( It sounds like you noticed stuff about your girlfriends and wrote a song about them!

This song is not that bad. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/21/13

Okay, the song isn't terrible like some of you haters think. It isn't my favorite song on Take Me Home, but it isn't such a bad song! (FYI:I'm a Directioner.) I don't necessarily like how people are slamming One Direction. But hey, it's your opinions and I'm not saying it's wrong, say whatever you feel. In my opinion it's an OKAY song; to me the song's kind of cheesey and tacky. To me, they could've done better, but it doesn't matter 'cause they already made the song. And don't think I hate this song 'cause I don't, I just think it could've sounded better. But seriously, this song isn't THAT bad.

IknqFLvWjTjR | Reviewer: Mason | 4/20/13

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the best band ever in the world | Reviewer: Siobhan | 4/15/13

I love this song because it is lovely sweet and caring and it shows the amoses in the song Love they songs my favourites are live while we're young little things and kiss you one direction are the best band ever I love 1d forever xxx

One direction are perfect | Reviewer: Haley | 4/15/13

I love this song very much, is adorable and to all you haters,stop the hate cause if you look past the bad things about one directions you notice how amazing they really are and you should except them for who they are not who you think they should be! This song In my point of view is wonderful and one of my favorite songs on the album. One direction are perfect and for all the haters, keep the rude comments to yourself, some people don't want to hear it.

YUK!!!! | Reviewer: Tomboy | 4/9/13

OMG I hate love songs especially this one.
It's just yuk yuk yuk I'd rather be out
playing football with my mates.
Why do they always have to be so I love
you all the time?
Couldn't they just sing about a less romantic

this song was be my inspiration | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/13

I don't know why, when i heard this song i can't hold my tears to fall. The means of song it so entered in my heart. Last, i'm a lazy girl, i never treat my self right, i don't care about my self that's i do cause i felt nobady love me. And i hate when someone give me an advice about myself to be better. Because they never know what i want to do. They always forbid me. I hate them. When they advice me, i ignored and angry. I think they was bossing me. But after i heard liric whom niall sing, i got my tears fall, i just know that since this they always love me, but i never looked it. I just know, no one else never felt need to other people. When i felt nobady love and caring me, that the reason of me to be a bad girl cause i don't know for who i to be good girl. But now cause that song, i can understand and i will change my life. Not again hate them and not again hates myself. Cause i believe that they loving me :)... I only blind cause i can't look their love,

real love | Reviewer: C | 4/2/13

sorry girls but if you think you will always look perfect in a boys eyes you haven't tried living with them. When you love them and they love you, properly, all this stuff is common knowledge, it is not a judgement it is just pure honesty and love in spite of it.
This song suits me to a T, I drink tea like its going out of fashion and talk in my sleep, I have my days where I feel fat in everything and the list goes on.
My partner who I have lived with for two years knows every bit of this but he loves me with all of it and has shown me why he loves me and why these things make me better.
Once they have seen you spew from morning sickness and eat chocolate for breakfast because it is all your baby wants all of this is trivial and you realise they love you even on your worst days and the fact you know they see that and still love you is better than only loving you for your good features.

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/13

Uh all you people that are talking trash about this song, should stop because dont you have better things to do with your life? Stop hating! This song is about how he loves you and that he's looking past your flaws and that they're beautiful and so are you! Ok? If anyone sang this song to me I would be blessed that they love me and my flaws! Not everyday someone comes knocking up your door saying they love you even with your flaws! So stop hating!!!!!

Amazing | Reviewer: Larissa Dean | 4/1/13

Wow! I 💗 this song soooo much! 1D rock!! I am a MASSIVE fan of them and their songs are awesome!! Their songs are great but I particularly love this one! 1D are the best band EVER!!!

All Your Little Things | Reviewer: Rowan~Rose | 3/29/13

First let me say that I think most of their songs are very sweet, and that for the most part, I would call myself a Directioner. The only thing I don't always appreciate about it is the songs that seem too eager to rush into relationships. Keep it simple, boys, and I'm smiling with you! I really think that this song is sweet and maybe a touch comforting, because every girl wants a boy who loves them, no matter who they are. Once you find someone for real, you really don't take to heart what everyone else thinks. This is in my top three One Direction songs.

Wow | Reviewer: victoria | 3/19/13

I'm not even a directioner, you guys think into the song way to much. jeez I wouldn't even think for a second that they were being rude. I only thought they were saying even if the girl has flaws they still love her. you guys are way to serious....

I love one directio sooo much i can die for them:) | Reviewer: Lauren Roberts | 3/19/13

There song is soo amazing it really touches me when they sing i love one direction so much but i cant afford to see them at a concert so i am really upset about tht but i have loads of things of their stuff and i hope to get some tickets one day even if i say up for them all my life
love Lauren Roberts
hanham high shool

Think about it guys. | Reviewer: Lakota Wolfie | 3/18/13

Okay, clearly the people who have wrote nasty reviews aren't thinking clearly. This song isn't trash, Ed Sheeran wrote it for a reason, just like any other song he has written. I know that pointing out a girls insecurities is rude, but they say that they love those things about her not making fun of her for it. This is coming from a non-Directioner, so you can't say I'm being biased either. Please think about the meaning of the WHOLE song, not just its parts
~ lw

Stupid | Reviewer: Amanda | 3/17/13

This has to be the most unflattering love song ever. It's not "adorable" to point out every single flaw a girl has (even some she might not even have noticed or thought about in a while) and say you love her even though nobody else will. That's insulting and mean. Seriously, it's like 'hey I don't know if you noticed you talked in your sleep or how you're fat, but in case you didn't those are the little things i love about you" Ed Sheeran has a brain and realized how crappy this song was so he gave up on it and went on to writing good songs. The One Direction crew was dumb enough to take Ed Sheeran's trash and call this garbage their own.