BeSt sOng bY OnE dIrEctIOn | Reviewer: nehabanerze | 7/27/14

When I first heard the song.. I wished that someday someone will sing the song for me... And one fine it happened to be true.... I love the song crazily.... It drives me crazy...... Just hoping for a fantabulous summer .... I , my special one.. And this song..... Thanks a lot for creating such a song ... One direction truly #ROCKS

Best Song Ever (Haha Get it?) | Reviewer: Celiandra | 1/13/14

WMYB Is really old, but really meaningfull. Girls don't know that one day they will find the guy, they deny themselves even though they are truly beautiful! I think this song means that all those girls who wear all of the makeup, go an extra mile to look better don't look better because they are beautiful without anything else! I totally agreen with you @BurntAddict !

wonderful song | Reviewer: BURN-ADDiCT | 11/5/13

After I listened to this song I ducked, I kinda thought it was written by someone watching me through some spy cams or something.
I think the writer(s) tries to warn all the attractive girls through the song... He might be saying to them, you don't have to be insecure, there's some loving guy with their eyes on you somewhere around, wait for them, don't go for someone that'll get you bruised and hurt.

But I personally think the song is dedicated to an audience that wont understand (I'm also a songwriter/poet, most things I write for her are things I think she wont understand but still go on and tell (or sing) it to them).
When guys like me write songs like this, it's usually to make way for a bigger picture, so if you listen to the words more than you listen to the message (there's a huge difference), you'll end up not getting it.
The girl I love is very shy and reserved, beautiful more than humanly possible but doesn't think so... I love her, her personality I love first... This song from me to her can be shortened to something like
"look girl, I love who you are...
I love your hair and all these perfect movements you do...
I wish you knew you're beautiful but I also love that you don't."

Love the song... I think it was probably written by a shy, clingy guy like me. OR it was written watching me...

Love the song | Reviewer: ayla | 4/8/13

This is the best song that I've heard and no evense to the other guys in that band but Harry is sooooooo cute all my friends think Harrys CUTE!!! :-) me mostly love ya HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/12

this is a great song, its exactly what i think about the girl i love. the song gets stuck in my head and i really like it. so to the who posted the lyrics. thanks cuz now i can learn it and always have it in my mind.