Got to be played at parties! | Reviewer: SuperDude | 12/2/13

OK so lots have you have heard Gangnam Style before, and if you are at school, it has to be played at your disco, otherwise your DJ may have something wrong with them. I remember this being played twice in a day when it was more of a hot topic about twelve months ago. This is awesome, no one is going to change that. I know this song isn't English (becuz PSY isn't English) but I can still sing along to it. It is practically easy to sing to, even though it's foreign. Then it's's just like "Oppa Gangnam Style, Gangnam Style op, op, op, op...) you know that bit is even easier. But that doesn't matter at all, the only thing it is is:


psy Rocks! | Reviewer: jazzy | 7/31/13

Someone give me a mic cause this song is of the huk.PSY,U ROCK.I can even sing gangnam style.not english.his languege!isn't that awsome.all i have to say is....PSY ROCKS.Keep making songs like that and i will rock all day.thank you for reading!:)

Gangnam Style Review | Reviewer: Yamochi458 | 4/10/13

Gangnam style is an awesome song and the dude who made the song should be famous.Anyway I have an inpartant thing to say, when this name shows up this is not my real name this will be my youtube name =D YEAH!