LETS GET RIDICOLOUS | Reviewer: Paigeeboo | 10/14/13

Hey peps I'm paigee boo and I sung this song lets get rediculous in front of 12,000 people and I'm only 11 yrs old I rapped and sung it and it was hard because after it every one wanted my there auto graphs dun so I signed them all and then this dude from my school he's popular asked me out I said yea I will I love u so we kissed this song rocked my world out even my new boyfriend :)

Amazing! | Reviewer: Kyle Jones | 9/13/13

I feel that this song is amazing. We had a Talent Contest/Sing Contest at school in front of 4,000 people and I sung this song/ rapped it. It was amazing from the amount of people that didn't know this song and then they after a while sung with me.

I just LOVE this song.