Struck a chord way off charts | Reviewer: Fighter Won | 5/16/13

First off, today 17 May 2013 is the first time I have ever listened to this song, in fact it is the first time I have ever known about this song.

As a cancer sufferer, I feel the words piercing my very core. Every chemo needle that pierced my skin was basically an injection of faith that literally played with my mind frequently leading me down the road of questioning life and the none-sense of the fairytale that all my friends and family appear to be living. While I spend days on end being best friends with a bucket, toilet or my pillow, my friends are out there living it large.
The lyrics - I'm calling you dear, I am standing right here... Oh so many times I have stood, or slumped after a dose of chemo and felt myself begging those words out of my deepest and inmost parts of my soul.
Still, I sit here and say "don't let life pass you by"

I love this song, and although I am not into this genre of music, I have made it my personal promise to learn the lyrics and song inside out.

A really amazing song on so many levels.

Real meaning behid the song | Reviewer: X fan | 11/30/12

The song is not about a woman, but their former guitarist, hide. If you notice the PV focuses on the standing guitar. They still mourn him, 20 years after his accidental death. They loved, and still love him so much; especially the drummer, yoshiki.

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/21/09

This song has a much deeper meaning like in the chorus. He is saying this girl left him and he is losing his will to live (lives bleeding from fear) he is not afraid to die because she is not in his life anymore and uses drugs like the IV to take away the pain he feels. Also to want to show this girl how much he is suffering and hopes to make her come back....makes me feel sad to whoever goes through that :(

official lyrics | Reviewer: xXxRipleyxXx | 3/10/09

to the person who said that these ones were guessed i don't think they are i think the more popular version on the web is as this is the lyrics that it gives as subtitles at the end of SAW I.V plus when they played this live in 2008 for the first time they had lyrics up in the background and although its hard to see them on the youtube video its definitely "its all pain a part of the fairytale" whereas in most of the lyrics you can find on the web it says "please don't be a part of the fairytale"

I.v 1 of best rock songs ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/09

Now that I can tell what he is saying it's a pretty deep song. Honestly didn't know they existed till I played rock band 2 and downloaded the free song pack. Other then that I been checking out there other songs and there is a few that is good 2.

wrongo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/08

i think whoever wrote this just kinda guessed what toshi was singing. i know, it's really hard to tell. some of the lyrics are wrong, though. like "i'm feeling my pain" instead of "I.V. in my vein"

X Japan rocks ! | Reviewer: ashura_shadow | 2/22/08

This song definitely rocks. X Japan is one of the best band ever, and will always be !
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