'N Sync Lyrics

What does *NSYNC mean ? -
JustiN, ChriS, JoeY, LansteN and J.C.

If it weren't true, someone would surely invent this story.
Five handsome, charming and talented young men from all
over America, each with a passion for singing and a dream
of stardom come to Orlando, Florida. Soon after individual
professional breaks, they form a vocal quintet. They take a
name utilizing the last letter of each of their first names
to signify the perfect unity of their harmonies. Less than
a year later, the group cuts an album, which becomes a
monster More...

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Review about 'N Sync songs
My Most Favourite SONG EVER!!! | Reviewer: Nazri
    ------ About the song It's Gonna Be Me performed by 'N Sync

This the best song i ever heard. . .it makes me feel Cool and awesome!

MAKULET KAME | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song This I Promise You performed by 'N Sync

This is our them song THIS I PROMISE YOU,my one and only KULET.
I just want you to know honey that i am in love with you since the day i meet you,you always make me happy but sometimes you make me cry. KULET, i want to be with you always coz i always miss you.I promise that i will take care of you for the rest of my life,i will wait you what ever happen. and i promise that you are the one and only one love of my life.iloveyou kuletko,,ajean'

Bewildered | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Dirty Pop performed by 'N Sync

this was wildly entertaining . i appreciate the work and generousity pouring from the souls of NSYNC, that filled my heart with joy, wonder, and sweet sweet emotions . please dont stop. dirty pop. bet you cant.
ps. this must be... what?

I really love this song so much! | Reviewer: Kichagui
    ------ About the song This I Promise You performed by 'N Sync

I'm in love with this other guy i met a few months ago. We only met once in ma home town. After he left for his country, he called me to say that he was in love with me.since then we started dating. Even though its along distance relationship and we cant be togather now, we've plan to get married. But all of the sudden he stopped to give me any news about him and this is killing me deep inside. So every time i listen to this song i imagine me using this same words to tell him how much i miss him and how i wanted to make him happy. I've learned to sing this song so that i could sing it for him on our wedding day. thanks

*NSYNC SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jessica Kirkpatrick
    ------ About the song Up Against The Wall performed by 'N Sync

hey guys, I'll just know that Troy Alexander sued you over the song, it have the same title but in similar lyrics, so for *NSYNC let me give you one better suggestion: BE ORIGINAL!!!!!!!

that Troy guy sued you over this song???????? , yeah right, assigned him to hear your version and re-think about it, who had the better version: TROY or YOU??????? , you've a popular boy band, don't give TROY a crap about your version of it


and one thing Justin, if TROY asked you for a duet, reject him, okay????????

*NSYNC SUCKS!!!!!!!!

best song ever | Reviewer: kuzirainna
    ------ About the song This I Promise You performed by 'N Sync

everytime i hear this song, a lot memories came flashing back. i used to love this song.. i dedicate this song to my crush when i was in highschool. he happened to be justin timberlake's look alike. i fell in love with him but fate don't allow us to be together. he's an out of school youth and my family came from middle class. my mom forbids me to see him.. so everytime i hear this song i always remember him

xian | Reviewer: aceTian
    ------ About the song This I Promise You performed by 'N Sync

i dedicated this song to my one and only one xian in my life. everytime i play this song, it's always remind me the time that he's here by my side.
and the moment we've share !
the laugh, the smile, and also the love of each other.
it's remind me a lot.
i wish our relationship will not end.

iloveyou xian !
my life. !
my everything. !
and my one and only mhine !

thanks a lot of sharing your laugh, and love !

i dedicate this s0ng to my 0ne and 0nly 0ne xian in my life | Reviewer: aceTian
    ------ About the song This I Promise You performed by 'N Sync

this s0ng remind me that b0y !the mem0ry the thing we've d0ne, the happy'ness
pero panhanggang ngay0n kami ay patuloy pa rin ngmamahalan, kht na parati naming snbi na break, peo bk masaktan lhan kmi pag hawak na kmi ng ibang tao.

mahal na mahal kita dear !
il0vey0u s0 much xian !

- y0ur mhine and i'll be y0urs -

for scotch on the rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bye Bye Bye performed by 'N Sync

i met this guy in a chat room called usachatnow and we dated i took a break from the chat for a month cause i got to busy doing stuff came back next month caught him cheating and lieing this song is for scotch on the rocks this one is 4 U

wow¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ | Reviewer: jazmin
    ------ About the song (God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You performed by 'N Sync

yeah this song is for cry when you need must nsync is good but i don't like what this band broken justin isn't nothing without jc lance i can't remember the other but they are not important well i love nsync

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