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The biography of 10 c.c., as a band, begins under the name
of Hotlegs back in 1970. Hotlegs, already containing three
quarters of the ladder 10 c.c. had been working together in
various circumstances. The core at that time was the duo
project of Kevin Godley and Lol Creme, who were getting
back into music business after years or stuying in graphic
design. They had recorded several demo recordings for a
company called "Marmalade" in 1968, that ran out of money
shortly afterwards. These recordings had been initiated by
Graham Gouldman, More...

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Review about 10cc songs
stunning | Reviewer: Steve
    ------ About the song Speed Kills performed by 10cc

Like everything else 10cc before Godley & Crème left this is just 10 years ahead of its time
Along with 'Blackmail' off The Original Soundtrack this has to be one of my favourite 10cc tracks

What a song! | Reviewer: Alan Shaw
    ------ About the song Reds In My Bed performed by 10cc

This song came from their sixth studio album,Bloody Tourists. It is based on a true story the band read about while on the road. There is a genuine feel and passion in this song, and the music suits the mood perfectly, with the military style snare drums and plaintive melody. All in all, a rare gem from a superb and underrated band!

Come on back | Reviewer: Max
    ------ About the song The Sacro-Iliac performed by 10cc

This song is simply brilliant. I have heard it over and over in the past 32 years and it still sounds fresh every time I hear it. The lyrics, harmonies and laid back rythmn together with slide guitar just make it a perfect little song.

This is An Awesome song!!! | Reviewer: Ran
    ------ About the song The Stars Didn't Show performed by 10cc

This is An Awesome song!!! listen to it if u can

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