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As life rushes toward the Millennium at rat-race speeds,
the need for laid-back escape is stronger than ever. While
vacations are not always possible, the southern r&b flavor
of 112 will definitely provide that relaxation you're
looking for. Comprised of Marvin, Daron, Mike and Q, 112 is
the male quartet from Atlanta, Georgia whose lead off
single, Only You from their debut album set the romantic
record straight: "Our songs are like stories," explains
Daron, "They're tasteful not vulgar."

A mixture of ballads and up-tempo R&B, 112's More...

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Review about 112 songs

What If | Reviewer: yazmin
    ------ About the song What If performed by 112

Everybody talks about 'what if' or 'we could have' but this song just makes you think. If anytime you feel sad or lonely please just listen to this song. From now on you don't have to say 'what if' or 'we could have' you can say 'i did this' .. love this song, Makes my heart melt and makes me break down but yeah !! :')

love | Reviewer: christina
    ------ About the song Hey Luv(Anything) performed by 112

love is not all about the person that u like or who u r going out with love is all about someone that u want 2 be with 4 the rest of your life .love is the thing that will mess u up some times if that person treats u r right then that`s the person u will want 2 be with for the rest of your life or if u want someone that treats u like a monkey and makes u do every thing that they want u to do then that`s the wrong man that u would want if u need any help on any thing just email me at sustaita.christina@yahoo.com

God Bless New Zealand | Reviewer: Tyson
    ------ About the song What If performed by 112

this song just means so much to me! because this plays so many lives these days! whether you think your so much in control and you finally find out you aint. one way or another so just live lifer to the fullest like it says in this song and really pay attention to the ones you love brfore its to late

choice bro choice new zealand realists

Just one of those songs | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song It's Over Now performed by 112

This is the type of song that you can put on repeat, and just listen to it over and over. Every time it gets better, or worse depending on how you feel. It can be a great moving on song, like its a shame she messed it all up, or it can be one that lets you know just how crushed you really are. I would say this is one of my all time favorite break-up songs, but its over now, its over now.

anywere | Reviewer: kendra hallett
    ------ About the song Anywhere performed by 112

i love this song it is hottttttttttttttttt this is my favorite song that i like out of all the ones 112 made!When 112 sing to you
What kinda feeling do it bring to you? we 112 sing to me it makes me feel sooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!11

Never Knew....!! | Reviewer: Kisha M
    ------ About the song U Already Know performed by 112

I never realized that this song was about a manage a trois until I actually listened to every single word. Him, her, and Jenny....whoa!!

silliest cut in history | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Dance With Me performed by 112

If you sexy and you know it clap your hands? What are we going to hear songs about next? Love 112, but they missed the mark with this one.

LOVE IT! | Reviewer: Ann
    ------ About the song God Knows performed by 112

I love this song. The lyrics are the best part. I can relate to it very much and it's so calming. A great song to fall asleep to!

Love it-- | Reviewer: Ann
    ------ About the song God Knows performed by 112

This song has been my number one song for quite sometime now. The words, the beat, and the singers, are amazingly graceful. I love it.

Its so amizing! | Reviewer: omam
    ------ About the song What If performed by 112

Its real often to occur in our daily routine,wat l can prove to ma folks z,control ur feeling baby.....

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