2Pac Lyrics

Nationaliteit: Amerikaans
Platenmaatschappij: Amaru / Interscope/ Universal

Tupac Shakur is in New York geboren. Hij is de zoon van
twee voormalig Black Panther leden. 2Pac is de meest
besproken rapper en een biografie van hem is nooit
compleet. Hij is net zo'n legende als Bob Marley. Jong,
oud, zwart of wit iedereen kent hem. Hij is gestorven als
martelaar. Het getto-leven waar hij zo vaak over rapte
heeft hem ook slachtoffer gemaakt. Hij begon ooit als
rapper van Digital Underground. Maar voordat hij daar
terecht kwam More...

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Review about 2Pac songs
King of rap PAC | Reviewer: Smiley
    ------ About the song Keep Ya Head Up performed by 2Pac

He is amazing. Very inspirational I look up to my nigga .I'm a rapper mostly because of how he inspired me to group up and make a change in this delusional Generation .I LOVE YOU PAC ! May you rest in paradise .ALWAYS.

The fear in the heart of a man | Reviewer: Thobi Nyakane
    ------ About the song The Fear in the Heart of a Man performed by 2Pac

Its power of the mind over fear,,,,its the fear of God and no another nothin,knowin nothin matters but God.. Most importantly,,its bdeing true to ownself.

staring through my rear view | Reviewer: youngshozy
    ------ About the song Thug Love performed by 2Pac

2pac is the greatest rapper of all time,i always got tears in my eyes when i listen to is song cos i find it so hard how he got his brain thinking all those words,sometime i call him rap messiah as someone who laid the foundation of how rap was suppose to be today but so sad those bitches out there ain't follow the rules..we love you pac and we will do forever,and i'll be your advocate til i loose my breath who is with me? add me on facebook adeshola kayode adeshina....thats my name aka lfpac,youngshozy,and d freelance...one love nighas

The Best Ever... | Reviewer: Mr. BROWN.
    ------ About the song Dear Mama performed by 2Pac

The Best Song Ever... Each time i miss my Lost Mother, i just listen to Dear Mother by 2pac. I wish she was still alive so i can return back all the love and care she gave to me when i was a kid. And also tell her that am sorry for the stress i couse her. R. I. P mum & R. I. P makaveli the Don. Thug life forever.

What goddamn truth he spread over! | Reviewer: Ape-south sudan
    ------ About the song Ghetto Gospel performed by 2Pac

It ain't bout BLACK o white 'cause we're human i hope ya see lait 'for it ruined. Tell me ya hood niggas, is he guilty? He wanna bring alla 'em to justic &luv, peace. But iwanna give yall dis, 'pac ain't alve but his songz give us feelin' like he ain't dead. Just know he was BLACK WARRIOR, and 2nd preacha afta crist da jesus. da LEGEND lives on.

Goez on homiez lyf as baller | Reviewer: Sososo cptwn
    ------ About the song Life Goes On performed by 2Pac

Ilove this track and wht ilike frm ths guy he believ theres God and is truethful as example of nxt Ganerations in hs music talkin bout jelouse frm ur brotha thts a thing be careful

D Tanquery blinded him buh 2pac re-saw d light be he died | Reviewer: Mark Duily Pac(Follow Jesus)
    ------ About the song So Many Tears performed by 2Pac

Do anyone remember the first line in verse 1(one) song, ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME NOW..."He said, perhaps I was blind to the fact"...Now here iz "so many tearz" Been witness to homicide...seen drivebys takin live,little kidz die... I wonder why as I walk by Broken-hearted as I glanced thru the chalk line......I wanna change Buh ain't no future right for me

    ------ About the song Hail Mary performed by 2Pac

Tupac is the best. He talks about life, politics. No now a days smoke week, drink fuck bitches and the rest. Tupac is the real music. I'm 17 born 1996 and I once started listening to tupac back in 2013 and all his music has changed my likeness in music. He's the best even tho he's gone. Tupac rest in peace brotha. See ya up there somewhere, somehow. I always wanted to watch you sing but never was old enough by that time. RIP.

    ------ About the song Keep Ya Head Up performed by 2Pac

2 pac shakur was not only a rapper he was a poet, a prophet and a bratha close to my heart. his music touches the hearts of many ol round the world. he had charity at heart and for that alone I wl olways cherish him.ol day every day Makaveli the don Ima olways luv and respect u remember these words on ur song thugz mansion. (jus think of ol 'e people that u knew in ' e past that passed on, they in heaven found peace at last picture a place dat ' ey exist together ' ere has 2 be a place beta than this in heaven so ryt b4 I sleep dear God remember ths face save me a place).may God bless u my nigga .special dedication. so many tears

had to be done!!!!!!! | Reviewer: studley1
    ------ About the song Intro/Bomb First (My Second Reply) performed by 2Pac

There will never be another rapper that will be able to do what pac did.and I don't mean rap no one never took the time to consider why it had to be that way everybody just assumed pac waged a all out war on the east coast people got more stupid the more they listened not only did pac destroy their character he destroyed their soul it's that simple.

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