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When radio station WCPR in Biloxi, MS, started getting
phone calls for a song by a band from nearby Escatawpa, the
staff figured it was hearing from the group’s friends and
relatives. But then the number of phone calls exploded.
"This went way beyond just girlfriends and family calling
with requests. I have never experienced phones of this
magnitude," WCPR operations manager Kenny Vest told the
Biloxi Sun Herald. The song was "Kryptonite," and the group
is 3 Doors Down, a four-piece rock band whose beefy sound
and explosive dynamics More...

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stuck in colder weather. wild adventures. charleston bus/bike ride. | Reviewer: she will know who
    ------ About the song Here Without You performed by 3 Doors Down

This song makes me think of an ex and that's why I avoided for years. But it is an awesome song and band.

We dated for over 2 years. I loved her with all my heart. We were like fire and gasoline. She left me and I said some very horrible things and that I hated her. I wish I could take back all of those horrible things and only have left her knowing that I loved her. She left BC she had her life going for her and her head on straight and I can look back at where I was at in life and see I wasn't the most appealing guy for her to spend her life and family with from having a low paying job and a drinking problem and a 2 hour distance in between us. I understand why she left and she held out for a long time BC I see now she was telling me about everything it wasn't her leaving in a spur of the moment.

It took hitting rock bottom for me to finally see everything she was telling me. I don't do for me at all anymore I don't care about myself for me I take care of myself BC of her and others that love me and I love me for that.
She is the reason though: I'm not filled with anger or hatred anymore. I don't drink very much or often. I learned patience. I bettered myself served in the military and now have a degree and a very good job that could support a whole family easily on one income. I'm always bettering myself in some sort of way. Even though I was a day late and a dollar short she is the reason I changed she made me want to better myself she is the reason I am who I am today. And I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart. I never hated you I never could hate you I loved you and truthfully I still love you. I hope our paths cross again one day and I'll tell you everything in person and show you who you helped create but until then I'm here withoutyou but your always oa

Missing and loving someone | Reviewer: Jonathan
    ------ About the song Here Without You performed by 3 Doors Down

This song always reminds me of the one that got away its been 5 months now and we were together nearly 5 years and she was the best person i ever met, i wish i could take back every arguement but i cant. Ill love anyone like i loved her, the words to this song mean everything.

umm...this song is just great... | Reviewer: vinc
    ------ About the song Landing In London performed by 3 Doors Down

This song is what iam now...all i think abouth is her.
Maybe, she don't know what i think abouth her.....but all i think abouth is you...when iam happy, i think abouth you.when iam sad, i think abouth you. But...hope we'll meet soon..yur.

WOW! | Reviewer: Cj
    ------ About the song Here Without You performed by 3 Doors Down

everytime I hear this song I can't help but ball my eyes out, it reminds me of my ex and all the good times we shared together. but i let her slip throough the cracks, she was the love of my life and the greatest thing thats ever happened to me. I think about her every day. Its been almost 3 years since I last talked to her, and the last thing I said to her was that i hated her and wanted nothing to do with her, it was the worst mistake I ever made. I can't take back what i said and it kills me inside more and more everyday. I wish she knew how much I love her, and that even though I'm here without her, she's still on my lonely mind......<3

What the Hell!?!? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Running Out Of Days performed by 3 Doors Down

These are not the lyrics for this song! It even SAYS, right at the top that it's the lyrics for Ticket to Heaven, NOT Running Out Of Days!! Who the hell checked these lyrics before posting them?? Anyone?!?! I'm guessing not. I actually wanted to know the lyrics for Running Out of Days, but I guess it was stupid of me to assume that's what these lyrics would be! This has always been my favourite lyric site, but it's been slowly going to complete shit and no one seems to care!! The advanced search page is gone, there are songs listed twice or more, songs with incorrect lyrics (and it won't let me submit a correction, songs listed under incorrect artists, and songs that just aren't there and when I try to add them, it won't let me. It's a total mess now! It's looking like I'll have to find a new lyric site because this was the last straw!

crying | Reviewer: Mohsen
    ------ About the song Landing In London performed by 3 Doors Down

who says crying only is for girls.well i am in germany and my love is about 4500 km far away. we love each other,i feel her in all of my mind and heart but her family is not agree with our love,even i am ok with this problem but my situation is very sadly troubling one,i face all of these problems alone, and only thing that can help me is my love,... sara i know you dont read this words, but i want you know i love you every seconds of my life, sara i know it is hard for you to wait for me, i know this is so hard for you to face with all of problems, we will marry as soon as possible, you are the only one girl that i want to be my children's mother,i want to live long with you and be old with you, i want to die for you, i want to live for you. i love you baby with all my heart,

Love | Reviewer: Blaine Lang
    ------ About the song Landing In London performed by 3 Doors Down

This is my favorite song of ALL time because it makes me think of me and a girl, that I like, being together. This girl (to me) is my love!! I can't be a second without her because that's how strong my love is for her. Love is never ending, "Love Never Fails"

Europe - South America | Reviewer: Ster
    ------ About the song Here Without You performed by 3 Doors Down

He kick me after 3 years together... later, when he start to regret I was in the other side of the world... Everyday I try to fix myself from this pain... I know we'll never forget each other...

a mother write her son in prison | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Here Without You performed by 3 Doors Down

dear son i hope you'r ok i pray for you all the time your right i don't understan prison life dont give up on yourself you are not alone though we're far apart you're always in my heart i cry for you son you are not alone i am here for you iwould love to see you'r face and tell you how much we miss you come home soon and don't go back we will help you whan you get out but you have to help yourself to it go's to way's it's lonely without you here but i hope that it gets better for you when you get out and you have to make that work for you love mom & dad

3 doors down iiz a fuckkn awsome band !! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When I'm Gone performed by 3 Doors Down

Lykk Omqqee ii <3 thiis Sonqq !!
Ehhtsz Lykk Amazeiinqq!!
Muuch Lovee to 3 doors down !!
iif Annybody qot A MOCOSPACE !!. . .
Add Meeh !
My User Namee be
My UserNamee: Quueer- or x.elmo.z-world.x

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