30 Seconds to Mars Lyrics

Band Memebers:
-Jared Leto (Vocals and guitar)
-Tomo Milicevic (Guitar)
-Matt Wachter (Keyboard and bass)
-Shannon Leto (Drums)

30 Seconds To Mars started out as a small family project
started by Jared and Shannon Leto. Things started to pick
up and Matt Wachter joined the band as a bassist. The bands
first two guitarists (Kevin Drake & Solon Bixler) left the
band due to issues primarily related to touring. Tomo
Milicevic auditioned to be one of the guitarists by the
three band members and is now the guitarist.

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Review about 30 Seconds to Mars songs
getting mad | Reviewer: witness?
    ------ About the song A Beautiful Lie performed by 30 Seconds to Mars

As my interpretation, life is only beautiful when you know the secrets to live like a game, so I don't understand 'it's the perfect denial'Who says that? Sometimes I get lost in the interpretations of the lyrics, because it can be anything...depending of your feelings or point of view. Like any guru who doesn't care about if you understand or not, just express. Ok, it's fine, it's fine... -_- ↑

Trolling or just sleeping? | Reviewer: Spike
    ------ About the song Kings And Queens performed by 30 Seconds to Mars

"There is one passage in the bible when God is talking with the devil about ... The man stayed loyal to God, but in the end he never got anything in return."
You have to pay attention if you want to try to criticize the bible intelligently.
It's not a "passage", it's an entire book in the bible called Job, and your summary of the story indicates you fell asleep before finishing it.

Angelic! | Reviewer: Kat
    ------ About the song Witness performed by 30 Seconds to Mars

Amazing song! It is so heartfelt and deep, I can hear what the musician is saying through just the lyrics. 30 seconds to mars should really release this song officially, or like a bonus track on their album Love Lust Faith + Dreams. Jared has such an incredible talent in song writing!

was it a dream | Reviewer: strangerinastrangeland
    ------ About the song Was It A Dream performed by 30 Seconds to Mars

I think this song is about a relationship with your higher self, if you know what i mean. the lyrics are very deep. it touches me everytime i hear it. but the combination of the guitar, the soft sound of the drums and the feelings in jareds voice makes it perfect.

will always be one of my favorites!

provehito in altum my friends, my family!

What i get | Reviewer: Jay
    ------ About the song Savior performed by 30 Seconds to Mars

First i read a comment, and in reality many of Jared songs HAVE a religious meaning; well let me explain it, it has to do with God; not religion. In other words he believes in a God but religion is not his thing for each ones sets different rules and says different things so he blankly believes there is a higher power but not any rule or "jurisdiction" and by actually listening to his song you can get that. Even allot of their songs have a God oriented non religion vibe, he is always talking about God but he is always dissing religion because of the same reason. I feel it because I'm like that, I diss religion allot but I do believe and follow a God. Over all I think this song is about all of it combined. Human don't always only have one emotion but many at the same time and it's something that 30stm talks about. each line is a new emotion but all together makes a story. This song is life in general, his path, his emotion, you can't understand what he knows cause you weren't there and when it is all over he tries To be strong but he needs a savior, God or another person but he need someone to save him from what he feels, from his thoughts, from what he has seen, he tried his best to be strong, to pretend like everything was ok and nothing mattered, because even though he needs it, how can you save him, if you don't know anything of him truly inside?

Inlovewiththissong | Reviewer: Chloe
    ------ About the song The Kill performed by 30 Seconds to Mars

Every one has different opinions of what it means to them but for me it means a lot as I have just broken up with my boyfriend. We had (what i thought) was a really good relationship until one day he just randomly came out and said he had feelings for another girl. This song has helped me as for me it describes what I'm feeling it makes me think that someone understands what I am going through. I am trying to get over him and this song has helped me a lot. I love 30 seconds to Mars, all of their songs are just purely amazing. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM.

in my remaine | Reviewer: kayhaan
    ------ About the song Was It A Dream performed by 30 Seconds to Mars

This song is one of the best songs that I heared.for me :it's a reflect of my memories. and it's a good answer for that part of my mind that only can think about my past.it can makes me calm.

I agree with Stephen | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hurricane performed by 30 Seconds to Mars

Stephen I am very impressed with your observation and analysis of this song and and although I see the artistic element, the lyrics could be interpreted as you have defined them. I' don't think what has happened in Palestine is the same scale as the holocaust but yes it is ethnic cleansing in its horrific form and one which has been watched / fueled by the west...which saddens me in this day and age... The line "no matter how many deaths that I die I will never forget resonates for me...the Palestinians who gave up theur land in 1947 on a promise that was never kept by the then occupiers have suffered a pain i can onky imagine. Death is the easy way out...the suffering, the tirture the torment...the angst Hurricane defines captures it...

Anyway I do also think 30stm weren't specifically focusing on Palestine/Israel...I think it's about war In general. It ciphers the quintessential Hate against humankind in its purest form and which has been prevalent in all parts if the world throughout history. Burmese persecution of Muslims by what I alws believed to be the most peaceful of religions (Buddhism), ethnic cleansing in Eastern Europe such as Bosnia, war in the Balkan states, the gate crimes in Zimbabwe, the Pakistani Bangladeshi war of 1971 where women were ravaged and land stolen...the list could go on...

So Stephen I agree with you, these profound lyrics carry such a powerful message which cannot be ignored

reality | Reviewer: Kayhan
    ------ About the song A Beautiful Lie performed by 30 Seconds to Mars

this song is my first song.for the first time that I hear this perfect song I said, thanks GOD, there is. some one(30stm)or some other people in this word who has same opinion.I think this is a personal song with different meanings but all of them are same as each other in one point((it is a beautiful lie)). lie: because we know nothing.about god about our lifes...why we r here?....what will happen after death?...

A beautiful lie | Reviewer: yeahlol
    ------ About the song A Beautiful Lie performed by 30 Seconds to Mars

I think that the lie is to tell yourself that you ar ande okay when you know you are not and it is beautiful to tell yourself Im okay because it feels good to say you are okay but it is a lie

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