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Despite the state of today's tumultuous world, the
Alaska-bred, melodic metal band 36 CRAZYFISTS are inspired
to look beyond the negative and aggressively emphasize the
positive. They are able to distance themselves from the
pack by never resorting to stereotypical metal rage while
maintaining their heavy roots. Whether front man Brock
Lindow addresses road fatigue, self-worth or
accountability, the music is fueled by a contagious
enthusiasm and optimism in the face of frustration. The
band's third album REST INSIDE THE FLAMES is a More...

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Review about 36 Crazyfists songs
talk about aurora artist | Reviewer: pink silver
    ------ About the song Aurora performed by 36 Crazyfists

it is a passion song that i love it i would like to thank the artist who song a very passioned song they are luck to have that talent of singing what l can say is never give up for what is yours

Alaskan accents lol | Reviewer: Robert
    ------ About the song Waterhaul performed by 36 Crazyfists

Brock the singer of this band is from Alaska as well as the rest of the band!! They started off up there and now reside there and play shows on the reg! Met Brock good guy like said before its not an accent he just likes to sing like a frozen sheep lol

Subject matter? | Reviewer: Amity
    ------ About the song The Great Descent performed by 36 Crazyfists

Is it just me, or does it sound like this song is about a plane crash? Great descent, stare it down, end of everything, everything inside wants me to feel like this is normal, desperate hands cover my face, we're needed for emergency, the water will wash panic away, I won't be running for the exits. All this sounds like a plane crash to me.

Other version | Reviewer: James
    ------ About the song Bloodwork performed by 36 Crazyfists

These lyrics are actually for the video edit of the song. In the actual album version, instead of singing "and I couldn't have seen.. ect", he screams "they all seem so truthful, they all seem so true, they all seem so truthful, they all seem so true, couldn't find a better way"

The fudging ship | Reviewer: Vrikie
    ------ About the song Slit Wrist Theory performed by 36 Crazyfists

So awesomely written, the battle within oneself between indulging in self mutilation or realizing that everyone goes through pains so he should get out n stay out of that secret place where no one sees him do ykw... That something everyone can relate to, not just people who s.w... Powerful song

Midnight Swim | Reviewer: 36fan
    ------ About the song The City Ignites performed by 36 Crazyfists

To me alot of this song seems to reference crystal meth addiction. Think about the name. most ppl using meth say they smoked a puddle or ocean. then the lines,& I remember that evening, you on the floor. I was attatched to the ceiling. Look behind, the glass in your mouth. These words I am, Due for.

(Insert Review Title Here) | Reviewer: Clovuh
    ------ About the song Slit Wrist Theory performed by 36 Crazyfists

Hm... I don't encourage cutting. I cut, I know a lot of people who do. I can't say for sure what this song means so I have no input there... But I love it. This song is my favorite by them and I was serenaded with a different one so go figure. Oh well.

Benoit | Reviewer: Benoit
    ------ About the song Only A Year Or So... performed by 36 Crazyfists

I do love this kind of heartbreaking songs. The lyrics are just wonderful and we could easily fit in real Life. I am a french military in France and all the Time when I'm gone and I let my lovely wife alone I listen to this perfect song.

different opinion on the meaning | Reviewer: Zakk
    ------ About the song The City Ignites performed by 36 Crazyfists

I think the song is more about being in love with someone who probably isn't the nicest person in the world to you but you know loves you to. The midnight swim is the beginning of the relationship. When everything was great. Her on the floor and him on the cieling I think is about how we all feel at the beginning of a relationship when the girl is just laying staring up at the ceiling and picturing him for hours. The glass in her mouth are what have become all of her harsh words. Maybe saying things completely out of spite, or just plain mean. And whats behind that (the way she used to talk to him) he feels is something he is due after all of his patience with her. The sun setting on the lonley dreamers (him being the lonley dreamer because even though his dreams are of this person he is still lonley cause he knows his dreams won't come true anytime some) is an evening where she is actually just like she used to be. But when the sun rises again he knows she will go right back to her mean ways. Her whispering in his ear (probably something that restored his faith in their relationship) brings confidence in no matter how bad things may get between them they do really still love each other even if the city ignites (the city being their relationship). And getting back to the rooms with windows as large as the city is getting back to the way things were at first. In closing I do not disagree with aarons post on this subject. Very very good way to take the lyrics, but I just take them differently. Thats the beautiful thing about music though. Every song can have a million different meanings to a million different people, and still mean just as much to each of them. 36 Crazyfists rocks. Thanks for reading.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I'll Go Until My Heart Stops performed by 36 Crazyfists

One of the first I heard by 36 but I now have all their albums, they're amazing, unique & brilliant live, they're so powerful & the vocals are amazing, I love the balance between spoken singing & the screamo as well as the balance between the heavy music & the softer in their songs.

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