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Mysonne 3AM in NY Lyrics

Last updated: 02/11/2014 02:17:22 PM

Niggas is Pulp Fiction, that's why I just don't listen
Tell all the tall tales bout the keys and the coke pitchin
They say the game change but to me it is no different
Rule number one, I repeat it, it's no snitching
You see it, there's no bitching the made man
[O]ficial niggas stick to that script, there's no switching the game plan
Nigga prick his finger, call you his main man
Then get up on a stand and point you out with the same hand
Despicable, dudes have no principles
I can see their moves before they make them, they so predictable
Niggas use that Instagram, pics in new and different shoes
To convince you they hot, got this shit confused
I get amused by bum bitches in new ????
And new dudes that talk about real beefs on YouTube
If you think that shit is gangsta, than you fools
The play is changed and the game got new rules
You lose if you chose, honor over dollar dog
Pussy niggas talking, Vagina Monologues
They tryina floss, I'm tryina feed my son
I pray the day comes that I don't need my guns, motherfucker
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