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The ability to evolve and push boundaries has never been
more important than it is now. While the mainstream becomes
safer, the dynamic, genre-bending acts are driven
underground, to be discovered by a whole new generation of
music fans not content with the identikit bands pushed at
them through the major media. It is this hallowed place
that A DAY TO REMEMBER has not-so-subtly been taking over,
from stereos to mosh pits More...

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as i can tell my friends and family | Reviewer: pavrun
    ------ About the song If It Means A Lot To You performed by A Day To Remember

How do you know everyone is very impressed with you and never knew about it and we can have a lot more than that and we have a lot of fun for it and i never knew about it and i was very upset about it then i never knew who he was and you say please be my friend and he said no to it because i was upset about it so much and a lot more

Breathtaking song | Reviewer: Jules
    ------ About the song If It Means A Lot To You performed by A Day To Remember

This always reminded me my ex, a beautiful sweet boy. He didnt like ADTR cause he was most likely to death / black metal stuff. One day I put this on his pc and while music was playing i stood up and he came to me and started hugging me and kissing me so so sweetly... now we are not together and makes me cry. reminds me how much i miss him.

Hope it works! | Reviewer: Dont ever give up
    ------ About the song You Had Me At Hello performed by A Day To Remember

Theres this girl and i dont really talk to her but i want to get to know her a little bit more. Shes cute and everyone tells me i should go talk to her but im a little to shy to even say hello i hope this song gives us a boost. :)

once in a life time | Reviewer: alex
    ------ About the song You Had Me At Hello performed by A Day To Remember

i dont know if she will ever see this,
but my girlfriend, me and her met on coincidence, and she walked into my class and sat behind me and it was her first day of school and she was from germany, and im in america, im a shy as hell when it comes to beautiful women,and i had her in class once and the next 3 days i had a fever of 103 and i couldnt make it school and this was prior to me moving back home to rhode island, and i lived there for 6 months and came back and walked into my old history class and she was in the back by her self with 1 seat open next to her and a 10 seats in the front open and the teacher made me sit next to her, and since the moment i saw her in the back of the classroom she looked at me and smiled and looked away, and when i sat down she looked at me and smiled and i told her hello and my name, and from that moment, i fell inlove with her, and i told her that for some reason i couldnt remember her name and when i moved away so i never got the chance to find her on facebook and apparently she found me was to scared to add me and then we exchanged emails and when we got home i added her right away, and then we started talking and i kept getting to know her more and more and i never thought some one like her can ever be interested with me, so i thought maybe i should just let her be a friend and then one day i just told her i cared about her and i liked her and wanted to kiss her, and she told me she felt the same way since i walked into class and then we ended up dating and went out for 2 1/2 months, thats the longest relationship i had, but we had to end things because she moved back to germany for school. and she has been gone for the past year and came back for 2 weeks, she had a new boyfriend that she had for the past year, and she was inlove with him for what i thought, but when she told me she was comming cause we still spoke every day for the whole year i made sure every day i talked to her, and she told me she was comming back at that moment all feelings came back, and i was inlove again and when i finally pulled up to her drive way, i saw her, and my friends who dropped me off where like whoa dude shes fucking gorgeous and she heard them and laughed and smiled and she looked at me like the way she did when i walked into class and we hung out 3 times and at the mall i finally kissed her, she didnt expect it, i told her i wanted to and she said she couldnt cause her boyfriend and was like the cheek? and i said no thats not fair i have to kiss you and i kissed her and she wrapped her arms around me and held on and kept kissing me and when we stopped she smiled really big and went on with our day. and now im currently with her in a long distance relationship and we are inlove again and happy. and i might say, if you play your cards right, the love of your life can come back and i promise you, if she is ment for you, she will come back for you.

The Best Thing in the World | Reviewer: Rory
    ------ About the song You Had Me At Hello performed by A Day To Remember

I was at school and I started talking to this girl and she liked me and I like her and now we are going through bad thing now and I try to tell her I love her but it so hard and now I have to face my fear by asking her out:)

A Day To Always Remember | Reviewer: Kyle Burrows
    ------ About the song I'm Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of? performed by A Day To Remember

This band creates great amazing music, this song, has its energy pumping mix to it which is amazing and when playing you feel the song and has an inspirational beat, a day to remember is an amazing band and this song has amazing clean vocals and the parts which are growled/screamed are done well and its not over powering and over does the song, it is very musically talented band and great song.

most of you are right. | Reviewer: kaylabear:3
    ------ About the song You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance performed by A Day To Remember

its about fake ass friends but its also about a lying two faced bitch spreading rumors. i cant understand why everyone is like arguing over what its about, its a fucking amazing song, why not just listen to it and be happy/sad/pissed or what ever it makes you feel.

Meaning of the song | Reviewer: arebjorn
    ------ About the song You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance performed by A Day To Remember

So this song means everyone on his town talk shit on him and tell lies to her girlfriend and her girl broke up w her, so he found another one and her ex blackmails him to her girl and he kills her girl at the end

Re:raina | Reviewer: sven
    ------ About the song You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance performed by A Day To Remember

They all say this cuz actually it's true. It's about him killing this girl, or how would u interpret this line:They'll find you on your bathroom floor when I'm done ?
But it's also about fake ass friends, about those who just say, they would be your friends, but if u ever fall, none of them's left.

Nunca | Reviewer: Andrea
    ------ About the song You Had Me At Hello performed by A Day To Remember

Two years ago I met a boy. It was my friend's boyfriend, and in the beggining I didn't felt anything more than friendship with him, but when I was sad he always helped me, so as weeks went he became more and more important to me. He broken up with my friend, and he told me maybe he felt something for me, and I was so hopeful... But then he started to tell me I didn't deserve him, and for months he made me feel bad. Later, he stopped to talk with me for 5 months. When he started to talk with me again was for asking help convincing the girl he liked to go out with him. I was so afraid of losing him again, and I wanted him to be happy, that I helped him and I did it.
Now, he sometimed talk to me... about her. He told me he would never love me, no matter what happened. And I just keep waiting for him, no matter what he say or do to me. I just can'f forget him, even if the most I know about him the most I think he just can't love.

(If my english is mistaken I'm sorry, I'm spanish)

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