A.F.I. (AFI) Albums

  • Burials Album (10/22/2013)
    The Sinking Night
    I Hope You Suffer
    A Deep Slow Panic
    No Resurrection
    17 Crimes
    The Conductor
    Heart Stops
    The Embrace
    Greater Than 84
    The Face Beneath The Waves

  • Crash Love Album (9/29/2009)
    Torch Song
    Beautiful Thieves
    End Transmission
    Too Shy To Scream
    Veronica Sawyer Smokes
    OKey, I Feel Better Now
    I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here
    Darling, I Want To Destroy You
    Cold Hands
    It Was Mine
    Fainting Spells
    We've Got The Knife
    Where We Used To Play
    100 Words

  • Decemberunderground Album (6/6/2006)
    Prelude 12/21
    Kill Caustic
    Miss Murder
    Summer Shudder
    The Interview
    Love Like Winter
    The Missing Frame
    Kiss And Control
    The Killing Lights
    Endlessly, She Said

  • Retrospective Album (11/2/2004)
    A Single Second
    A Winter's Tale
    God Called In Sick Today
    He Who Laughs Last...
    I Wanna Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One
    Lower It
    Perfect Fit
    Rolling Balls
    The Days Of Phoenix
    The Lost Souls
    The Prayer Position
    Third Season
    Who Knew?

  • Sing The Sorrow Album (3/11/2003)
  • Art Of Drowning Album (9/19/2000)
  • All Hallow's Album (10/5/1999)
  • Black Sails In The Sunset Album (5/18/1999)
  • Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes Album (11/11/1997)
  • Answer That And Stay Fashionable Album (4/22/1997)
  • Very Proud Of Ya Album (6/18/1996)

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    Reviews about A.F.I. (AFI) albums
    AFI's New Album Burials-Amazing! | Reviewer: Nancy AFI fan
        ------ About the album Burials performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

    Once again, Davey Havok has created another masterpiece! His lyrics are dark, sexy and captivating. This album lets you escape into a place of passionate realism. Jade's music, as usual, compliments Davey's incredible lyrics perfectly. As with all of AFI's other albums, I can't stop listening to Burials. Run out and buy the album for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

    Review | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Sing The Sorrow performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

    A.F.I. This album is a concept album incase nobody knew that? You must listen to the album in backwards order to figure it out, because the ending of "...but home is nowhere" the backwards guitar is also the beginning of "Miseria Contare"...anyway that's just a piece of info if you really want to get into the album? This whole album I believe is based around suicide as a result of a lost love and how it is looked at as a release for many people. If you read the lyrics to some of the songs Davey relates suicide and love kind of intertwined. All in all a great album one of my favorites. Looking forward to the knew release in September of 2013 should be good, hopefully they went back to heir alternative roots!

    kayne_fry@hotmail.com | Reviewer: Kayne Fry
        ------ About the album Black Sails In The Sunset performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

    I've been a fan of afi now for about 11 years and have liked all their releases old and new,
    but hands down black sails into the sunset is my favourite album. Dark punk hardcore at it's finest. Tight speedy drums, riffs and octave chords and the combo of melodic/ yelling really fits together well.

    Surprisingly | Reviewer: Max
        ------ About the album Sing The Sorrow performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

    I also think that this is the band's best work. I love the hardcore punk roots that AFI has. Their last few albums were absolutely fantastic. The Art Of Drowning and Black Sails were phenomenal. Heartfelt but rough around the edges. This album, however, is so refined. It is as close to perfect as I've experienced with music. Every moment on Sing The Sorrow is fresh and innovative, adrenaline pumping and energetic. I love this album with a passion.

    Best album | Reviewer: Nellie
        ------ About the album Sing The Sorrow performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

    Imo I think that this was their best album. Davey doesn't overdo it on the screaming and he doesn't do it particularly violently, like in Endlessly, She Said or Miss Murder. This is beautifully written and masterfully recorded. It's definitely their best album, or so I think. Decemberunderground has nothing on Sing the Sorrow.

    Absolutley fucking awesome | Reviewer: Cheyanne
        ------ About the album Decemberunderground performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

    AFI is just amazing. I havent hearda song i dont like. Me and my boyfriend love AFI! They are just about the best band ive heard and i love the song miss murder. The Crash Love CD is also awesome, i listen to it constantly

    It's Alright | Reviewer: Jym
        ------ About the album Decemberunderground performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

    This album is alright. The Art of Drowning, Black Sails in the Sunset, and Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes are all much, much better though.

    Plus, why would you want to play something loud and then go deaf? That means you can't listen to the album ever again. Maybe I'm old and I don't get it anymore.

    Anyhow, get this album, but get their Nitro Records releases first. They are much better and will make you go deaf much quicker if you're into that sort of thing.

    Sing the Sorrow | Reviewer: Sarah
        ------ About the album Sing The Sorrow performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

    I first borrowed the CD from a friend of mine and ended up loving it so much that I went out a bought my own copy. I think that Davey really put some of his most serious thoughts and feelings into this album. Even now, looking at it now that DECEMBERUNDERGROUND has come out, it's not overshadowed or forgotten. I think that dECEMBERUNDERGROUND only shows the progress that the band has made from Sing the Sorrow to today. And I believe that AFI will always be my favorite band.

    oh my gosh | Reviewer: katelynn
        ------ About the album Black Sails In The Sunset performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

    i have liked all the AFI albums i have heard so far and I like this one alot it has alot of explained emotion that everyone can relate to my favorite songs so far is Malleus maleficarum and At A Glance

    AFI DOES IT AGAIN! | Reviewer: Lyn
        ------ About the album Decemberunderground performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

    If you love AFI then get this album!

    Play it loud and go deaf like me!

    Once again this band has excelled - they never let you down!

    If you play it in your car - watch out for amublances - you'll never hear them coming!!

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