A.F.I. (AFI) Lyrics

Davey Havok - vocals
Jade Puget - guitar
Hunter - bass
Adam Carson - drums

When you're playing a style of music that doesn't really
fit anywhere, you run a risk. You're challenging people to
leave their niche, to leave their predetermined ideas of
what they're supposed to like. Luckily, we have a lot of
people who just focus on the music and appreciate us for
what we are. So we get fans from all different genres of
music, the jocks, the spooky kids, skaters, college kids,
punk rockers, hardcore kids, metal kids, all that"

- Davey More...

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Review about A.F.I. (AFI) songs
I think it means.... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Fallen Like The Sky performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

This song isn't about society at most. Leave your stain and laugh means leave the stain or memories and don't let it bother you. His wounds are innate, they been there. Leave like they all do. We the stange creatures play, endless games of hate (back story on why is wounds are innate) we the reprobate (meaning void of anything good, posative or right is what reprobate means kinda). This song is for a potential lover who you want nothing else to do with but something sexual and how you've been broken so many times that pain and hurt is all you know so this song is to explain to them why you'll never live them

You suck | Reviewer: Anthony
    ------ About the song Rewind performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

Whoever is doing these lyrics should quit listening to music all together.. This is the first time I'm ever listening to this album and I dont know how the fuck you think what you are writing is even close lol. Not for nothing but the shit you come up with doesn't even make fucking sense.

great, but... | Reviewer: jojo
    ------ About the song OK, I Feel Better Now performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

i think that is a good description of my past relationships. i always like to hurt these girls and i really don't know why... kinda crazy^^ but after we broke im the one suffering, every time! :'D
i like the song, gotta crash some love bye<3

GREAT | Reviewer: Dante Velarde
    ------ About the song Dancing Through Sunday performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

Now, I've only been into AFI for a few years, but I fell in love instantly with Havoks voice. This was some thing new to a 10 year old, now three years later, I'm still in love with Havoks voice and all around creativity. It's songs/bands like these that make me have faith in the modern day world. HAVOK, I WILL BE SEEING YOU ON JAN.11 2014 AT SUNSHINE THEATRE! He's the reason I desided to come out to my parents about wearing make-up. This band has had such an influence on my life, and this was the first AFI song I've ever heard. GREAT SONG!

It's not about smoking cloves (I think) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Clove Smoke Catharsis performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

I've heard quite a lot of people saying this song is literally about smoking cloves (or declining too). To those people: If you don't understand what a metaphor is you're in for a bad time trying to interpret AFI lyrics.

Having said that though I haven't a clue what this song is about, I just like the feeling and the meaning I find in it.

I dunno... Review I guess. | Reviewer: Spitball
    ------ About the song Love Like Winter performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

"Teenie posers"? OK, to whoever said that... *spongebob voice* I'll have you know I'm a tween and my favorite AFI song is Fainting Spells.
I ____ing hate Rihanna, or 1D, or whatever the new fad is. REAL music doesn't get old after 3-5 years. REAL music is Elvis (old-skool but golden), and Dizzy Gillespie, and Miles, and Boney M.... and I think it's fair to say that after 20 years AFI has sure as hell earned their stripes as a rock band. <3

AFI is an atheist band... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song God Called In Sick Today performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

You guys know that all 4 members of AFI are atheists, right? Davey Havok on particular is very outspoken on the matter. This song is open to the listeners interpretation as is any song, but it was originally written about Davey Havok's displeasure and disbelief in Christianity. It's really that simple. Oh and Davey is confirmed not to be gay. So that silly explanation is out the window.

A Story | Reviewer: Acoona Wind
    ------ About the song Hidden talking part after "...but home is nowhere" performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

When I hear this or read it I cry a little it's sad. But I think this tells a sort-of story for the album kinda like it explains the album. I really really love this song!! It fits perfectly with the two songs ...But Home is Nowhere and This time is Imperfect. I understand it in a way. I love it so much!! :3

It's killing time again! | Reviewer: Brickles
    ------ About the song The Killing Lights performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

"Five A.M. on the bathroom floor from the night before." - Sounds like a night out gone horrifically wrong.

I think this song is Davey's views on drinking and drugs and how he never really saw any temptation in it when he was growing.

"But it seems that outside the screen, such a pretty face often will look dreadful." - Could be about modelling though.

Beyond and to all time, I will listen to this song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Midnight Sun performed by A.F.I. (AFI)

Awesome song first of all. It took a while for me acknowledge that but I find that the longer it takes for an AFI song to grow on me, the better it actually is. Infectious tunes like Days of the Phoenix or Miss Murder are good, yes, but the really good stuff that displays their true musical talent is stuff like The Great Disappointment, Clove Smoke Catharsis, and this song, Midnight Sun, just to name a few.

One of the things I noticed is that 7 minutes and 6 second elapse between the end of God Called in Sick Today and the beginning of Midnight Sun. God Called in Sick Today ends at 3:22 and Midnight Sun begins at 10:28. In other words 7:06 or 6:66; number of evil. This contributes greatly to the the message of the song.

The song is saying that people often ask if there is something supernatural that governs or that created our world, hence the myriad of questions expressed in the verses. The answer is and comes in the form of "Beyond and to all, I stand" during the chorus. However, contrary to what we might like to think, the deity / force responsible for these phenomena has either little to no care or may even be evil, hence 6:66 and the whispers during the bridge about being lonely in a barren, cruel, and icy world. The idea of "Beyond and to all time, I stand" seems to support this as there is a hint of apathy and almost malevolence. We get an image of someone or something standing like a statue throughout time, not being active or dynamic - apathy and / or malevolence.

So basically, the song expresses highly deist views; that there probably is a god / deity / life force that created the universe but then does nothing further to affect the course of its existence. As such, this deity is either evil or just doesn't care. In that light, this song is also criticism of the image of the loving and caring god(s) of many religions. Essentially, if the god is so good, then why is this world so screwed (the whispers during the bridge again)?

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