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A Perfect Circle is Maynard James Keenan's musically
talented new group, it is not a side project. Tool is not
gone for good though, Maynard looks forward to start
recording the Tool album after this year's Canadian
Somersault tour finishes. Maynard will have 3 weeks off at
this point, and he will start to record the next tool album
if the other band members are ready. Maynard has been
trying to fire the other tool members up in recent
interviews, so as to make sure they will be ready when he
comes off from tour. FYI: Maynard wears a More...

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Review about A Perfect Circle songs
"2nd person evidence " | Reviewer: Cody
    ------ About the song Gravity performed by A Perfect Circle

The song is about anal sex. Unsatisfactory isn't it! Although most people in his position will give you that very answer." However my fans take it in is the way they should accept my stories". More than one time Keenan has mentioned this song is about butt stretching. Individualist! Maybe. Remember this? Just kidding! Pay attention the best you can and just enjoy the music. Debating back and forth about what the songs mean is just extra time your waisting when you could be getting chill bumps from a song you've been listening too for years now

Maynard is right | Reviewer: Yggdrasil
    ------ About the song Judith performed by A Perfect Circle

All you fools who don't understand the song are retarded to leave a message that you know what he means about the fruit. You have no idea what he means. You ass clowns are Christians only because you are afraid not to be. You follow a book that has copied all of its writings from pagan religions and depicts Jesus as a god. Jesus was nothing but a criminal peasant who got what he deserved for claiming such lies. What a fool he was. Go make me a fucking table and chair and a club so I can tie you to the table and sit on the chair while my god Thor beats you with the club. You fuckin Christ cock suckers have no clue what's coming to you after you die. Expect a lot of pain

True to yourself. | Reviewer: Dimensiont3n
    ------ About the song Judith performed by A Perfect Circle

The song simply depicts what has at one point or another crossed everyone's mind. If someone so righteous can allow us to live in world.of such cruelty then Why? Why would you give such faith into such an idea. I myself don't know the answer and anyone who claims to I would question Why? Energy my friends can neither be created nor destroyed. We are energy. In essence we are all a part of God. Since logically God would be the accumulation of everything. That's what I think when I ask Why?

NWO | Reviewer: Drew
    ------ About the song Imagine performed by A Perfect Circle

Ok. I think this is really about the NWO. The Beatles wrote it, I think they had the NWO in mind as well, but they were thinking it positive. I think the idea is a disaster, and I think MJK must think it is, too. No one ever is always peaceful. It's not realistic. Even if a majority tries to subdue a minority into submission to peaceful existence it causes the majority "peace lovers" to become overlords enslaving people who don't agree or better just killing them. We need the entire world to be of similar character, that would qualify as a utopia. As long as there is choice we will be at odds. I think that when God closes the chapter this journey of our physical existence and eliminates the need for choosing where our belief and faith rests, we will be left with 2 camps. Those on His side and those not. If you agree with everything under Him, choice is irrelevant, because the choice has already been made. The others with the character that says I don't want to serve the God who created me will be of the other camp, and removed from the situation. Humans can't do it. We would screw it all up. Only an absolute moral authority can, so it all comes down to what you believe.

His Mother | Reviewer: Wyatt
    ------ About the song Passive performed by A Perfect Circle

To me, it sounds a lot like he is talking about his mother, who was paralyzed. Not sure though. It doesn't seem like something he would want to say to her. I'm pretty sure he adored her, so maybe I'm wrong.

Opininons | Reviewer: Lurogallo
    ------ About the song Passive performed by A Perfect Circle

While every song has its own reasons to the lyrics they have, i like to figure out first what it means to ME. And i dont think im the only one. I always think it through before i check the original reason for a lyrics and i think this is what makes us human. That a song wont mean the same thing for every one of us. On the other hand, its a good thing to know the origins and see it that way or compare it to our ways. But a great song no argue about that

I finally understand | Reviewer: Michael Goff
    ------ About the song Judith performed by A Perfect Circle

This song finally makes sense. In a world ruled by wickedness, in a country ruled by tyranny, everyone should be in mourning. And the most evil people in the world are the fake christians. Most politicians are fake christians. They use the Savior of the world as a prop to launch their foolish agendas for a short time until hell opens up and swallows them whole. When Jesus said, "thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it," he wasn't talking about keeping the major churches in business. He meant his saints will always live, and live through Him. And this song is the perfect example of what Jesus meant when he said, "If you don't hate brother sister mother father wife--even your own life, you cannot be my disciple." And God said that cowards and hypocrites would not enter the kingdom of heaven. Also that if you love your life you will lose it. You are supposed to hate your life here on earth and be poor in spirit, then the kingdom of heaven will be yours. If you are happy here, rot in F****** hell!

The "God" | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Judith performed by A Perfect Circle

This song is a punch in the face on all those hypocrites out there, subjected to a religion however it may be defined (major religions, new age, astrology, science, you-name-it). In other words, any system of belief that contains some sort of paradigm.

Some people know the real spirit/God/whatever, the all everything, the thing is, that it is impossible to explain, one cannot explain "God", as "God" itself is everything that is. Everything cannot describe itself, so to speak.

There are some factors that is good and bad, right and wrong, but it doesn't have to be defined in any way whatsoever, because every sane living being in this universe already knows what is right and what is wrong. You don't see a three-year old killing another human, do you?
So this is what I would say a punch in the face on all those "believers" out there, but who doesn't understand what they believe in.

Because you see, "God" is anything but stupid or judgmental. "God" is everything that is. Everything. But it extends free will on every scale, therefore this fucked up society. "God" didn't screw things up. We did.

Typical Christians | Reviewer: Joshua
    ------ About the song Judith performed by A Perfect Circle

This song is all about blindly believing in an asinine, unoriginal religion. Religious fanatics can't understand these lyrics. If you could reason with religious zealots, there would be none.

Interpreted in spanish.. | Reviewer: Log blackheart
    ------ About the song Orestes performed by A Perfect Circle

Interpretada en español es mucho mas dificil de comprender.. Para mi y por lo que pude entender y sentir, trata sobre el odio a su madre y acerca del porqué lo trajo a este mundo lleno de dolor. Pienso que la cancion fue pensada como si Orestes pensaba adentro de la panza de la madre pidiendole que lo abortara para no hacerle mal a ella (su madre) y el no sufrir en el futuro, ya que de feto/bebe no sufre, pero afuera en la tierra si.
Disculpen si confundo a alguien :P
saludos desde Argentina :)

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